Thursday, February 9, 2012


"Some say a gun is a killing instrument. Man is a killing instrument. The gun is only a tool, from which we have the pure mechanical force which can keep one alive or take a life. As a tool it is as weak or as strong as he or she who hold its, as good or as bad as the collective soul that keeps it in working order. "

- Brigid, Home on the Range


  1. But there are some tools who want to take some tools away from the honest man.

    Perhaps it's because they see a tool in the mirror?

  2. "As a tool it is as weak or as strong as he or she who hold its, as good or as bad as the collective soul that keeps it in working order. "

    How very well put. The tools are not in and of themselves talismans that ward off evil. It is the heart and soul of them that wield them that do so.

    I am honored to humbly keep old tools with storied histories functioning. Even the "meat guns" from two + generations past.

    You know that you keep pushing me to compose a post about safe queens vs. meat guns right? You know how I love to observe and yet hate to produce content in this medium too.

    No matter. I will!

  3. Post = exquisitely written (duh--as always).

    Photo = racking my brain--what the hell is that thing?!?!?

  4. @MaineMapleDave - It's a left-handed dog polisher (only for left-handed dogs, of course!)

  5. So true. Wouldn't it be nice if everyone could see it so simply?

  6. MMDave: It's a Lee hand press.

  7. Jim-
    Thank you!!!

    My knowledge of reloading tools is a tad short of minimal.

  8. Well said! I hate it when people say guns kill people. If that were true then pencils also misspell words.

  9. I hope you don't mind if I repost that in several places. Accredited of course

  10. "A gun is a machine for throwing balls"- Oliver Winchester

  11. That pic shows a great field bag tool. With other accessories that go with it (powder, primers, a few hand tools etc.) You can be set to reload 1000 rounds of a couple varieties of your favorite handgun and smaller rifle rounds, say .223 or 7.62x39, in a relatively small package. I've used it with larger rounds, but not much fun, heh.

  12. Brigid,
    Excellent, except,,,
    Would you consider,

    "Man can be a killing instrument"


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