Wednesday, June 20, 2012

When the Going Gets Tough the Tough Make Cookies

There was a little gathering for a meal with some work folks today, a  casual grill and pot luck we do every so often after finishing up a big project.  I was to bring dessert, a small pan of brownies.  Then the call came in.  Unit Z is back from Albonia!!! There's extra people!.

Something was needed that would feed more than a small handful of folks.

My Mom was Swedish/Norwegian,  my Stepmom Norwegian. My Dad's Mom was Scot/Irish and a Hoosier from Indiana as well.  If there's anything a "Scandahoovian"  woman can do, it's whip something  tasty of the baked goods variety for the oven up out of nothing. 

So what to make?   In the cupboard there is breakfast stuff, almonds and steel cut oats, in the fridge, few fresh berries, a couple jars of Scandahoovian jams (you could substitute your favorites) and basic baking ingredients.

May I present -

Scandahoovian Double Berry Streusal Bars . With a tender, crumbly, oh so buttery cookie base topped with tart, but not too tart, fruit and a sweet/spicy (shhhh, it's Cardamon) streusal topping, they vanished faster than the normally snarfed up brownies.  I had to stealth ninja steal three from the plate at the end of supper so I could have one later and maybe share a couple with cookie deprived friends.

Coming up in a day or two - a review of the Sig P232, a sleek little Bond Girl kind of gun.  But first, time to relax and have a cookie.


  1. I look forward to the review of the Sig! The food looks great too. I hear that Sig is going the path of Kimber now and producing so many new models and ramping up production so fast that we shall say the end result is less than up to par.

    What say you? I don't own a Sig or Kimber.

  2. Thanks Keads - OK, it's water in the glasses, but I like the "Bond Girl Gun" thing. I have a few very busy days at work coming up, but will try and finish the review up by the weekend as the house should be quiet.

  3. Too bad Fleming didn't keep his notes from Geoffrey Boothroyd in order - a Bond Girl Gun might have been a .45 Colt.
    Sadly, it was Bond himself saddled with the girl guns.

    PS - you would have made a terrific Bond Girl (now a Bond Woman, of course!)

  4. Oh dear!

    Those cookies look un-believably wonderful, but for now I will just have to satisfy my craving for them by drooling over the pics.

    Current weight loss/fitness program you see.

    Maybe next winter.



  5. The salmon berries are ripe out here; I think I'll try this recipe substituting salmon berries for raspberries. It will be a northwest winner.

  6. armedlaughing - I like the early Bond the best though Daniel Craig was much appreciated after the years of Roger Moore.

    Idahobob - you have more willpower than I, why I normally make the big meals and treats only when I have guests or am attending a pot luck.

    IslandBob - Yum!!!! I'm going out to see Dad late summer, probably too late, but there will be Marionberry pie to be made.


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