Sunday, February 12, 2012

There' Snow Place Like Home - Memories from the Weekend

The snow arrived as scheduled Friday, and I was glad I arrived up north in the afternoon, before the worst of it. I had the truck loaded, clothes for a couple of days, plus water and food, lights, flares, a heavy blanket and a shovel, in case I got stuck, plus additional food, water and a bowl in the cab for Barkley. We ended up getting about 9 inches total overnight, and I was the only one who made it in Friday night, other friends who worked later, coming in from the snow belt, arriving Saturday after the roads were plowed.

Before the snow got too thick, a run was made to town. At the local Meat Mart, Mr. B. said the power went out. No one panicked. No one yelled for their Mommy, or their Senator. A dozen or so flashlights were whipped out, from the same pockets that probably held knives and a .40 or two. The clerks just gave folks a big chunk of whatever meat they'd requested, not being able to weigh it, thanking everyone for their business. A lot of people had cash to pay, as the automatic credit card reader was not going to work. They also got a big box of freshly made wings added to our small order. Life as usual in Hoosierville.

Once the shoppers were home, it was a quiet night of a light supper, some fresh from the oven homemade spice cake that Midwest Chick whipped up and served with choice of toppings (I had mine plain, it was that good) and a finger or two of really good whiskey before I crawled into a big comfy country bed covered with homemade quilts, while the fire blazed downstairs and dogs and cats slept together.

The morning dawned with skies clearing as it started to get light, but about 8-9 inches of snow. Mr. B. fired up the tractor and dug out their long driveway, parking and mailbox area, as well as a couple of the neighbors, one an elderly gent. He does it, not because those folks expect it, but because he can. I'm sure they appreciated it. We certainly did, my truck getting dug out and repositioned so when I left, I could pull straight out without having to back out onto a country road with a long truck.

I still can't do deep snow with the recuperating knee so after he arrived, EJ, our favorite engineer, took Barkley out for a romp in the back acreage being careful to avoid Lake Inferior on the South side of the property which was likely frozen over. Schmoo the black lab also got to prance around in the snow, both dogs out in their element, snooting the snow and gallumping around while near the house, while many happy birds were enjoying the suet and seed that Midwest Chick puts out when the snow gets deep or there is ice. (When the weather is good the birds fend for themselves, if you just give someone food every day, they never learn, or want to learn, how to gather their own.)

I'm back Mom!!

After that, books were perused. . . .

and bread was baked.

Soon, the sun was dipping in the sky again and it was time for an adult beverage.

Nitro Milk Stout. Phone calls were made to Og and company, safe at home but dealing with some household plumbing issues. Next time, my friends.

Dinner was Mr. B.'s masterful pepper steak. The meat is marinated for two days in a spicy but slightly sweet marinade and then dredged in seasoned flour and quickly flash fried in peanut oil at a super high temp so it's so tender you can cut it with a spoon, then tossed with aromatic steamed fresh vegetables and served over rice. He made it once before and I asked if we could have it again, it's that good.

After dinner, some "shop" talk and some "shot" talk. Han Shot First. You get the camera, I'll get the book. Despite George Lucas' explicit cinematographic assertion that "Greedo shot first." He did not. There, in that book called Star Wars, written by some George Lucas guy, (click to enlarge photo), it was confirmed, reading it aloud, that Han took the only shot, killing Greedo. Ha!

Soon,dishes washed, and leftovers put away for guests to take home, it was time for bed. The fire was checked, everyone was full and sleepy, and animals bedded down for the night.

It's Goldie the Lolcat - IM IN UR QUANTUM BOX

Nothing to getting going in the morning like the smell of Indiana Amish bacon as you get out of bed.

And of course, nothing like a country breakfast in the morning, prepared with friends and served family style, so everyone could enjoy as much or as little as they wished of the meal they prepared together. Toast, made with the homemade bread, served with fresh butter, real farm eggs, Amish bacon and hash browns made out of actual potatoes and cooked in a little butter and bacon fat with salt and pepper, not some potato like product shaped like a midget's shoe insert and deep fat fried.

After breakfast, with Mr. B. working, we read and played with our computers, Midwest Chick not being able to upload some Apple App, despite holding her mouth just right and our lighting a candle for Steve Jobs. We gave up on the Internet connection and watched some old TV shows, wondering again how McCloud can jump three stories without losing his hat and how you can run that fast in the mini skirt and high heels you were wearing in the previous scene (maybe physics was different in the 70's, but then again Ziva can be blown up by a bomb, flung 75 feet to land on Tony and not even mess up her hair).

Soon it was time to leave, the sun blazing bright, the snow already receding as I headed south. I had a great time everyone, we'll do it again real soon.


  1. THAT looked like fun. Glad you had such a great time!

  2. Sounds like a fun filled weekend. Food looks good. Now I have a taste for homemade bread..

  3. And you KNOW you can come here any time.

    For a day or a year.

  4. Sounds like a wonderful weekend! Glad the dogs got to play in the snow.

  5. What is a Zeva? Glad you had fun.

  6. Awesome weekend recap! Mine was spent working Saturday - sick with cold today. Blech. But enough about mine!

    Home cooked meals and Left Hand Brewing...great weekend indeed. We missed out on the snow here. Thanks for sharing your time!

  7. That sounds like a grand weekend. That is a nice book the David Weber stuff any good? I've heard decent things about the Honor Harington stuff, just haven't made it a priority.

  8. Beautiful... and summed up in maybe one word... F R I E N D S...

    Dann in Ohio

  9. Rev. Paul - it was.

    RichD. - we were able to talk to Og, and all was well there. Hope your brother didn't get a giant blog o'snow.

    Mr. B - there are perhaps 2 homes, other than my own, I feel totally at home at. Yours is one of them. Big hug to you both.

    Keads - I was too far away, in the house to get photos, but they had a ball.

    Stephen - Ziva is a character on the original NCIS. I spelled it wrong as Zeva. It's Ziva David, if you google it.

  10. Meh... glad SOMEBODY had fun this weekend... :-) 22 hour day getting from home to work. My butt is draggin...

  11. Greg - IMO David Weber's stuff is very good. Now having said that I have never warmed up to his Honor Harrington series. Not sure why. The stuff he's done in Eric Flint's 1632 Universe is great! And the "Empire of Man" series was a good read.

  12. RE the picture of the tractor through the window: there's a whole story in that one. Very nice.

  13. Sounds like a wonderful time!! Nothing like good friends, good food and time to enjoy them!!
    I was awarded the "Liebster Bog Award" and as per the rulz, I am passing it along to you. Will you come play?

  14. Looks like a brew from Left-Hand Brewery if I'm not mistaken. Always a good choice.

  15. Don - thanks for the feedback. There are some incredible books in their collection, I have to say.

    Ed - there's the day that Midwest Chick taught Og's beautiful daughter the Oglette how to drive it backwards. :-) A lot of good memories with friends at this place, steam engines, chopping wood, fires, food, firearms.

    Leslie - thank you my dear! I will post some links in for that in a day or two, work sort of busy right now.

    quizikle - I was not familiar with it but EJ showed up with it Saturday evening. Excellent brew.


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