Saturday, March 24, 2012

Girl's Day Out - an Indy Adventure

Today was "girls day out". The plans were special to me as this was the first day since my Christmas knee surgery that we'd all been able to do this. I just hadn't been up to the walking and standing. So I was really looking forward to it. I loaded up the truck, grabbed the cheap "point and shoot" camera, and arrived at the famous "Porch" at Roseholme Cottage to pick up Tam and Roberta X and off we went!

First, a stop at bd's Mongolian Grill, for the all you can conquer buffet. The place was busy, as always, and we were really happy to see a new mural on the wall. Can't go wrong with Marauding Hordes and a good train.

There's a big buffet of meats and seafood, pasta and vegetables (plus a salad bar). You load all your selections in a big bowl (there's a pile of rib-eye, there under the vegetables in mine) with an egg to be scrambled into it, stir fry style, with sauce and spices. I chose General Khan which is similar to General Tso to which I added fresh cayenne and red pepper.

Then you get to watch them cook it up, entertainment in its own right.

With it you get hot tortillas (to make a wrap) and/or white or brown rice. When your plate is done, they bring you a new bowl. If you go home hungry it's your own fault.

After lunch, a stop at Penzey's. The cocoa is going to be a homemade German Chocolate cake, the other things were picked up for blog friends who had expressed an interest in trying them. I was looking for some Thai seasoning, not sure what peppers are used for the heat. I'm one of those that asks for "Thai Hot". I think Roberta just orders with "Try and Kill Me". We love our spicy food. I didn't see anything and the clerk was busy so Tam was talking into the magic elf phone trying to look it up.

". . used on Thai food?".

Followed by

"Not "HOUSTON Thai Food", you idiot!"

Supplies in hand we were off voices raised - "TO THE MOUNTAIN OF GEESE!"

You thought I was kidding. There he was in the parking lot, peeved he had to get out of our way so I could park the bat truck.

Someone looking for a green wookie suit?

Russian ammo in a sardine can.

I got some ammo and my cohorts made several purchases. We did look at firearms, but in the pistol department I didn't see anything that made me want to spend that much money today. But I'm always pleased by how quickly I get service at the Indy Gandor Mountain gun counter, within a minute, a clerk behind the gun counter always asking " Can I help you?". Trust me, as a female who regularly looks at, and occasionally purchases, firearms, you don't always get that at a gun store. That's the reason I bought my hunting rifles here.

Loading up the car, I placed my one bag, of .45 acp in the back. It was fairly heavy. Then Roberta's bags, one of gear, the other containing a small box or two, lightweight, and rattling like small arms. .

B: ".22 ?"

They were Good and Plenty's.

The G and P box cracked open, were were off for a drive to World Market. As we headed up north we spotted a increasing number of businesses gone bust in this affluent part of town, wondering now many of the many, many McMansions around here were underwater. Still, there were a few new places open. Cafe du "what??" and of course, some old ones including our destination, the always fun, World Market. As we drive we're discussing everything from food to geology

B. - "Is it Stalactite or Stalagmite?"

Roberta: "Watch out for the Transvestites. One of those could come crashing down."

Tam - chuckle

Roberta: "Seriously, there's some neighborhoods you want to avoid."

Tam and I: major giggling

Roberta - "don't laugh, some of them are heavy!"

While we were there we picked up a number of wondrous items, teas and some teacups, a couple cool things for a friends birthday next week, some kitchen and cooking gadgets, English biscuits and even a little plastic sandwich container that would be perfect for Colt bits. Not to mention. . .

Bacon Hot Sauce sauce with a fire breathing pig? I so have to buy this.

I can use this new brew to put out the fire.

Soon it was time to head home. It felt good to get out again, even if we missed coffee at Café du Merde.

Cheers! - Brigid


  1. I had no idea the Russians made 9mm Luger in spam cans. I am SO getting one!

  2. Sounds like a blast of a day. Never been to Gander Mountain, but I have been to a World Market. One of the things I regret about moving to the Tri-Cities is the lack of a World's one of those 'How have I lived without THAT' type stores...

    I'll always kick myself for not picking up a flat of Spotted Dick, because you know, my friends and I are still 13...

  3. There's a really good hole-in-the-wall Mongolian BBQ in Torrance called "The Golden Camel".
    I mean *really* hole-in-the-wall!
    Rumor has it was started by a "Colonel Lee" from China, with assistance from the CIA, as a reward for all the "help" he rendered doing various "things" and other "stuff".
    The food is fabulous once you learn how to mix up your own private blend from the containers of spices and sauces.
    You get rice, tea, a couple of little egg rolls, and some very interesting little Mongolian "biscuits".
    And as you say, if you leave hungry, there's nobody to blame but yourself.

  4. Looks like you had a great day!

  5. Amazingly, just looking at those pictures makes me hungry for another trip through the line at B.D.'s!

    What a grand time. Thanks!

  6. Tam started it! --I can never remember if it's the ones who live in the woods and wear only metal? Like armored drop-bears?

  7. Want that ghillie! That would be killer for hunting, though it is a little green for around here in the Winter.

  8. This whole thing made me smile. :-)

  9. Transvectite and Transvagmite? The first is a guy wearing a bra and the other is a guy wearing a skirt, right?

  10. The real shocker is that you three are allowed out without a keeper.

    And that there's anything left after you pass through.

  11. Did Tam's wookie make the trip? I didn't see him pictured anywhere...

  12. Reminds me of the great Mongolian BBQ we used to have at the Kadena NCO club.

    Good times with good friends.

  13. Looks like a great time was had by all!

    Good grief, the crabapples in front of Gander are in full bloom!

  14. The Mongolian Grill that is the closest to home (and one of the best) is in Missoula. 100+ mile journey, so it is usually a weekend jaunt. Lot's of other fun places to go to, also.


  15. Ya ever notice that time spent with good friends goes by about 100x faster that time spent doing, or being with, virtually anything/anyone else??

  16. "C" is for ceiling. "G" is for ground.

  17. Good Friends are a treasure. Period. I have many on the periphery but few I can count as a friend. I count you as a friend. I look forward to Indy for a Blog meet. Excuse me as I go soak in a tub and remind myself that going from standing to prone, or standing to sitting shooting positions under a timer hurts!

    NFO is right.

  18. Before reading this post, I could say I've never been to Indy, cool places, or otherwise.

    I can't say that now. Thanks for taking us along for the fun.

    Good to read you have two walking around knees again.

  19. If you haven't been there, give Thai Taste (next to the spice shop)a try.

  20. I once used to cross dress for free pitchers of beer on "Ladies Nights".
    I'm sure the local Democrats have pictures, in case I decide to run for office.
    I would cross dress again for the privilege of going along on one of your Girls Days Out!


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