Thursday, May 10, 2012

Caffiene - the quicker picker upper.

I have completed a couple of very long days.  Today I got to sleep in to 4 am which was nice.  But I am done, Barkley was fetched and we made the long drive out of Dodge for a few days off.

I have to say though, as I passed the last row of strip malls on the way out of the Indy I thought. . . no matter how tired I am, no matter what's sticking to my shoes or my brain, no matter what conflicts will come of a days work,  whether animal, vegetable, mineral or legal, I do know one thing for sure. -

I'd rather be here, tired, dirty but doing what I was meant to do,  than the person wearing a bright yellow banana costume standing on that street corner holding up a sign for the cheap haircut place.

But you know, I honked and waved.  For once upon a time, when I would take any job rather than go on unemployment, trying to work my way through college, I was the redheaded girl in the short dress and apron passing out hot dog samples at the grocery from a little skillet on the table, wearing an apron that said "Have I got a Wiener for You!"

You do what you have to to chase those dreams.

Sleep Dreams.


  1. Hope you can catch up on some sleep! Coffee only works for so long.

  2. That was you?

    Seriously though, I would wish you a good weekend but you usually seem to find yourself in the most interesting set of events. You don't need luck, you make it. Still, enjoy.

  3. I just ordered the mug based on this cartoon:

  4. BUT...dressed as a banana you'd be so appealing?

  5. Brigid - I understand and know the feeling all too well. Been unemployed for past 8 months but recently got hitched up for a new gig....only issue is new gig is in Afghanistan.

    This is trip # 3 for me over there, so I know what I'm getting into it just sux as thatnis the one place where I have been offered work.

    I'm a HR profesional and in Massachusetts presently there are far too many of us and not enough positions. I have applied and found there are about 100 others vying for the same you go where the work is and that leads me back to the sandbox.

    Hope all is well t there for you and the Barkster...I should be on the road to AFGHN in the next 10 days or so...

    " Dr. Jones, however did you get yourself into such a nasty place???"

    Me and Indy always seem to on some great new adventure...more to follow.

  6. Well put, darlin'. Hope the day gets better.

    This was a two cup morning for me. Thank goodness for coffee. I raise my mug to you :)

  7. Middleboro - There was a gig in the green zone some time back, and one of the team asked if I was going to bid it. There was NO extra pay for it above what I make now. I like that -14 as much as the next gal, but I prefer where I'm more in danger from a bull in a farmer's field than incoming rounds.

    Be safe, and keep us informed as to how it goes.

  8. Brigid, just a comment. I've no idealism about AFG except keeping soldiers alive thru ammunition logistics intervention. But 35%/35% danger pay/locality pay tagged on top of -13 pay from the Raleigh GS locality area... It's tough to turn down those annual 179 day gigs most years since 2005. It pays (paid)down a lot (all) of some folks (my) bills. Have a great Mother's Day - Mike

  9. I love this post. I've been a cop and firefighter, both jobs lost due to hearing defect, and so many other "things". Gas jockey, machinist, maintenance technician, EMT-A, ambulance driver, fast food waiter and c-store clerk. I can relate to doing what you got to do. Keep doing what your doing and keep writing the blog, it appears your great at both.

  10. usual. I can relate to doing what you got to do. Due to a congenital hearing defect I keep having to set my sights on different professions. Started as a cop then went into firefighting now I'm a maintenance technician with way more skills than the job requires. Keep doing what your doing and keep writing about it all, it's appearent your very good at both.


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