Thursday, March 22, 2012

Blinding You With Science

This is a Micro crack in steel as seen through an electron microscope.

I've vacationed at places that looked like this! (click to enlarge)

Of course the folks on NCIS wouldn't need an electron microscope. Gibbs would just squint and go "ahh yup - micro-crack", before Abby could even consider micro-cracks at the surface of metals detected and imaged by near-field microwave techniques from the crack-induced variations of the resonance frequency and of the resonant circuit quality factor. I mean really, you have to get this thing solved in an hour WITH commercials.

Fire up the welder Festus, we're off to Ferrous Canyon! You all be safe out there, I'm off to work.


  1. Depending upon the sample size, magnaflux works well too.

  2. Now is that a close up of some Damascus folded steel? There seems to be a bit of a pattern to the structure. Or does ordinary steel look like that all the time?

    Hope work isn't too hot today.

  3. Ah, work. Not what it's cracked up to be!

    You should visit the Grand Canyon. Now, there's a crack!

  4. What a nice string of mules!

    Reminds me of when I lived and worked for outfitters in Wyoming.

    Wonderful memories.


  5. Hey, that's surprisingly beautiful!

    I admit there's not a lot of call for electron microscopes in Animal Control (except on payday), but every pic I've seen of something scanned has been in black & white. The addition of color really made it pretty.

  6. Lweson - It was taken with a scanning electronn microscope by Martina Dienstleder who is with They do some pretty amazing stuff. I'm not sure how the mules ended up in the HOTR edition though. really. . :-)

    Mrs. S. - I believe it's a lot newer than that. It's just ordinary steel from the looks of it.

    BK - I do too, one of my guilty pleasures.

    Paladin - the colorizing was cool.

  7. So I guess the little guy there has...

    Wait for it...

    Really small prospects?

    Yuk yuk yuk...


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