Sunday, February 5, 2012

Firing up the Blogroll

I've been up pretty early the last couple of mornings. Over coffee, I checked my blog stats, curious to see how some people found Home on the Range.

I'm proud (I think) to say that several people found me by doing a Google search of the following;

Echolocation Parakeets (and they said that whole Budgie/Bat cross breeding thing was a waste of time.)

Radio Controlled Bomb Dropping Blimp (Oh great, that was supposed to be a surprise for Valentines Day.)

Steampunk Bayonet (what do you mean - what's the point?)

With that I'd like to add some new members of the blogroll. I have three blogrolls on the sidebar. They are certainly not all the blogs I've liked, and read, but I try to keep the lists at a manageable size. I've made many friends across all three, but the "friends" sidebar is people I hang out with, many of whom own at least one item of clothing covered with Barkley hair. Folks Smarter than the Average Bear are some of the smartest, most unique people I've read on the net. Shooting Sports is just that, shooters and hunters and gun education blogs, a little something for everyone.

Say a warm welcome to:

SciFi Chick at Bacon and Eggs . Homesteading, food prepping, being self sufficient. Read her "American Truth". It will touch something in every one of you.

Nancy at Excels at Nothing. A reenactment of Jane Austin's Pride and Prejudice and Zombies in authentic clothing with historical weaponry? What's not to like?

Alison at The Artisanry of Acorn Cottage, an artist, a maker of things (medieval and viking recreations and bronze castings). She understands the patient faithfulness of inanimate objects that survive time, carrying the marks of their makers hands. Plus she's pretty darn handy with a pistol.


  1. sniff, sniff. Time to bring in some experts for guest appearences.

  2. So I am not the only one that gets strange search results!

  3. P. S. A lot of the blogs I follow, I got from your lists!

  4. Dang! Didn't make the cut again. Maybe next year.

  5. Greg - when I put you in a link inside a post two months ago, I thought I'd added you too. Sorry about that.

    Sherry - some of them were pretty strange.

    Professor - you're just lucky my big brothers didn't show up at your door after you posted a picture of my sidebar t shirt with a comment about how I filled it out. :-) Thanks, always for your humor and intelligence. It's fun to see your view on the world, and you do make us smile sometimes.

    Keads, honestly there are SO many good blogs out there, I feel like I just scratch the surface, but there's the whole work, eat, family social life thing. :-)

    North - you will enjoy them all, as will J. and M.

  6. B.- I am honored to be IN your blogroll list. Period.

    As you say so many great Blogs, so little time.

  7. And Nancy is a peice of work (and a pretty good shooter too)!

  8. B. I am touched and honored to be in such great company.

  9. aww gee... I have not felt so honored in a long time, to be included in such good company!

  10. Well, you know how much I love coming here. Your right, so many great, great, blogs. I visit, I comment and then I forget where I I have been to a few on your list, but not all of them, so I guess I know what I am doing later today:)

  11. What about the google search for a "Hot Redhead with a couple nice guns"? That's how...

  12. Professor - you're just lucky my big brothers didn't show up at your door after you posted a picture of my sidebar t shirt with a comment about how I filled it out. :-)
    1. As if you would need big brothers. I am aware that you own guns and a shovel and know how to use them both.
    2. You posted it first.

  13. Discoveries... Bullseye led me to rediscover Ed of b5 fame. Ed's ham avocation led me Roberta's wonderful Retro site. After a time, I found her daily blog, its blogroll and many others, including M&Ms.

  14. Ladies - it was my privilege to get to know you.

    nate - I think more people found me with bayonets, but thanks.

    Professor - I know, hehehe.

    Agirl - I'm still discovering great new places to go. There just aren't enough hours.

    Kirk A. - I've found people on here I knew professionally, some I knew from 20 years ago, and people who are friends with folks I know off blog. Small worlds indeed.

  15. Dang, now the pressure is on.

  16. one day i'll be all grown up and have a blog of my very own!

  17. I agree with what someone else said, most of the blogs I read I found through your blog roll (you should get a commission). I can now add 3 more to the list of blogs to check out; you have good taste.


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