Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Can You See Me Now

I was sitting in the eye doctors office, waiting for the yearly exam, reading some ancient reading material. Oh look, an old news headline. . .

10 killed in bat stampede in South Africa.

Oh wait, I guess that word was "bar".

I hate to admit it , but it appears rebel pilot girl needs glasses.


  1. They're just for reading, right?


  2. Getting older may not be especially pleasant, but it's way ahead of whatever is in second place. The only advantage to ageing is: while you must grow older, you don't necessarily have to grow up. So far, I've been 12 for 51 years, and am looking forward to a lot more years of childhood.

  3. Same here. Perhaps we should both go to the bat and have a drink.

  4. Is that going to limit your flying?

  5. My exe's grandmother drove a 62 Dodge Dart, which was perfect- on the side she could see. On the other side, there were panels MISSING, and part of the bumper was jammed in the passenger door. Some kid had taken black spray paint and painted "BATMOBILE" on that side. It was there until she died.

    We're all a little batty.

  6. And you'll still be a lovely lady.

  7. Welcome to the club four eyes.

    Did you have to put the magazine on the floor to read it?

    How about those front sights?

    Are scopes looking better and better?

    Hope you don't have trouble with the glasses steaming up when you have to wear the hazmat suit. Maybe contacts are a good idea.

    If you do get glasses, I recommend titanium frames. You will probably destroy any other kind.

    Hubby frequently asks "Have you seen my reading glasses?"

    Good luck.

  8. HA! See just KNEW you had to have some matter how neglgible ;) So you are Human after all and not some Gaelic Goddess :D

    Im sure they are just for reading purposes...its not really your fault they are printing things smaller these days.

  9. Yeah.... been there recently and did that. And I had to get bifocals too.

    I'm expecting my AARP card to arrive any day now.

  10. Yep, know how you feel. We are going next week for eye exams.

  11. Don't feel bad. I put off getting glasses for years. From Second to Sixth Grade!
    I memorized the eye chart to cheat, because when I was growing up, a kid with eyeglasses was a 'four-eyes', a 'Poindexter'.
    In Sixth Grade, sitting in the front row, I couldn't read the blackboard.
    Time to get eyeglasses.
    I just hope this doesn't mess with your pilot rating?
    Being able to see IS a good thing!

  12. The bat Bar... new place top hang out?

  13. You forgot the last line on the chart. "Litho USA Union Made"

    Sigh.. I know its bad. I have had distance correction lenses for several years and refuse to get the bifocals. Makes for some fun with optics on "things that go bang" though.

  14. First read through sounded more interesting.


  15. Happens to the best of us. At least glasses aren't as horrendously unappealing as they used to be.

  16. You may just be like me... I don't need glasses, I just need longer arms...

    Dann in Ohio

  17. All the time on a computer caught up with me two years ago and I went to progressive bifocals.

    I don't know if it's a property of my astigmatism or what but I can read cartridge head stamps better without the glasses when I hold them about eight inches away from my right eye.

  18. And I love the "Stormtroopers Eye Chart" :-)

  19. Mrs S suggested titanium frames. If it's just reading glasses, I tend to like ZZ Top's advice: Cheap [Sun]glasses.

    Never underestimate the ability to accidentally destroy destruction-proof (and often expensive) equipment.

    "Oh, there they are."


  20. If you're like most "people your age" who get glasses your shooting with open sights will improve.

    Just trying to be positive.

    Also, I second Mrs. S's recommendation for titanium frames but would add polycarbonate lenses. They survive falls from tree stands best.

  21. Third grade the myopia set in. R-20/1000+, L-20/600+ by the time things settled down. With astigmatism. Glasses or contacts brings it all to 20/20, but these last few years, I've had to wear reading glasses as well. I can't use the "need longer arms" statement any more. Lately, without the readers everything within three to four feet is varying degrees of blur.

  22. I got contacts, which correct me to 20/20 and 20/15 respectively. Plus glasses so I can find my contacts in the morning. But no bifocals needed (yet).

  23. Good to hear, re: contacts!
    After all, a pilot...

  24. It happens to the best of us. Contacts are great for outdoor pursuits - they don't fog up or get covered with raindrops like glasses. (A huge consideration here in SE Alaska.) At "almost 50" my eyes have begun to have more difficulty switching focal lengths (e.g rear sight/front sight/target) - and I've become more appreciative of scopes, red dots and nice bright fiber optic front sights. There's always a way to compensate as our bodies begin to betray us.

  25. "So you are Human after all and not some Gaelic Goddess :D"

    Bite your tongue! lol

    Yep, it could be worse. I have to have the kind with lines in them, but I still have to take them off and wear reading glasses for anything close up (within 12 inches or so, plays hell with my modeling).

  26. I have probably the worst eyesight of anyone here commenting. I always have to take that into consideration when I go to a shooting event. I've worn contacts for as long as I can remember.

  27. Doc, not to worry.
    I haven't seen the front sight in a coupla years and still put 'em in the 10 ring.
    Long guns are all scoped and smoothbores are cheekweld and fit.
    As to reading the throne lit, well the drug store sells these $20 thingys.
    Who luvs ya kid?

  28. As someone who finally broke down ad bought a pair of drug store "cheaters" after I couldn't read the damn map. I find myself wearing them more and more everyday. Even to the point of going out and by another pair or two in different magnifications. That way I can type this qsd boab sdh ghad sa\ ash dsdn sodghang asogha ouerg sudhahj?


    wv: queshor - what you type into word verification when you can't find your cheaters.

  29. Eh, I've had them since I was 10, and it kinda put the kibosh on any Air Force fighter jock dreams I had back in the day. When I turned 40, it was like a switch went off in my eyes and on came the readers. Now, pushing 50, I have a pair of *computer* glasses.

    You're lucky.

  30. I can still read the computer without glasses, but driving and flying went from glasses-optional to glasses-mandatory a while back. These days, I need 'em often enough that people don't hear "Have you seen my glasses?" much, because I keep 'em close to hand.

    My slightly older brother, who got to be an air force pilot with his perfect vision, is now wearing bifocals. I figure, if I didn't get the good eyesight to start, at least the downhill slide has been a little slower...

    Hey, if two is one and one is none, than four eyes are far better, right?

  31. Hey when the time comes, consider bifocal contacts. They actually work, even for my astigmatic eyes...on the down side, mine are gas perm hard lenses, but my vision is way better in them than in soft lenses...


  32. quote: Brigid Plus glasses so I can find my contacts in the morning.

    My father always used to say I had to put my glasses on to see my way from the bed to the bathroom. 'Twas true as a kid, and is still true now. I go to bed, then take the glasses off. I put the glasses on, then get out of bed.

  33. "But no bifocals needed (yet)." Hold off as long as you can, I says.

    Got some "progressive" lenses instead of, I have some really ripped neck muscles from contorting my neck to find the sweet spot where things are equally in focus.

    I spend a bit too much time on ladders for work--and can never quite manage to get both rungs (each with one of my feet) in focus at quite the same time..........makes for some quick trips down, I can tell you!!!!

    Oh, and The Storm Trooper Eye Chart = my new desktop. Which I have to take the friggin' glasses off to see.................grrrrrr............


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