Saturday, March 10, 2012

Field Dressing

If you open my closet, there are two sections. The "Joe Friday" section with dark blue suits and white shirts, black pants and turtlenecks. The other section, clothes in my favorite color, camoflauge. Plus in the hall closet there are tactical vests and gear to cover up the bright red hair so I don't give away position. And one little black dress.

I tend to shop quickly, seeing something that fits and is on sale and buying six of them. That ought to keep me out of a clothing store for a year, right?

But I have an invite to an afternoon Spring celebration of sorts in a few weeks and nothing I have is appropriate to be on someone's arm with, unless we are heavily armed. So I had to put on my big girl pants and go to a woman's clothing store, where I'm about as comfortable as a chicken at a wolverine convention.

But I came away with actual girl clothes
(don't faint)

Including, as close as I could get to tactical undergarments, the 007 knickers.

I think I'm prepared, though I'm not sure where THIS is going to go.

And please don't tell my knee about the shoes.


  1. Oh, I can't wait to see the comments on this one.

  2. LOL! Are you sure you wrote this one and not someone pretending to be you???

  3. You'll look gorgeous (as always, only more so). I'd try the heels around the house, with cane in hand, before I went out if I were you.

  4. Fantastic dress! Your knee will be lovin' the togs so much, it'll never notice the shoes! :-)

  5. The "Joe Friday" section with dark blue suits and white shirts, black pants and turtlenecks.

    And no pencil skirts? Talk about being slapped in the face by reality...

    My wife would approve of your other selection...very 'springy.' I liked the netting background myself...

  6. Sherry - it was me, though the outfit does sort of stand out in the closet right now. :-)

    Midwest Chick - We'll have to see about choice of footwear, but it will NOT be the tennis shoes I've worn since the knee surgery.

    Greg - Actually I've a black one with a matching jacket that's been on more than a witness stands. I'm glad the spouse would approve, I can well bet she has good taste in many things.

  7. Brigid,

    As I was reading the comments above, I was taken a bit back by Don's. "I'd try the heels around the house.."
    Don???? WHAAAAAA?????

    THEN, I read the rest. He had me a bit worried there. NOT THAT THERE IS ANYTHING WRONG WITH THAT!


  8. Geez, I didn't even think about heels and your recent injury. Get someone to video tape you walking in those heels!!!! I just love reading the comments from your followers!

  9. I know I'll get a slab for this but pics of you in the items in question or it didn't happen. :-) HUGZ (Ducking and running very very fast)

  10. Every woman need to embrace the "girly" side of her spirit!! Good Job!!! Enjoy!!!

  11. JP - ha! I'm thinking that's not what he meant, but you knew that

    And yes, I made it home, tough assignment but others going to finish it up so I got to come home.
    Will feel good to sleep sound tonight.

    Mark - run!!!

    eiaftinfo - once in a while, yes indeed. You were added to the blogroll. I've enjoyed all your shooting information.

  12. Well done. BTW, how is the knee?

  13. That outfit could still work as camo if you happen to be standing in a patch of irises or visiting a flower shop.

  14. Mrs. S. - I think you're on to something there.

    Stephen - thanks for asking. This weeks walking and standing and bending didn't help it any but I'm back in regular shoes and off any pain medication. Still hurts off and on, and I was told it would for some months.They removed 10% of the miniscus as they couldn't fix the damage. Overall though I was told my walk is normal unless I'm tired.

  15. I cannot help but chuckle as I consider the wardrobe. Halo addicted gaming console geeks would approve the tactical gear as long as it included tactical Daisy Dukes and sported gravity and physics defying cleavage. I see it this way, sexy is an attractive, capable woman who is secure enough to wear what she damn well pleases and self confident enough to know she can still stop traffic while wearing it.

  16. I'm sorry, but I can't help thinking about the movie "Always" when Richard Dreyfuss gave Holly Hunter "girl clothes" for her birthday!

  17. "And one little black dress."...

    ...and what tactical or camouflage situation does THAT work for... ;-)

    Dann in Ohio

  18. Mark, I flew tankers for the forest service in my late teens before I applied to be a pilot for Uncle Sam. I have to say, we do NOT fly through the burning trees, but the emotions and the relationships in the movie were so very real and I've watched it probably a dozen times and cried.

    Plus there is a "I will show it to you and then kill you" photo of me in the left seat of some Squirrel airplane with a Holly Hunter inspired Mullet hairdo from Always. But remember the "I will kill you" part. :-)

  19. Stephen - the man makes a damn fine martini, what more can I say.

  20. Oh, I know most of that movie was "Hollywood" Brigid -- especially the flying -- but I agree. It is a very emotional movie nonetheless, and I watch it whenever I need a good, well, laugh and such. Besides, they filmed the "Flat Rock" scenes just up the road from where I grew up.

    Now you have me wanting to watch it again.

  21. As for accessories, may I suggest borrowing one of Tam's .32 ACPs and go Purse Carry? I know they have Limitations, but it beats carrying a sharp stick.

    Of course, I'm assuming you'll have your "Just in Case" Bag with appropriate gear stowed in your vehicle.

  22. Ok, I was not expecting to ever see this, LOL...

    But it's perfect camo, no one would have guessed it was YOU (except you posted a preview)....

    Very pretty, and definitely very'll look awesome (even if you may feel "weird") careful with the heels & the knee.

  23. OMG!
    A sundress?

    Try it with basic black Corcoran jump boots.

    Don't be a slave to fashion.

  24. Bubblehead Les - The Event is in Illinois. I'll have a knife that wouldn't strike fear into a block of cheese and a date with a menacing look. Sigh.

  25. W-O-W!
    I'm certain Barkley is licking his chops...
    But, why not the little black dress for the soire'?
    Watch that knee!

  26. "I'm sorry, but I can't help thinking about the movie "Always" when Richard Dreyfuss gave Holly Hunter "girl clothes" for her birthday! "

    Yea, me too, Mark. The first thought that to into my mind.

    Somehow 'flight gear' seems to 'fit' Brigid more - at least the impression I get from knowing her in a virtual sense.



    Hi Brigid! I am sooo glad you are still here.

    Gosh... with a dress like that, I am sure you would elicit a similiar response as Dorinda did.

    That as close as I DARE to ask you to ... you know... post a photo of yourself in ... a dress. :)

  27. Wow, you are braver than me! I still haven't tackled wearing high heels since my injury - stopped at spiffy boots and cute strappy sandals. I would recommend a trial walk around the house, possibly the neighborhood (though probably not with Barkley pulling on the leash), to get the feel for stairs and any other unlevel surface you might encounter. Good luck and have fun!

    I like the knickers. Cute!

    Now I'm feeling tempted to go get a dress, if only so we can make dire hints and frightful plots about girl's nights out together...

  28. Miss D - heels of any sort, proved to too painful, I have a pair of spiffy open toed shoes that are fairly flat my friend E. loaned me today as she and I wear the same size. That will have to do for now.

  29. I've always been told that HOT redheads wear the same stuff under the tactical wear that Scotsmen wear under their kilts...True?


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