Tuesday, June 26, 2012

As Good as It Gets - Zombie Action Shooting

I'm easy to please.

Zombie Targets in the early morning.

First shot to the center of the forehead, then after that, quick fire, multiple magazine reloads


He wasn't that easy to see with the light, but I do believe he's not going anywhere.

Now for his  (much too skinny) zombie girlfriend (and her little dog too!)

Watch out for Flying Brass!

My arms and hand are tired and the range has gone cold. What to do?  But I have two magazines left.  I've only gone pistol shooting 3 times since the Christmas knee surgery, there is much rust to work off.  It's an easy decision. 

Tweet!!!!! The Range is now HOT.

Thanks all, it was a great morning and a privilege to get to share your range.

Now that the  sun is fully up and the zombies have been dealt with,  it's time for my favorite postie Zombie Apocalypse beverage  - a giant cup of "brain freeze" (aka the "Mr. Squishy")

Mornings don't get much better. Well, unless one of your local range buddies buys the  first round.

Cheers!   Brigid


  1. I can not stop getting 7-11 Slurpees - The Coke ones....I even stop at a seedy part of town on the way home from work or after a late movie to get the Coke one. The 7-11 close to me has Pepsi Slurpees - Pfff.

    34 grams of sugar in the small ones. I'm trying to block out the knowledge of how much the large ones have in them. Though I am trying to cut back some - to every other day.

  2. That's good shootin'!

    Range buddy buying "the first round"? One would be enough, I think :)

  3. I love a good zed shoot. I can't wait until our huge event this year. That looks like a blast.

  4. LOL! Zombie targets! The range seems to sell a boat load of them! They ARE fun, all four models.

    Good job! Glad you had a great time.

  5. When #1 son and I hit the range today, we found a pack of "Zombie Targets" somebody had left behind.
    SO....we, too, went blamblamblamblamblamblamblamblamblam until they were blown to shreds.
    And not ONE drop of green blood did we see!

  6. Ed - I never drink soda so I figure one of these once a month won't hurt me. I'm just glad i have to drive out of my way to find one where I live.

    Blue - I think a second round would have been dangerous.

    45er - it was fun. Can't wait to see the photos from your shoot.

    Keads - even the range officers had some little ones to pass out for free. Everyone was having a great time with them.

    dr jim - sounds like a good time with your son.

    Off to work!

  7. Well, I just KNOW you're nowhere near Nude Jork with those illegal drinks. "This is the Puhleese, put down the drink slowly and step away"

  8. I love "and a great time was had" stories! Looks like fun.

  9. I'm not sure which made me laugh harder this Summer --

    Cuban Zombies



    Finish Moon Nazis


  10. Good on you for clipping the shopping zombie's phone. That is her true weak point! I get bonus points with my 5 year old for getting the purse pup.

  11. JDRush - I didn't notice the purse pup at first. The phone, it HAD to go.

  12. I don't buy/drink soda (once in a while fruit juice) either but once a month on the Slurpees? Let's just say I'm working on it right now ;)

  13. Looks like a good day in Zombie land...

    Dann in Ohio

  14. You missed the dog and where'd you get that Glock? ;)

  15. PA State Cop - I didn't notice the dog in the purse until I was done shooting.

    I got it at Glock In the Box :-)


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