Saturday, February 25, 2012

Let it be Borne. . .

As Daniel Webster stated - “Let it be borne on the flag under which we rally in every exigency, that we have one country, one constitution, one destiny”.

The flag is not a piece of cloth intended to be worn as a necktie, bikini or an outfit for your wiener dog. It is a sacred symbol of a nation. A representation of a promise of freedom. Freedom to life and liberty. The freedom for the law abiding citizen to protect their family and what they hold dear. Freedom to work hard and prosper and enjoy the fruits of your honest labor without fear that it will be forced from you to support the degradation of the Constitution. The flag is more than fabric, it's a promise. I am an American, and I will honor the flag, wrapping myself around it as a patriot would, to protect it, not wrapping it around words or actions to justify that which we know to be a breach of this promise. - Brigid


  1. Amen, it has always bothered me to see the flag used as clothing, I understand wanting to be patriotic but it has to be respectful, and in good taste although I don't see a lot of 'good taste' anymore.

  2. AMEN!! Although Archie does have a flag scarf. When he wears it, I get a lot of nice comments. I call him a 'patriotic pup, don't mess with him, momma carries'.

  3. Right on! If anyone has a problem with your post, let them leave the country.

  4. Very well said.

    I do like images of the flag used to represent what the flag stands for. I often wear a flag pin. Symbols are just that, symbols. I respect the actual flag and it's fabric, but I don't have an issue with people expressing their love for the flag and what it means in a way that means something to them.

  5. Joining the AMEN train!
    However, the only thing worse than defaming the American Flag, is prohibiting the defamation.
    This is the American Paradox.
    (this doesn't mean I like or approve of many of the means of expression!)
    Look what happens in other countries when some symbol is derided...


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