Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Popcorn and TV Night - What would YOU watch?

I seldom watch TV at home. Sometimes when traveling for work, I arrive back at the hotel, peruse the room service menu, and too tired to post anything of worth, consider TV. But not for long. If I watch, I do like the History Channel, NCIS, Red Green, Firefly, Top Gear and some old shows and movies, especially westerns and old classics. I get the most basic and cheapest of cable service and only because with Internet I got a deal. But with time off, and being unable to leave the house for a fair stretch of it, I got reacquainted with the TV (finding some shows almost entertaining with enough post surgery hydrocodone)

I discovered several things.

There is NO subject off limits in commercials. (Seriously, I don't want to know about the amazing merits of "Panty Shields with Wings!". Wings? Good Lord, they act like we won WWII with those things. Also, "have a nice period" Shouldn't that be changed to "vehicular manslaughter is wrong")?

If you are dead due to Pneumonoultramicroscopicsilicovolcanoconiosis (caused by breathing the microscopic dust of ground up yard gnomes used in older insulation) you are NOT able to call the attorney listed at the end of the commercial.

No matter what time it is and how basic your cable, on one channel will be Law and Order Special Victims Unit.

I also rediscovered why I don't watch much television.

One late nights selection:

Talk show with guest - liberal Hollywood airheaded "actress"
Zombie Strippers (wait, wasn't that just on the previous channel?)
Cindy Crawfords Skin Secrets!
Rock of Love
Murder She Wrote (look, every time Jessica Fletcher shows up at a dinner party someone gets murdered, and yet she keeps getting invited, hellooooo)
Great Horse Cleaning Tips ( Maybe that was "house cleaning", at least I hope so.)
Depression and Anxiety Help (you invited Jessica Fletcher over for beer and Brats didn't you?)
Pimp my mailbox (or some such home decorating show)
Infomercials (I've got to get one now, I've nothing to wear if Caligula comes on later)

Petty Officer Junction - (the silly other NCIS show)
BBC's "Fastest Animals on Earth (sorry folks it's still a fully grown Holstein dropped from a C-130 at 150.626 ft/sec assuming a 0.7 drag coefficient)
And of course, Home Shopping Channel:
Buy Jewelry Now!
Jewelry and You!
Jewelry to accessorize with your wearable towel!

What were/are your favorite shows? If the Internet was down tomorrow for something what would you watch? Or would you watch at all?


  1. One of my sisters gave me a couple of DVDs for Christmas, with several hours worth of 'The Three Stooges' and 'Laurel & Hardy'. I never get tired of watching those. :)

  2. firefly.
    (Do you see a pattern?)

    Cap'n Jan

  3. Only pain meds would make most tv shows with commercials entertaining.

    Hubby has a strange work schedule. We hit the library for DVDs on a regular basis, because broadcast TV before he leaves for work and after he comes home is a complete loss.
    Some of the shows we have checked out recently include the following:
    Top Gear
    River Monsters
    Pawn Stars
    To Catch a Thief
    In Plain Sight, Season 2
    and if you don't mind subtitles and like heist movies,
    Ladron Que Roba a Ladron (To Rob A Thief)
    (actual translation Thief That Robs a Thief)
    It really pokes fun at commercials and infomercials too.

    And last but not least, Primeval seasons 4 & 5, now available on DVD.

  4. I just got my computer back after being down for 2 weeks. I reached for my Nook and re-read RAH, Weber, and Mad Mike. Like you, I only have cable so I could get a good rate on the internet.

  5. Wouldn't a terry robe be superior to that wearable towel.

    Cap'n Jan - Joss Whedon fan?

  6. I don't have cable, but I do watch Netflix. I watched all of the past episodes of Mad Men. I watch Pawn Stars with my youngest son, and I watch Raising Hope with my oldest son. Most of "my free time" involves books and blogs.

  7. That's it - I'm sending you entertainment. Brace yourself.

  8. How It's Made, Storage Wars, Mega Machines.

  9. Firefly, Alfred Hitchcock Hour, Twilight Zone, I Spy, NCIS, Castle.
    Lately I've been on a
    Big Bang Theory kick!

  10. Blueblood. Only thing I watch that isn't animated.

  11. I would probably just catch up on some reading.

  12. That would actually all depend on what was playing in that particular timeslot. I'm always up for a Firefly (got a Tshirt for Christmas!) or Twilight Zone marathon. Military Channel has some interesting shows on lately, and they don't appear to be the reality type. Yet. Discovery or History channel aren't too bad, Pawn Stars deals with buying historical stuff (seriously, you're dropping off an authenticated letter signed by Elvis, Jimmy Hoffa, and D.B. Cooper, and you're expecting to get more than $200 for it? ITS A FRIKKIN PAWN SHOP!!! Want top dollar? Put it up for auction.), occasionally I'll sit through "American Pickers". Not much else playing these days that doesn't immediately drop my IQ by about seven points (which would actually put me in the negatives, I think...).

  13. At night, I can usually find one of the following 4 shows on: Mythbusters, Dirty Jobs, 'Diners, Drive-in's and Dives' or 'Man vs. Food'.

    Other than that...time to catch up on my reading.

  14. I don't watch much TeeVee. I am planning to go see Red Tails at the theater, though. :) Looking forward to it.

    Also watching "The Art of the Precision Rifle" on DVDs as time allows.

  15. I haven't watched much TV in 20 years. An occasional Football or Baseball game or a movie with my Wife. If the Net went down I'd have to start reading all of the books that haven't been read yet piled up around here and hit the library for movies.

    BTW, thanks for the linkage.

  16. If it ain't green [sports] I go out to the loading bench.
    And since I don't like basketball or college stuff, I have a LOT of boolets.

  17. BBC One's "Sherlock", airing in this country as part of "Masterpiece: Mystery".


    "A Study in Pink" is this week's PBS rerun episode and worth your valuable time to find in the listings.

    No meds. Strange as it sounds, the writers of "Sherlock" require the viewer's full attention.

  18. My favorites are
    Pawn Stars
    Dirty Jobs
    Sons Of Guns
    Top Shot
    Other movie type faves are war movies, horse operas and the all time classics, you know, the usual suspects.

  19. GO out to the back yard with the cold weather gear. Fall asleep watching the stars move around the sky.


  20. Fox News
    CIS Las Vegas
    Storage wars

    Watch the Hydrocodone it will make you fat. When I had my knee replaced they gave that stuff it didn't seem to help the pain just made me hungry,only thing that really helped me was the stationary bike. As soon as I could make the peddle go around without taking my foot off the peddle the pain in my knee started to go away. Everybody has different out comes but the pain don't go away for about a year.

  21. Don't watch TV, unless I'm at the kids, even then I take my Kindle & read...read...read... I do have a mix of cd's to watch on my little flat screen... Tristan+Isolde, Boondock Saints, thru a bunch of oooold classics.

  22. Haven't had a tv in a long time, and the only thing I miss about that is the Burn Notice tv series.....Fiona rules....

  23. Holstein my ass.

    Goats are much more aerodynamic.

  24. Stormdrane - you can never go wrong with the stooges.

    Cap'n Jan - I'mm detecting some trend here. Hmmmm

    Mrs. S. - I like your choices. I will have to check out The subtitled one.

    Don - at my last house I cancelled my cable for TV and they upped the price of the internet by about 75%. Rip off.

    Deceon - I can go weeks without ever turning the TV on, but I have multiple bookshelves full of books.

    North - Yay! Burn Notice??

    Willdogz - I've seen a number of commercials for Storage Wars lately, so it must be getting popular.

  25. MSgtB - goats. heheheheheh

    naturegirl - I've a close friend that loves Burn Notice and I've been told I need to check it out. I will.

    Sarge - I only had to take the pain meds a total of three nights, two right after, and the other night when I whacked it hard putting dinner together. I'm not much for pain meds. The Physical Therapist has me on the stationary bike already. Only four minutes for now but we're getting better. Yes I was told by coworkers that had similar injuries it's a full year before all the pain goes.

    Brighid - Boondock Saints is a personal favorite. Nice choices.

    Grumpyunk - you're welcome!

    Kirk - buying Firefly on CD was one of my better decisions. I agree totally.

    Blue - let me know what you think of it.

    irontomFlint - I've watched Dirty Jobs a few times, Mike R. is a treat to watch.

  26. Just don't do a Hunter Thompson thing (he was a writer and journalist for Spy magazine)

    Another journalist was visiting him to do an interview. When a TV show came on that Hunter didn't like, he shot the TV with his rifle. And eventually, he must not have liked himself - because he shot himself.

    Nothing beats a classic western.
    But throw in Patton, the old James Bonds, and the more recent Bourne Identity.

  27. Archer. This, bar none is the funniest thing I have watched in a long time: http://www.fxnetworks.com/shows/originals/archer/


    Besides that, it's Chopped, Off Limits, and... well, read a book.

  28. Bitchin' Kitchen with Nadia G. Nuff said. :-)

  29. Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Fringe, Band Of Brothers......

    If we had cable and The Food Network, I would never leave the house. Seriously.

    My monthly 2-hour platelet donation is a good chance to catch up on History Channel (they seem to do a lot of shows about swamp creatures, which is cool.........)

    Wearable Towel?! Um, you know, that is actually oddly intriguing--kind of like a Snuggie, although I would be forbidden from wearing it toga-style...........

  30. Favorite TV shows... Firefly, Buffy, Angel, Home Improvement, Frasier, Stargate SG1...for stuff actually on air now, NCIS, Dirty Jobs, Myth Busters....

  31. Oops left out Farscape....a really good show that is oft over looked. Definitely a must have DVD collection.

  32. Recently I had the privilege of staying in the hospital for a couple nights. During that time I watched more TV than I have in ages. When I got to the point that I considered buying a mobility chair just to get the free giant playing cards, I knew I had seen enough. I should have known it when I discovered the History channel had converted to the Big Foot / Alien Invasion conspiracy channel. Glad I discovered Firefly last year.

  33. Gotta see:
    Downton Abbey, a highbrow soap from the BBC.

    Parenthood, the similarly sudsy NBC offering with lion-in-winter Craig T. Nelson standing out in a strong ensemble cast.

    The Closer. Rather fanciful in the usual ways but full of irresistible characterizations (and thankfully our heroine has switched to the lite-syrup recipe for her Southern accent). I have a theory that the writers have read their Wambaugh.

    Which reminds me that one of the nostalgia channels enabled by the digital-TV conversion -- you can send three or four channels of information with just one transmitter and tower -- has Police Story every weeknight. Though not without genre cliches, and sometimes undone by the wild dramaturgical ambition of having different people play different characters every time, it was a real milestone. The one-hour cop show is nothing less than America's answer to commedia dell'arte or kabuki, and in order to stand out from familiar ritual and make artistic progress, it needs to be shaken up like this every once in a while.

    And then there's Breaking Bad, a morality tale on a collision course with one of the handful of ways such things must end.

    Unfortunately another erstwhile must-see entry, Men of a Certain Age, ain't gonna get no older, unless another network picks it up. Apparently its devoted audience wasn't demographically likely to buy enough of what TNT's advertisers wanted to sell; last I heard was that they were going to replace it with a remake of {gag} Dallas.

    Things I often happen to watch, though not religiously:

    House, M.D. (reruns mostly -- I thought its turkey timer finally popped out most of a season ago.)

    Holmes Inspection. Weekly proof that no IQ test is required when buying tools and construction materials... even for contractors... nor when hanging out your shingle (no pun intended and not much of one achieved) as a pre-sale home inspector. Holmes, an experienced builder and master of deadpan bemusement at people who seem to think water runs uphill, finds everything that has been done wrong (often luridly so) in some hapless buyer's abode, and brings in various tradesmen to set it right.

    The Big Bang Theory. Poignant if exaggerated characterizations under the rather broad humor; the show namechecks people and things I work with, though the focus is a lot more on on their social lives than on what they actually do.

    Inspector Lynley. I used to want a Jensen Interceptor, but my then-wife thought it was a hideous little blister and that any such financial self-mutilation would be better focused on a Jaguar.

    Occasional guilty pleasures in a hotel room somewhere while waiting to be tired enough to sleep: Navy CSI-ish, er, NCIS. Samplings from the USA Network's ever growing necklace of To Catch a Thief pastiche. I'll flip through whatever Law and Order reruns are available in the hopes of catching one I haven't seen yet (mysteries and their Siamese twin, procedurals, are seldom interesting to me the second time around). And there's always the local news; I'm mostly in it for the weather report, but there's nothing like exploding meth labs, family-reunion stabbings, and minor officials caught with their hand in the till to remind me that I may have traveled far but am still among people.

    Fond memories: The Sopranos, The Shield, Seinfeld before I'd seen 'em all three times in reruns, Babylon-5, Star Trek (most varieties; Voyager was too stupid too often too soon for me to stick with it, though I'm told it got much better at a certain point; and Enterprise lost me when it seemed to turn into a turbid War on Terror allegory), Hill Street Blues... the list goes on and I've barely even dipped back into the 70s. Twiddle those antenna-DTV rabbit ears and who knows what you'll find.)

  34. Firefly on DVD if anything, but as long as I have a full bookshelf (or three) I'll be OK.
    I watched the first couple of seasons of Burn Notice, but haven't been able to get back into watching it since then.
    Guilty pleasures...Sanctuary and Warehouse 13.

  35. Everyone that comes by stately manor sooner or later makes the observation that it looks like I have a nice TV, do I ever cut it on?

    Yes I do, and when I do it is usually the Outdoor channel on Wednesday nights:

    Best Defense
    Shooting USA
    Gun Stories
    etc. for that channel

    For diversions:

    Art of the Dynamic Handgun by Magpul


    Star Trek (even numbered TOS movies, TOS, TNG).

    Gunsmithing the S&W revolver

    Dragnet- The original series from the 50's and the second from the 60's.

    And finally, before I am confirmed as a total geek, the UFO TV series. It's, uh, groovy!

  36. Currently-
    Person of Interest
    Boardwalk Empire
    The Layover
    Masterchef (BBC)

    All with the commercials removed. I spent two months in recuperation last year with commercial TV. Riled me something awful. Couldn't get one of the jingles out of my head for weeks.

    Only do an hour a night. When I do watch that is, not evey night.
    I haven't got a problem or anything, I'm in control you know.

  37. Oh, I forgot -
    Wallander -Swedish version -subtitled- Excellent Crime drama.
    The Kenneth Branagh version (in English) is good too.

    The Killing. Original Danish version -subtitled- Fabulous.
    Have the Killing series 2 lined up and waiting. Whoohoo.
    Tv programs about pregnant-teenage dwarf-gender reassignment-job swapping-circus clowns don't float my boat.

  38. Love PBS - Civil War, Baseball, Prohibition, and other educational; stuff in the attic worth a fortune, the gun shows on Discovery, the Family in Boulder CO and the Family down south. So we can go blow something up Legally. You see how much they wanted for that Python?
    Like you basic cable for the over priced internet connection.

  39. Love PBS - Civil War, Baseball, Prohibition, and other educational; stuff in the attic worth a fortune, the gun shows on Discovery, the Family in Boulder CO and the Family down south. So we can go blow something up Legally. You see how much they wanted for that Python?
    Like you have basic cable for the overpriced internet connection.

  40. Love PBS - Civil War, Baseball, Prohibition, and other educational; stuff in the attic worth a fortune, the gun shows on Discovery, the Family in Boulder CO and the Family down south. So we can go blow something up Legally. You see how much they wanted for that Python?
    Like you basic cable for the over priced internet connection.

  41. Phineas & Ferb every morning on the Disney Channel. Seriously funny stuff. Before long, you'll be adding "-inator" on to the end of everything. Your blender will be a "frappe-inator" and so on.

  42. This comment has been removed by the author.

  43. Nancy - I had a cousin and his family live in IND for a bit before they moved south. The little one would watch that and I thoroughly enjoyed it. I still have a D. Evil Inc. T-shirt.

  44. I would go mow the lawn with kiddie scissors, paint the house with a teeny watercolor brush, disassemble my truck and reassemble... The only thing TVs are good for is target practice with a .50 BMG or something.

  45. Well, most recent show I discovered and liked was Misfits(and I've watched all 3 seasons by streaming them online).

    Very original, and funny, take on the superhero genre.

  46. Television. Or as my fourth grade teacher called it "The Stupid One Eyed Monster", only many years later did that get really funny.

    Whats on my DVR... hrmmm. American Guns, Sons of Guns, Shooting Gallery, American Rifleman, Guns and Ammo TV, The Best Defense, Shooting USA, Tank Overhaul, Mythbusters, CSI, Dirty Jobs, Modern Marvels, Top Gear, Deadliest Catch, NCIS, Moonshiners, Holmes on Homes, Extreme 4x4, Trucks, Gearz and anything with zombies and Milla Jovanovich.

    Frequently watched DVDs include Firefly, Jericho, Sparticus (Starz version), The Pacific, Soylent Green, Dr Zhevago, The Kingdom and The Wild Geese. (At least that is this weeks list...)

    Oh and anything with Luke, Han, Leia and Anakin...


  47. "I'm late, I'm late, for a..." Oops. Stupid mirror.

    Intrigued by those whose cable outfit offers Internet plus basic cable for less than `net alone. The two suppliers I would use here offer bundles, but none cheaper than Internet-only. Which is what I have - have not owned a TV for years, get shows via web sites. If cable goes down, no TV at all. Well, except the stuff I've recorded or bought, which I have a few years of,

    Favorites: does Maverick (or anything else with James Garner) count? Or Xena? The Dianna Rigg years of The Avengers?

    Other "Foreign" shows, too. Murdoch Mysteries (Canada), Blue Heelers (Australian - recently ended after thirteen seasons), New Tricks (UK), Antiques Roadshow (UK), The Number One Ladies' Detective Agency (South Africa/BBC, only one season though).

    Curremt US shows. I like several - but favorite? Bones and In Plain Sight, perhaps, though there are many I try to watch every episode.

    Guilty pleasures, Hot in Cleveland and 2 Broke Girls. Oddities may be a "guilty pleasure" or just a quirky appeal, but the store and the items they handle - who knew strychnine was sold, complete with a sugar coating, by drug stores?? Heroin, yes, but strychnine?

  48. BePrepared - You have the best library. I loaned a lot of DVD's out and when I was transferred from a nearby city several years back, I didn't collect them all. Building the collection back up again.

  49. I've found one way to keep up on all of your programming with low risk of DVR conflicts and that’s getting the Hopper. The Hopper is the fastest satellite receiver and it has the largest hard drive in pay-TV history with 2 Terabytes! The Hopper encourages customers to watch TV at home it can record up to six shows at once so you don’t miss a thing! A co-worker at DISH told me about the Hopper and he also said it can record up 250 hours of HD recording time and provides full DVR functions in all four rooms. Popcorn and TV night has never seemed better. Even if you’re not a big TV watcher like Brigid you may still want to check this out because you never know when it’s going to be another Popcorn and TV night!


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