Thursday, January 26, 2012

Dressing Well on the Road

As you all know, I spend a lot of time traveling. I take as little as I can get away with, plus gear for varying temperatures as I don't always finish my trip where I started. The wardrobe is easy as I'm either in something that looks like Joe Friday wear, or resembles bio hazard gear.

Both easy to wash and wear (or simply incinerate).

At least I smell good.

Still, I'm sometimes looking around my hotel room for things to make myself more presentable in case I'm going out on the town while on an overnight in a city where I have friends.

This for example. At a very fancy hotel (I got a cheap rate) there was an additional sink and dressing area in the master bedroom with something hanging on the wall. . . what is this?

I have to tell you, after my shower, I used it for 15 minutes and it didn't dry my hair worth a %@*#.

So, while I look around for the 3 ounce bottles of cosmetics that scattered like BB's on the floor as I pack for a few more days out, I'll leave you with some real travel dressing advice from my favorite engineer.

After work is done tomorrow, I have four days off, so some posts will come up, slightly wrinkled but legible.

Cheers - B.


  1. ... it's a clothing steamer.... ?

  2. When it comes to the posts, we just want the facts, ma'am.


  3. It is a 'steamer' for your clothes! No more wrinkles in those fancy dresses. It will work well on jeans, too;-)

  4. Four days in a row?

    You're getting spoiled...

  5. 'time traveling'? This explains many things.
    As to the appliance, looks like some kind of electric manta ray...

  6. I wouldn't have touched it without drawing down on it. It looks way to much like that face sucking thing in the Aliens movie!

  7. I was not sure what the pictured object was either, was guessing hairdryer till you mentioned it was not... Hope your time off involves a maximum of fun and a minimum of hassles

  8. Had a portable travel steamer once. Picked it up for a dollar at a garage sale nigh on twenty years ago. Never used it, so finally donated it to Goodwill last year. Neat item, just never really needed it.

  9. No, it wouldn't do a very good job of drying your hair, but it will really handle taking the fifth or sixth pleat out of a pair of pants or that neat diagonal fold that looks so stylish in the back of a suit jacket.

    Now, if you want exotic, last summer I was in a hotel in Dallas and there was a TV remote on the bathroom counter. Click and there within the mirror over the sinks is a 17" HD TV screen so you can get the morning cartoons as you make yourself presentable.

    And just so you don't miss a moment, there is a repeater screen built into the wall of the walk-in shower stall. With special non-fog glass of course!

    A gas-log fire-place that welcomes you by turning on when you enter the room was the high point of a joint they put me up at in Vail last year for a leadership seminar.

    Ain't life grand!

  10. A steamer! Excellent. I had to look at it closely for a minute. I'd not seen one in a hotel.

    MSgtB - One day is vacation time I'm using. I'm ready for a really long weekend.

    Alison - it will be. Friends to visit with white chocolate fudge with bit of toasted almond (dusted with cinnamon) dried cranberries and orange peel. Made it early this morning. Recipe to come up if it's a hit. (I've not tried it yet).

    Ed - that sounds like a pretty fancy place. Best I've done stateside is one hotel at L'Enfant Plaza where you can watch TV and talk on the phone while in the bathroom.

  11. Driving 10 hours to Casa Grande to turn money into noise with Kevin and a buncha gunbloggers.
    Beats the hell out of cleaning the patio.

  12. If the mystery device pictured was at a Japanese hotel, I shudder at the thought of the possible intended uses.

    (Okay, I figured clothes steamer, but, still ... hose ... nozzle ... water.)

    Most of the products I've designed over the last 20 years are used in some very scary places so I avoid travel to visit customers as much as possible.

    The #1 travel wear recommendation of co-workers who do visit the occasional customer overseas? A cheap but dependable watch like a Casio digital if you're headed to a country where a large bribe might be necessary for a Rolex or Tag to make it through customs.


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