Sunday, February 27, 2011

Recognition - A Photo and Thoughts

click to enlarge the big brown eyes if you dare

Mom, that wood's stacked kind of high. It's icy. Be Careful.

Because you know, you have treats in that coat pocket.

It's always nice to know there are those that care about you. While I was recovering from surgery, the indomitable Whitetail Woods - Rick K. presented me with the Stylish Blogger Award. At the time, I just didn't have the energy to do all the links and such to pass it on, but thanked him (if you love the outdoors and hunting, his blog is not one to miss).

Then it turns up again, Jim Rawles at presenting me the award as well.

All right gentlemen, I give up. :-) I am feeling better after all. So in keeping with the rules of the award, I will pass the award on to 15 other bloggers, and divulge 7 secrets about myself. (Seeing as how Old NFO and Murphy's Law, who know me professionally, threatened with a list of 15 today.) I don't hide much. You all heard about Seigfriend and Roy and the infamous static electricity incident. Which led me to the invention of the "Don't Tase Me, Bra !". But there ARE some things you don't know.

7 things you don't know about B.1. I once got sent to the principals office for reading a copy of Road and Track behind my history book.

2. I started college at 14. It was the free wheeling 70's but the reason I was the only girl on the campus not wearing a bra was sadly, I was the only one that didn't need one.
3. I HATE tomatoes in their cold, seedy, alien, larval life form state.

4. I will never ever be a size zero. I could care less.

5. I was jogging in the park when I realized I was in the middle of some college running event. Up ahead the tape for the finish line. What could I do? I picked up my pace, ran through the tape, arms raised, shouting. "I won! I won! and kept on going.

6. In 5th grade Mom bought me the world's ugliest and sturdiest shoes. Money was tight in our house but I hated them. I took a hammer to them, put them on a string and dragged them behind my bike for miles. I smeared peanut butter on them and let the dog play with them while Mom was sleeping. . After a month they looked suitably worn out. Mom dragged me back to J.C. Penny, complained about the quality of the shoe and got a new pair, EXACTLY the SAME.

7. I would rather watch Top Gear than ANY show involving shoes or fashion.

8. I used my first four letter word. . . . loudly, on the pastor from the Lutheran Church. I used it quite a few more times before I hung up my wings.

9. I once was caring for a friend's  budgie that I could NOT get to talk. A family member was staying over and I left them with the TV to fend for themselves  with naughty vision on cable as I had to go to bed for an early sortie. I woke up to my precious, previously mute, bird screeching "Nice Tits!" at the top of her little bird lungs.  I had fun explaining THAT to the owner.

10. I still cry, at taps, at the slaughter of the innocent, at the sound of a voice late in the night calling from a military installation so very far away, making sure I'm OK.

And here are my 15, in no particular order. You guys make each day a little wiser and brighter. Thanks


  1. woof.... woffie... arf arf.... pant pant

  2. Barkley has 10% more personality than I do.

  3. They are big brown eyes! It was 65 degrees here today and for the small part of it I spent outside I enjoyed. (Spent most of it doing range stuff indoors)

    I don't think you can resist that look for long, I may be mistaken though!

  4. That's the same look i get from Buddy when i pull out my snack. He knows his treat is next.

  5. Good boy, Barkley!
    You take care of Mom now, ya hear?

  6. "Oh no! Don't touch those wi... oh well, never mind."


  7. Look into my eyes"give me bacon give me bacon now"!

  8. Beware of the big black dog Jedi mind control-fu :)

  9. Just came across your site from a link at

    Good stuff....

  10. Poor Barkley. It's pretty obvious he's malnourished. [ahem]


  11. Beautiful dog!

    ...but I don't believe the caption for a moment.

    That's a lab.

    You've got a muffin, or some other sort of delicious treat, and that pup wants half (...or 90% ... or more...)

  12. Brigid: I'm very touched.

    Quite honestly I think I have to make up things about myself in order to post anything 'interesting'. I'm about as plain vanilla as anyone can get. I fell asleep from ZZzzzzz boredom just writing this little bit about myself. ZZzzzz.

  13. Taps opens the floodgates on me every time when at a funeral.

  14. Thanks for the smiles and glad you're on the mend. The picture of Barkley makes me want to get a dog.

  15. Anyone who doesn't shiver and bite their tongue to hold back tears at the sound of Taps is soulless.

    I am so proud to be on that list - you are on that Mount Olympus of blogging and rightly so.

  16. Umm, do you know where that bird is, and if it's for sale??

  17. Bwahahahahaha!

    I counted ten things you listed, only four of which were on the list that Old NFO and I put together. :-p

  18. What North said. I thank you for the compliment, just the same.

    You're the best writer I know, on (or off) the cortex as far as I can tell, and deserve any accolade others may give you.

  19. I laughed out loud at your bird!

    I refer to my lab as "the big yellow food processor." Hate to admit it but Barkley's eyes are much more soulful than Sadie's.

  20. Barkley is "working it" for those treats. He reminds me so much of my lab I had years ago.
    And I must agree with Neil Your writing is "Good Stuff"~ I'm addicted :-)

  21. Taps, Amazing Grace, and the funeral scene in Star Trek II (of all the souls I've encountered in my travels...) tear me up every time.

    Yes, I'm a geek...

    wv: ressesse (Recess)
    What I could use right about now.

  22. Woohoo! Top 15! I knew that box of .45 ACP would get me places.

    Seriously, 'tis a great honor.

    Thank you!

  23. More likely Barkley is barely resisting the urge to mug master and steal the treaty spoils.

  24. I have some doubts about my worthiness for inclusion on that list, but I sincerely appreciate it!

  25. You like me! You REALLY LIKE ME! (Thank you so much my Love ~ it's truly an honor to be recognized by a woman that I admire in such a tremendous way.)

  26. Ah, thank you for the honor, though I'm a little flummoxed at being included. Stylish? Uh...

  27. Thanks for the nod although I think that it might be a sign of the apocalypse...or at least lepers. I guess this means that I actually have to go write something interesting now.

    Barkley's eyes tell me there was more than just treats in that pocket. I'm thinking there was a side of bacon in there.

  28. Shepherd K: The nod was deserved. I thank you for following my blog and for linking to me. I hope to see your blog link bubble to the top (most recent) of my list soon.

  29. Gee B, how go you resist Barkley and those eyes? They are almost as irresistible as yours... almost!

  30. I have nothing to say about that Barkley pic other than "Awwwwww!"

    #5 had me cracking up Brigid. Did you look back to see how the others reacted?


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