Friday, May 18, 2012

Caffeinated Squirrels

I'm on standby with a bunch of squirrels this weekend, and it hopefully won't be too "interesting".   I've a saved post for the weekend, if I don't have time to write, but if I disappear from comments don't worry, I just had to go to work.

However,  I did manage a couple of finds the other weekend before strapping on the utility belt again.

A great new breakfast place AND a fairly new gun store, all within a short drive of most of the Indianapolis metro area.
We'll start with breakfast.  The Cinnamon Rooster  in Avon, Indiana (just west of Indy on highway 36.)  I found it sort of by accident. I had an Oreck vacuum that appeared to have vacuumed up a Storm Trooper or something (as when I turned it on all I got was a clunk clunk noise and little suction).  I had learned not to try and take the vacuum apart by myself (much in the way I learned not to turn on a powerful electromagnet with the keys to my truck stuffed in my bra) so I looked through the phone book for the nearest Oreck place.

A ha! There's one in Avon, not too far of a drive for me.  I had been told by locals that there was a restaurant a couple of doors down in the  same strip mall that has the "best sausage gravy in town".  Able to be coerced by a redhead who smells like cinnamon and mutters things like "sausage gravy" into his ear,  my Partner in Grime headed out with me to try it after dropping off the vacuum for servicing.

It reminded me of a little French cafe, very bright and clean.

I can see why. Not at all photogenic but incredibly good. . . . THE best sausage gravy in town, incredibly creamy and smooth with lots of little chunks of savory sausage on fluffy biscuits.  Paired with an egg that was fried in actual butter, not oil, and plenty of good coffee served with a smile it was the kind of breakfast that will fill you up for a day of shooty adventure.

EJ ordered the three pancakes topped with fried German apples.  I thought "Three?  Will that be enough?"


We'll have to come back for lunch sometime, a salad with hot bacon dressing with portabella mushrooms and cheese has to be good.

After that we were off to check out a gun store that had opened up a while back. Fort Liberty Firearms.

It was also on Highway 36 in Avon.  There was lots of activity and when we walked in, there were a number of customers standing around chatting firearms like family. It was more like walking into a home of a shooter than a retail business. It was spotlessly clean and warm and I was immediately welcomed with a "Hi! Can I help you Miss?" and James W., the clerk, showed me all  around and explained all their services, while my friend went over to look at accessories for his new Glock 21.   I really liked the way they had the cases set up by caliber, not manufacturer, so if I said "I'd like to see something in black, in a .45" it was all right there.  They also had a great collection of used wheel guns, all in pristine condition.

After a large tax bill after selling my house,  I had to pass on a sweet little J Frame S & W with a surprisingly low price.  But if it's still there when I go back, I may be taking it home.

We ended up chatting with several customers, a very nice bunch of folks. If you are over that way, stop in and say hi. They also do firearm repair and antique firearm restoration as well as have a good selection of accessories, including optics and mounts. You might be surprised what you'll find, even in a modestly sized store.

One last stop, to Half Priced Books before hitting the freeway.  There were several finds in the engineering, science and historical section and I picked up a little book for Tam  for when I see her.  Because any day that starts with good food and ends with friends and firearms is all right in my book.


  1. Sounds like it was a GOOD day. (And I know a pack of cub scouts who are interested in those 3 pancakes. :) )

  2. Glad all went well with your errands & the squirrel meme.....daughter & I have a good laugh when we see those...

    Latest news is I will be enroute to the " sandbox" late Tuesday....should be boots-on-ground in AFGHN late Thursday....

    Spent this evening at a car show with Mrs. MJ and Dale our black Lab who got treated to a hot dog off the grill....

    Hope all have a great weekend !!!

  3. mmmm, fried apples on pancakes.

    That reminds me. There's a new gun store one town over I need to scope out.

  4. Sounds like you had a good day. The book looks like something Tam might write herself.

  5. Got to watch out for squirrels on coffee:

    I have to say, though, that Half Price Books are the shiznit.

    And fried apple on pancakes - that's the sniznit too.

  6. I've two observations:

    1. Those pancakes look as though they need their own ZIP code!(YUM), and

    2. The pistols all seem to be displayed as a left-handed shooter would. Is the owner left-handed?


  7. Speaking of gun stores, I just gotta tell ya.....while on a road trip last December/January, I FINALLY got to check out a place that I have been wanting to get to, for a LONG time.

    It was Barrett's retail store in Murfreesboro, TN. I can only say one thing about it.....whoa!

    I spent at least 4 hours, fondling adult toys that go boom. I was in firearms heaven. The folks that work there were the friendliest that I have experienced in any gun store, hands down.

    If you get to Murfreesboro, ya have to go there.

    And leave your money and any credit cards that you may have, locked up in a safe, where you cannot get to them.



  8. Rev Paul - I got a bite or two of the pancakes. Excellent. It's on the way to where Barkley goes to doggie day camp sometimes (he loves that when I have to work a long day and he'll do a "sleepover") so I will definitely be back.

    Middleboro - keep us posted. I'm not sure where your family is geographically but if it's not too far and the Mrs. ever needs help around the homestead just let us know, we have several strong backs and more than one truck among us.

    Daddybear - mmm, was right.

    Chip - As. Sgt. Shultz would say. "I Know Nutting!"

    Borepatch - I agree. We've found some pretty amazing stuff in the old book sections, especially books on transportation or science. And the $1 to $3 shelves in the back of the store usually have some neat little finds in the hardcover variety including novels and cookbooks.

    armedlaughing - he actually about polished them off. The waitress said "wow, I've not seen anyone almost finish those!" I recall having that metablism at one point. My metabolism moved to Aruba 10 years ago and hasn't sent a post card yet.

    Great catch on the guns, (the Private Investigator skills never go away, do they?). I'm not sure, the owneres weren't there when I stopped.

    IdahoBob - I'm not sure exactly where that is, but I have two couples I'm close friends with, retired LEO's Mr. and Mrs. T. and Bayou Renessance Man and his wife Miss D., both of whom live in Tennessee. I will be getting down there for a visit sometime and will check it out.

  9. I'm not certain it was old PI skills or just being sinestral...

    Old PIs never die, they just become more noir...

  10. When it comes to biscuits, hash-browns,'taters, and more, there's nothing the can't be made better with gravy. More gravy.

    There's no such thing as too much gravy! ;-)

  11. Good food, good guns, what more can one ask??? :-)

  12. Those pancakes look incredible. :-)

  13. Mmmm....what Crucis said about gravy--there's no such thing as too much.............

    In my young-male-college-student-with-an-insane-metabolism days I had the same thing for breakfast so many times that the breakfast grotto named it "The Dave Plate." 2 eggs over easy, hash browns, biscuits & sausage gravy, with a side of bacon......


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