Sunday, October 2, 2011

A Night at the Symphony - The Titans Return

The evening at the symphony was a resounding success. Dave L. , somewhat wore out from chemo, a few chores around his elderly parents house and Nugget the Wonder Beagle™ , was still a charming and humorous host for the evening.

Midwest Chick arrived with her bag earlier in the day, set up in the guest room, evening dress ready to go. She also brought some homemade Venison Summer Sausage and Dark Chocolate Brownies, which made the bag smell especially good to. . . . .

Barkley, TSA dog, who proceeded to check her luggage for underwear, socks and dog biscuits cleverly disguised as 3 ounce liquids. (your shoes must come off Miss, I must inspect them, closely).

The dresses were donned. Mine, flowy and black (self portrait here as she got ready).

Midwest Chick's was red, tight, and short, the perfect party dress, especially armed with six inch stilettos. (Midwest Chick: "why is it that even in six inch heels you're still a foot and a half taller than me?")
TSA Dog gets patted down.

There was hair fluffing and primping. I smelled like vanilla sugar, M.C. wore bright red lipcolor that was supposed to "outlast eating, drinking and your day". Could this be the "tactical lip gloss" we had talked about?"

We got our evening bags ready. Sig Mosquito? Check! Taurus 38 Special? (it matches my necklace) Check!

Dave showed up right on time; the first words out of his mouth "Wow!" Always a good way to start the evening. Barkley was quite happy to see him again, and got several pats before we left.

After a drive from my little town into the big city, we were valet parked and soon in the beautiful building that houses the INDY symphony. There are no pictures allowed, so this one is off the Indianapolis Symphony website (our seats were much better and closer) but you get the idea.

We walked into our seats, one of us on each arm, Dave enjoying the looks from others, the men especially trying not to stare which the words "how did he get TWO women", appearing in their eyes, even if not said. We simply smiled, setting our luxurious dress coats down (OK, I had to borrow mine, my warmest coat is made by Carhartt), and settled in, proud to be with our friend. Our seats were up above and in front, for a perfect view of sight and sound

The works, Thomas Ades Concerto for Violin with Lela Josefowicz, Violin. A modern piece, not typical of what I listened to, refused to calm down or even find a secure spot to sit, and was absolutely mesmerizing, the genius of Leila's playing echoing the sinister emotions brought out by the piece, closing in its low range. I wasn't sure what to make of it, but all I could do was mutter "Wow" at it's conclusion.

Then an intermission where we could just look at the beauty of the building and the interesting people there (including a group of about 12 nuns). Midwest Chick and I had already made the obligatory trip to the 'powder room" which was elegant and full of society matrons. We are touching up everything and I commented "the tactical lipstick really held up" to which Midwest Chick says "yes, but I don't think it's duct tape proof" at which two of the society matrons about broke their necks whipping their heads around to see who said that, the look of horror on their faces, worth it.

The next act was Symphony No. in D Major (Titan) by Gustaf Mahler. I'd not listened to his works much and Dave said "parts of it will remind you of Star Trek". He was right, as there was one spot in the third movement, a funeral march, where I leaned in to Dave and quietly whispered. "Ensign Ricky is so toast" and he had to try not to laugh in the hushed crowd. But it was magnificent, with an opening reminiscent of Beethoven's Symphony No. 9 in D minor then becoming what can only be described as a symphonic poem. When Mahler wrote this piece he was involved in writing a Weber opera while carrying on a tumultuous love affair with Marion, Baron von Weber's wife. Once the affair was discovered, the Baron unleashed his fury in a wild shooting spree that (since he didn't practice at the range like he should have) hit no one. Had he been a better shot, the "Titan" symphony would not exist, but it did, Mahler quitting the affair, not the symphony.

His music is infinite yet enveloping, demanding and exhausting, and is not for the impatient or shallow. However, those who like a challenge, as well as heart-wrenching music drenched in conflicting human emotion would enjoy this work, as well as his 4th symphony.

I, for one, am glad I got to experience it, especially with close friends.

Afterward, an elegant dinner at Stone Creek Dining Company, which is not too far from where Dave would be driving to go home and a nice atmosphere for food and conversation. They started us out with our own rustic country loaf topped with cheese with a pepper/sun dried tomato/ olive oil type sauce to dip it in. Scallops, shrimp, steak and barbecued chicken breast found their way to the table where they were dispatched efficiently. The dessert menu was brought around the waitress attempting to get us to try one (it's wafer thin!"). I opted out, having a glass of wine instead, but Midwest Chick had the crème brûlée, which had the perfect acetylene torch finish to the top.

All too soon we were dropped at my door where Midwest Chick was going to sleep after some pajamas, much giggling and perhaps a drop of Jameson. Tomorrow she'd be headed home to Mr. B. and Schmoo the lab, but for now I got more time with one of my dearest friends.

Dave, thank you for a wonderful "non date". You are a "Titan" among friends and it was our honor.


  1. Dress was a better choice than the Tshirts. And you two look stunning as expected.

    It is great that you did this!

  2. Sounds like a pretty awesome night. I had easily the worst chicken marsala ever last night at a "nice" restaurant. I'm glad your dinner turned out fantastic.

  3. He didn't just have a lady on each arm. He had an "armed" lady on each arm.

    How awesome is that?

    Thanks for the update.

  4. Fantastic description of an even more fantastic evening. :)

  5. You two are the best. We should all aspire to be worthy of having such friends for non-dates.

  6. Anyone would be glad to have two true friends to help in such a time. And the fact that you looked stunning didn't hurt, either.

    Well done - and I'm glad you had a good time.

  7. I'm sure that the two of you will be the talk of the Society Matrons' tea.

    Wonder if any of them even know where any duct tape is. Or that it's "duct" and not "duck".

  8. Sounds like y'all had a wonderful time. And of course Barkley gave everyone a good sniff. He's the local head of security, isn't he?

  9. .... and is not for the impatient or shallow.

    Well, I guess that leaves me out.

    You two looked wonderful.

    It's not a day at the range but still glad you guys were able to do this.

  10. Stunning women as escorted by a fine gentleman.
    Good for all of you!

    @Borepatch - It's NOT Duck?

  11. Mrs. Roscoe has a similar black dress she wears to work with knee boots. The combination always elicits comments/flirting from Y chromosomes including, somewhat disturbingly, her male-to-female transgendered patient.

  12. Every guy is jealous of the classic "Dude sandwich" , a pretty girl on each arm. This, however, one-upped the classic; it was a tactical, armed and dangerous dude sandwich.

  13. That sounded like such a lovely time! I need a thigh holster or something of the like for fancy shmancy outings.

  14. Finally, I can say I've met the Sirens of Titan.

    Y'all look fine in jeans, but you dress up nice, too. The boobage, the keisters....

    I'll be in my bunk.

  15. Lucky man, two very beautiful women. What a nice evening.

  16. Sounds like you all (especially Dave) had a great time.

    Seeing that pic of MC leaning over Barkley makes me wonder if he's one of those dogs that'll jab your face with his nose trying to lick you if you lean over far enough. I had an Irish Setter that was notorious for that.

  17. Glad y'all had a great time!

  18. Og, you forgot too mention the tartan "Scottish Birth Control" Jammies I wore in deer camp a couple of years ago.

  19. To some the tartan is an aphrodisiac.

  20. Duct tape proof??? I'll bet it DID set the 'ladies' off...LOL

  21. Glad all of you had lots of fun!
    Two ladies, one fella - passersby could definitely misunderstand the context of the friendship. Bet that was half the fun.

    Does that make a total of 2 dresses that you own now, or are others lurking in the back of the wardrobe somewhere?

  22. Haha!

    "Non" dates are the best. :)

  23. Mahler 1st is one of my favorites. Next in line are the 8th and the 2nd...then probably the 4th.

    He was the last of the great's a shame he didn't live longer.

    Oh, and the dress? Stunning. Much like the lady wearing it :)

  24. "Og" was on the right track! Hot! and Hotter! There's NOTHING that outdoes a HOT Redhead with a great personality.

  25. You two clean up quite nice!...and homemade venison summer sausage? sounds yummy! And if either of you made it, you better share the recipe!


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