Friday, March 25, 2011

Moving Weekend

The Range is sold and I'm packing up all kinds of stuff and moving it into my new digs. I'm going to rent for a while. I think the market could well tank further before it rebounds, so I didn't want to rush into buying another property. I have a nice little place that will suit me for now.

Midwest Chick and Mr. B. are showing up this weekend to help move all the shop and excess stuff into storage. Neighbors are collecting the cover charge to watch me ride my big riding mower up a ramp into the back of the truck (though I passed on jumping over 3 derelict Piper Tomahawks with it first). Several other local friends offered to help (thanks guys and gals!) but most of it is done already and I have Two Men and a Truck to move the remaining heavy stuff. One of the Indy gunblogger group is watching Barkley until I'm all situated so the move for him is less stressful with his bed and toys and familiar smells already in place before he shows up. I think things are moving right along.
But I WILL have to check out the new bath before I hang pictures or do anything except sleep for about 11 hours. The large tub is calling my name.