Sunday, October 30, 2011

Range Report - Amish Country Gun Show

I am home from the weekend at Midwest Chick's and Mr. B.'s and the Nappanee Gun Show! I forgot my good camera so had to use my glove box point and shoot camera so low light pictures aren't that great, but it WAS a great time.

I arrived on Friday. Most of the gang was meeting us in the morning but that night it was MC and Mr. B's house, with Partner in Grime and I both staying there at Rancho de Schmoo. Barkley came up, looking forward to an outing with Schmoo the lab. I brought a few Macaroon cookies (no photo due to unexpected evaporation of product) and Mr. B. gave me a bag of Gummi Soldiers!

Midwest Chick made a dark chocolate pie, which was more than enough to tide some weary travelers over to dinner.

We listened to music and shared funny stories and shared a lot of laughter, especially with this little film I'd sent to Midwest Chick. Women! Know your Limits!.

As the sun set, we curled up with some Yuengling while Mr. B. created in the kitchen. Fajitas! Mr. B. is one of the best cooks I know, so dinner here is always an adventure AND a treat.

With seared beef marinated 24 hours and cooked up with fresh veggies accompanied by spanish rice, beans, beer and an assortment of hot sauces to try ("Heavy Metal Heat" have to get me some of that!), the conversation was lively (Holy *#*@# that's HOT!)

In the morning we were off to the gun show, meeting the Og Family and Speed Racer and his friends.

It's hard to pass on a gun show that is literally across the parking lot from the all you can eat Amish Bacon place.

I've never had bacon this good and I can see why folks were lined up to try it.

I don't have any pictures from the gun show as there was a sign that said "no dogs, no cameras (and no dogs with cameras)" but it was a good show, with only one small table of plastic ware, and LOTS of good condition historical rifles. I drooled on a Swiss K-31 but passed as with Christmas coming up and helping my Dad out financially a bit, I was not going to spend any money. But boy, it was fun to look!

After the gun show a few of us wandered over to the Amish craft mall.

Victrolas! I have quite a collection of records for one of these.
Og: "
I've got a party right in my hands!"
Brigid bags a deer in arts and crafts.

On the way home, a stop at BeefMart for something for supper.

We passed on lunch after the big breakfast. But dinner was thick cut pork chops poked a whole bunch with a fork and then doused with Worcestershire sauce, then rubbed with a mixture of white pepper, sage and rosemary on one side, and applewood smoked salt on the other and then grilled. The spicy side was grilled first, allowing the juices to come up and soak the salt, then a quick flip to finish. They were paired with Grilling Beans laden with ancho chili, onion, cayenne, and a bit of blackstrap molasses, and a potato with all the fixings.

Dinner conversation was interesting. With more than one engineer (aerospace, mechanical, robotic) in our social group, the discussion went to some serious production tooling problems, complete with math, drawings and lively debate. Midwest Chick and I looked at each other and smiled and I said loudly "I just LOVE little kittens, they're so soft and furry" and she collapsed in a fit of giggles whereupon someone said "oh you dear sweet fragile little thing, I adore you" and much laughter ensued.

After dinner, we tromped around in the woods with Schmoo the Lab and Barkley and then played with some antique gas engines in the shop to burn off dinner and then retired to the living room for Mystery Science Theater 3000. Hercules Against the Moon Men. Bad Cinema at it's finest, though every time the pairs of Roman soldiers entered the scene Joel, Crow or Gizmo would go "Pizza Pizza!', just like the Little Caesars commercials.

Earth saved from the Moon Men, one more time, and it was soon time for bed.

Before we knew it, Sunday morning had arrived and we're up early for coffee (and observation of the breakfast being made by Mr. B).
The lighting wasn't conducive for a photo of "this complete breakfast!" but boy, it was all good. There were yummy stuffed baked apples with Cinnamon and candied walnuts that Partner brought and did I mention BACON!
The French toast was dipped in egg batter in which was mixed cocoa, nutmeg, vanilla and some secret ingredients that just smelled heavenly.
What's this? Soldiers in my Cup!
With a pound of bacon on the griddle morning was off to a good start. Mr. B's friend Mike  drove over and joined us and we soon polished off all the bacon and then some, sharing stories of the gun range and planning our next shoot together.

All too soon it was time to hit the road. Midwest Chick made me a cooler with leftovers and I soon waved goodbye with hugs, a wave and a shout of "Pizza! Pizza!".

The cooler had all kinds of good surprises in it, including some leftover pie, a pound of bacon from BeefMart and what appears to be an alien being.With some MST3K inspired Mars Mud. I may use that to cover up the dial on my bathroom scale after THIS weekend :-) I didn't buy a new firearm, (though I got some goodies) but I had a weekend with friends I love and I'm home with a lot of good memories.


  1. The best part of waking up is soldiers in your cup.

  2. I can't say how much I was impressed by your piano playing, by the way, and wished I'd been able to hear more.

  3. Og - it's been 13 years since I owned a piano so I'm pretty rusty. Otherwise I would have pounded out Maple Leaf Rag. It more fit the instrument.

    It was great to see you and Mrs. O. it's been too many weeks since we all got together.

  4. Sounds like a great weekend! Glad y'all had food/fun/friends in equal amounts!

  5. Mmmm, looks like a great weekend was had by all. And all those food pics - yum! - especially after watching Oliver with my daughter this weekend.

    Oh, yeah, I agree with the dinner topic: Bring back Bretton Woods!

  6. Bless you all. You make life look easy and fun.

  7. Sounds like a great time was enjoyed by all!
    (And the redhead plays piano, too!?)
    I just ate, now, I'm hungry, again...

  8. I feel like I just read a post about a 2 week vacation. Y'all can pack more living into a weekend than I don't know what. Makes me tired.
    I think I need a vacation now.

  9. Sounds and looks like you had a great weekend.

    You could use that pic of Barkley for Halloween. "Help me Mom! I have a cat growing out of the back of my head!"

  10. kx59 - My Dad is 91, still lives on his own. I spend ALL of my vacation time tending to him, cooking, putting meals up, taking care of the house, and taking him on fun excursions (he lives 9 hours by plane away from me). We've gone Salmon fishing, flown a glider, zipped over a volcano in a Cessna 172, or simply just prayed over a bowl of homemade beef stew, a picture of both my Mom's on the side table.

    I've a brother who does the same, between us, he's able to live the life he wants to live.

    I help with gardener, housekeeper and all that keeps him in his house, but it's a lot to do, and I don't regret a single minute of it.

    So these weekends with those friends who love me, listen and hold me close, are more important to me than you know.

  11. What a great weekend. I'm very envious of the great food with trusted friends. BTW, I once lit up a staid piano recital with a modified version of the Maple Leaf Rag. And now I'm off to dig up some sheet music...........:-)

  12. What were Barkley and the cat doing right before their picture was taken? Not sure if they look guilty or miffed?

    Glad you had a fun weekend.

    The Amish buggies reminds me of a joke a friend played on some Amish friends when he and his new bride did a short term contract managing a small rural cheese factory for a year. Some of the chemicals used for cleaning vats and equipment in cheese factories are rather hazardous, so our friend had some of those hazard diamonds on hand for transporting the jugs of cleanser home from the store. At a gathering, he put a couple on the back of Eli's buggy. Nothing like seeing a sign on a buggy that says something like "Warning, contents are highly corrosive and flammable." They stopped short of hanging it on the horse. The prank was enjoyed by all.

  13. Awwww! Real food, bacon, and a gun show gets the jealous juices flowiing! The beer and refried beans would be a double toxic whammy for me, but sometimes it's good to live dangerously, and having a dog or baby nearby makes it easy to pass the blame.

    I've been eating frozen Tombstone pizzas four days in a row, since they were on sale at Kroger, 5 for $11 last week, lol. The New Orleans Voodoo Hot Sauce, that one of my sisters gave me for my b-day, makes them semi-palatable. I'll have to look up the 'Heavy Metal Heat'. :P

  14. "I've been eating frozen Tombstone pizzas four days in a row, since they were on sale at Kroger, 5 for $11 last week, lol."

    hehe...Totinos is my brand.

    ...and when you fold it in half, you have a calazone. :)

    Seriously though,

    One of the reasons why I hang out here is all the drool-worthy food displayed (okay... besides the poetry, and the philosophy, and the...). Which reminds me... I cannot enlarge the photo of the plate of bacon! Oh no!

    When life slows down a bit, I WILL be making some of these recipes.

    Thanks Brigid.

  15. Please, Oh Please - where can one get that HiPoint t-shirt?

  16. SandPine - the wearer of said shirt just informed me that it was from Gunbloggers Rendesvous which he participated in this year. I bet they could be found online with a little homework.

  17. The value of true friends......un-fathomable. They are like precious gems, to be treated with respect and love.

    As most of my true friends are scattered around the country, the times when we can get together and enjoy each others company is fully cherished.

    You are truly blessed to be able to share yourself with friends like these.

    God Bless



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