Sunday, January 9, 2011


Fate lies within some blades of grass,
the cosmos in the morning dew.
Tread infinity as you blindly pass,
and lose what you never knew.



  1. To infinity...and beyond! ;-)

  2. Stop it! You are not now, nor ever been, about self pity. You hurt. We understand that.

  3. Chin up. Peace and healing to you. My sister had a 25 pound growth removed from her midsection about six years back (she thought she was just getting fat), and recovery was a b*tch. I think you're a lot tougher than she is, or at the very least you're a better shot. ;0)

  4. Slightly different take on this. It's truth-telling. The world needs hard hearted warriors, steely sure surgeons, impersonal scientists -- and poets.

    I tried to phone, thinking you were probably bored. Then I saw 'Infinity' and knew better.

  5. Introspection, more likely, and a renewed sense of perspective. Pretty normal at this stage of recovery.

    Brigid, dear, I am so, so glad you are home among friends, safe and cared for.
    We were worried (you know that look Barkley gets on his face - that was us), but had faith in you.

    Rest, relax, recover, and let your soul strengthen. Remember your heritage - there is at least as much of Boudicca as bard within you.

    Above all else, remember the love and goodwill you have from your many friends.

    Great to have you back, my dear.

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