Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Where the Wubba Meets the Road -

Barkley stays at a doggie day camp occassionally when I know I'm going to be away from home 12 hours plus, til myself or a friend picks him up. He loves it, lots of outside and indoor play areas with wading pools when its hot and all kinds of toys. His favorite, this really hard rubber ball with feet on it. It also squeeked.

Barkley will destroy any cloth toy with a squeeker in minutes, but this one was so hard, he couldn't get his teeth though it and could just work it with his jaws, SQUEAK, SQUEAK, SQUEEK. (I think I should buy the folks at the dog camp some high caliber ear protection.)

I wanted to get him one, but I'd never seen one in the pet toy section of the stores where I shop. It looked to be made out of the hard Kong material but that's all I knew. Then, surprise! EJ was able to find one and presented it to Barkley a while back,, and he continued to play with it until the incessant squeeking was such it got taken away for a while each day (Look! A Squirrel! Mr. Squeaky? What Mr. Squeaky?)

Until the day the squeakee died.

He got a tooth in the little vent in the back for air to move in and out of. Over a few days, he worked enough of a hole in it that it wouldn't squeek but would just sort of wheeze like an asthmatic blowfish..

He was seriously bummed.
I know, Mr. SqueAky is DOA and your other friends are busy working. But come on, it's the new issue of Classic Trains!

I got tired of the look so off I went.

To the bigbox pet mart. They didn't have one in stock, but they did have a similar device, a kong style big ball that squeeked. Not as big, and not quite as hard, but pretty thick AND wrapped in extra tough fabric (reinforced! it said). The instructions were in English AND French (do not ask me why as it was "American designed and tested" and "made in China"). Jeu amusant et interactif! Fun, interactive play! At last I could use my college French, yes, for instead of taking a language that appears to be more popular than English in most border states I took French, which I speak really badly, which everyone makes fun of (or will until we are invaded by Canada ya hosers!)

The Kong WUBBA!

He was so happy. For three minutes. SQUEEK, SQUEEK, SQUEEK, JOUET COUINEURrrrr!


I removed the remains in a bucket.

Looks like it's going to be another round with annoying Calgon Dog instead.


Guffaw in AZ said...

AWWW! Poor Barkley!
You should find out where EJ got his and order a gross.
A friend (because Barkley cannot type)

Brigid said...

Guffaw - I went to where he got it, but they were temporarily out. They'll call when they are back in stock. He still has his hyperdog launch system (Barkley says, thank you Uncle PA State Cop!)and the cool tennis ball fling thing that my friend M. up north in Ontario sent, but this was the last surviving "house" toy.

Tango Juliet said...

The Day the Squeakee Died?

Wasn't that a Don McLean song?

Rev. Paul said...

Poor Barkley (not). I don't blame you for spoiling him, though; he's a GOOD dog!

Keads said...

Maybe Amazon? Hell they have Lightguards for Smith M&P's!
I don't want to contemplate Calgon Barkley =)

Brigid said...

Keads - hopefully I can get him another one soon. Calgon Barkley is expected (hence the camera) I tried putting my clothing up on the little chair I used in the shower post surgery that's still in the bathroom, but he still snags stuff, hoping I'll chase him, buck naked and covered with bubble bath, into the living room. He may be old and neutered but he IS a male.

Sorry Barkley, I'm staying put and soaking the knee, go ahead and eat my slipper. (He won't, it's just a game).

Stormdrane said...

I think those squeak toys must activate some kind of dopamine trigger in a dog's brain, and they just can't leave it alone until the squeaker quits... 8D

Brigid said...

Stormdrane - seriously, if you got him a squeaky toy that was bacon scented he'd probably implode.

Critter said...

heck, if you gave ME a bacon scented squeeky toy I might implode. catnip for dogs, really.

Hat Trick said...

I think Stormdrane has it right. My first Irish Setter had a rubber T-bone steak toy with a squeaker in it. All you had to do to bring him running was pick that up and give a couple squeaks.

Casey said...

I wonder what the foot-pound power is for a lab's jaws. It has to somewhere near a hyena's.

RichD said...

It's funny how they get so attached to certain toys. Mine likes a milkbone stuffed animal and has wore out two of them and on his third. When they get too nasty, they get switched out, when I can find one.Good luck on your search.

Is this the one you are looking for?

Keads said...

Well Barkley may be old and neutered, but I approve of his battle plan: "hoping I'll chase him, buck naked and covered with bubble bath, into the living room."

I hope you get him his toy soon!

Murphy's Law said...

Classic! Go Barkley! Go Barkley!

45er said...

It's called the JW Pet Good Cuz. I don't know. Anyhoo, yes I did find them on Amazon. Maybe you can order a case.

mikelaforge said...

I'll be in my bunk.

" hoping I'll chase him, buck naked and covered with bubble bath, into the living room."

But, I've got a Lab that kills squeakers, too. thanks for the tip.

Mrs. S. said...

Is there enough left of the old squeaky toy that you could replace the squeaker reed piece? Sometimes those can be replaced, with minor surgery on the toy and a borrowed squeaker reed from another toy.

Good luck. Hopefully, Barkley won't be too depressed while waiting for the new indoor toy to arrive.

Brigid said...

Mrs. S. - Intoning Dr. McCoy

"He's Dead Jim".

Brigid said...

Rich - that's the shape. Not sure if that's the strength. The one we got was made by Kong who make the REALLY tough rubber toys you typically hide a bone in. It was also a lot more expensive than this one so it might be more durable. But for $3.99 I'll order it and give it a try.

Old NFO said...

LOL, gotta love the pups... even if they DO occasionally drive us to distraction!

NYEMT said...

My dogs (labs) love Kong toys too. And they made quick work of the oversized-tennis-ball toys we got them; skinned the furry covering off and defenestrated the hollow rubber ball into a bazillion vacuum-defying pieces all over the house. Lab jaw power is almost as fearsome to behold as small-child-energy. Which we also still have in the house. It's an exciting place these days. :)

immagikman said...

lol Its the same drill in our house...get a new wubba, squeek squeek squeek squeek squeek around the yard 3 times then piff....pick up the pieces of the squeaker... The squeekies make them sooo happy but they just do not last.

LauraB said...

I can heartily recommend these for 10 minutes of peace in the tub.

These have a fairly long life, too. "Get that Bevo, Ranger! Get `em!" But they can be de-squeakered eventually.

I LOVE that look on his face with the shoe - how do you resist?!

♥Shannon said...

When Kodi was a pup, I was told to buy him Kong toys since he was so good at destroying every other plaything he was given. I took the plunge and bought him the super heavy duty Kong, only to come home and find it in 12 pieces. Labradors.

nate.mckenzie.aouc said...

Those "Black Dogs" are SPECIAL!

og said...

The night the squeaky dies
sha na na na
na na na na
na na na na
Naaah naaaaah naaaah naaah naaaah
the night the Squeaky died
brother what a night it really was
Brother what a fight it really was
yes indeed.

Sorry, it's stuck in my head, now it's stuck in yours.

Ken O said...

The most ear piercing and tough squeaky toy I have found is the "Cuz". Remington Pointer, who flosses with ballistic nylon from toys, has yet to destroy one. I recommend plugs and muffs!

karrde said...

That is so similar to the Black Lab I used to own.

He would destroy cloth-based toys in record time, and find the squeaker.

He would rip the green exterior off of tennis balls. If he had a ball with a built-in-squeaker, he would squeak it until he punctured the rubber. Then he would chew the ball until it was in shreds.

He would find a discarded, partially-deflated football in the nearby river...and bring it home to shred it. That one lasted a while, but eventually it was destroyed.

At least I had found a way keep him away from the furniture...

J.R.Shirley said...

Yeah, I could see that one coming! :-D