Monday, July 23, 2012

The Lie of Safety - Gun Free Zones

I hate shopping for clothes.  Truly. I own more toys than shoes. Tools, books, books, music, home improvement stuff, hunting and reloading supplies, now those are things I'm happy to shop for. But shopping for the stuff some women seem to want to amass and collect bores me to tears. And I hate stores and crowds. Clauswitz would be proud. I have my list, I do a field study, the layout of the place. Then I dive in unexpectedly, averting near collision with someone spraying samples of perfume by going for a flank position. There they are. Boots. Brown. Size Small. I'm out the door with my spoils in five minutes. If I can buy them online, even better.

The Snowcaps?  They are for viewing movies at home.  Our local theater is now "gun free", which simply means that in addition to paying too much for popcorn, I'm a fish in a barrel for anyone that wants to walk in and harm me. The mall is also a "gun free zone". So I avoid it like the black plague and hit locally owned places, smaller stores that appreciate my business, concealed or not. Malls are scary enough as it is, sale racks of ugly ties, teenagers with credit cards wearing baggy pants a Kodiak bear could fit into, tacos at the food court. Go there without a means to protect myself.? No thank you.

Gun free. Think about it. Think about some famous gun free places.

Columbine High School.
New York City pizza shop.
Pearl Mississippi High School.
Luby's Cafeteria.
The Amish school in Pennsylvania.
We can now add the horror that was an outing for friends and families in Aurora, Colorado to the list.  And the list goes on and on, especially if you add in the mass murders in other  "gun free" countries.

Heller is a step in the right direction but we still have a long ways to go, and we need to continue to educate and inform. Guns aren't the evil here, people are the evil.  Certainly the media didn't fault Ryder truck regulations or ammonia nitrate restrictions, or a "cult of agriculture fertilizer" following Timothy McVeigh's horrific crime in Oklahoma City. No one debated the essential dangers of hardware and kitchen appliances after Jeffery Dahmer mutilated and consumed his victims or metal bedposts when Ted Bundy brutally raped and murdered dozens of defenseless women. Ted Bundy never used a gun; unfortunately, neither did any of his victims.

I believe it was Albert Einstein who said- "The world is a dangerous place to live, not because of the people who are evil, but because of the people who don't do anything about it."

Nobel Economist Friedrich Hayek termed it a "fatal conceit" and some politicians have had a bad case of it, believing they can change the world with their God- like legal attestation as to what THEY think our rights are. But the fatal conceit is not metaphoric, it's literal. People die because social-control laws do not stop criminals but simply prevent law abiding citizens from protecting themselves and those under their care.

The crime records in cities that outlaw handguns to law abiding citizen speaks clearly. When I have been in Europe, where controls are strong, I. heard on the news of more than one break in urban areas involving a criminal and a weapon, including an illegal gun, the residents raped, robbed or beaten, no chance to defend themselves. The criminals have guns, that is a given, for laws do not change behavior in those that disregard all law, they only provide consequences.

So "gun control" only "controls" law abiding adults who don’t need to be controlled. Arguments for gun control build their basis on a lie. The National Coalition to Ban Handguns claims, "most murders are committed by previously law abiding citizens," and there are other articles asserting such falsehoods without any supporting references other than going back to their own earlier articles. University of Colorado criminologist Desmond Elliott summarized violent crime studies dating back to the 1800s: "the vast majority of persons involved in life-threatening violence have a long criminal record". Professor Elliott’s summary was written in he 1990s.

More recent recent criminological studies from the Hastings Law Journal (University of California at San Francisco): "Only 15% of Americans have criminal records. But more than 90 percent of murderers do. Murderers’ crime careers average six or more years’ length and including four major adult felonies, not counting their often extensive juvenile records".

In summary, guns or no guns, those that commit the more serious violent crimes are not the ordinary law abiding responsible adults. This is so invariably found by homicide studies that is is considered a "criminological axiom" that almost all that commit violent crimes are long term criminals or the criminally insane.

But people still wish that many public retail, worship or gathering places be gun free, saying "it's a better place without guns". How is a place better where the weak have no chance against predators? There are places like that, I've visited them throughout the world, places without guns for self defense for survival, where women and children huddle in the back bedrooms in terror, surviving only by submission to their degradation.

When only the peaceable people obey the gun laws, the law's protection is futilely limited. Compare Chicago and Indianapolis, both cities in which  I often work and live nearby. Chicago has 3 times the population of Indianapolis. But, so far in 2012,  it has 5 times the murder rate.  Both are Midwest cities, both have unemployment and gangs.  The difference ,as I see it? In Indianapolis you can carry a concealed weapon to defend yourself and the bad guys know it.  Compare that to Chicago, where concealed carry is not allowed. By every testament of the anti gun crowd, Chicago should be the safest city on the planet. Tell that to the 62 year old grandfather who was beaten to death by three teens last week while he was out collecting cans to help buy his wife a new dress to wear to their son's wedding. Tell that to the young female restaurant worker who was beaten with a claw hammer and left for dead.  Their only crime was not having any sort of legal weapon of defense.

Chicago, the city with the strictest gun laws in the nation.  On an average summer weekend we have more shooting deaths than any place in the country.  Murder is up 54% from last year. Rapes, stabbings, robberies and violent crime continue go up every year that the law abiding can not defend themselves.  My friends and I don't go into the city to spend our money, we don't go near the city to eat out, we avoid large gatherings of people. We conduct our business and we go straight to home.  It's the city I feel the least safe in, yet it's the one that's "gun free".

So until the next step is taken, I will not shop in gun free malls or gun free stores. I may be one lone woman, but I'm a lone consumer with a fair amount of discretionary income.  Add us all up, and that is some buying power.
. Businesses may not care for my views, but they DO care about my buying power. They may not care if they lose the business of one, but I am one of many. I won't take my money any place that has the audacity to demand unarmed helplessness. I won't spend my money for businesses that support, even if indirectly, those that would take those rights from us. Guns themselves in the malls aren't going to cause my demise, any more than Ryder trucks cause terrorism, water causes drowning and forks cause obesity. Guns in the malls, guns in a store, only make me a victim when I'm the one that doesn't have one. They're not "gun free" they are "good-guy gun free" zones.

Academically and professionally, I've studied the insanity of fate and the methodology of greed and evil. It has a plan and a preferred environment where its prey can not fight back. Embrace the facts and spread the word, take your business elsewhere. And tell them why.


  1. Yeah, I am getting less tolerable of my safety being compromised. No guarantee's, but I should at least be able to have a shot.

  2. When will we ever be able to convince otherwise intelligent people that gun control is not the answer? Chicago is just one of dozens examples of that.

  3. Excellent post, as always...I was going to write a post on my wife's blog dealing with the Aurora shooting, I may just link yours instead.

    Oh, and LOVE the business card! Are they available online, or just something someone had made up at a local print shop?

  4. Should we ban PickUp Trucks? A pickup truck overloaded with passengers veered off a highway and crashed into trees in rural South Texas, killing at least 13 people and leaving 10 injured, authorities said.

  5. The illusion that laws can control behavior. Laws can provide a consequence but not change a behavior.

    I'm surprised that some people have not filed complaints against these gen free zones for they are violation your constitutional rights.

    Then they are probably like McVeigh.... Knee deep in rich fertilizer.

  6. An excellent, pithy essay, Brigid. The power of the dollar ... and the places you disburse it ... are the ultimate weapon. It also has the advantage of being tremendously legal.

    Imagine, though, a place that while being cheek-by-jowl with yours is essentially a gun-free country. No wonder some many Americans chose not to take their vacations in the Great White North. Who could blame them?

    I hope to see a grass roots movement endorsing you and your personal position. You can do that; sadly we cannot.


  7. All 'gun free zones' should be banned because as you pointed out they have allowed mass killings to take place. My philosophy is if criminals can have guns there so can I.

  8. Very well said and I agree wholeheartedly. There is a sign on my shops window, 'guns welcome.'

  9. Well said. None of us here will enter any place that has a "no weapons" policy, either.

  10. Thank you Brigid for articulating the issue so very eloquently.

    Semper Fi

  11. Well said, and I need to get some of those cards.

  12. "most murders are committed by previously law abiding citizens,"

    It makes me sick that the American public lacks the ability to see past this type of rhetoric. By definition everyone is law-abiding until they break the law. The main problem is you have no way to know who “they” are in advance. That’s why we carry guns. No one knows “when” “why” or “who”. There is only “if”. And “if” you need a gun, you really NEED A GUN. The rest of the time it’s an uncomfortable accessory, that provides a great deal of comfort “when” and “if” it is ever needed.

    It is beyond me how the subspecies of politician gets elected by promising to make citizens easy prey for criminals. Then again there is little noticeable difference between a politician and any other form of crook.

  13. One of the local theaters used to have a 3"x5" card on the back wall of one of the two ticket booths claiming no guns allowed. Not any kind of official sign. Very small. On a dark back wall of an otherwise unlighted ticket booth. Yeah, that will get a lot of attention.

    On the rare occasion that we actually go to that theater (the second run, $2 theater), we try to always buy our tickets at the credit card machine in the lobby, bypassing the ticket booths outside.

    Last time we went, I glanced at the ticket booth back wall as we walked past. Couldn't see any 3"x5" cards, so either it fell down or they removed it. I have no idea how long it's been gone.

    Concealed means concealed. If someone doesn't want me in their establishment, all they have to do is ask me to leave. No one ever has.

  14. I really enjoy following your blog. I appreciate your common sense and straight talking. I was pleasently surprised in my quilt guild Friday (8 women) to hear that some of them were considering taking gun classes and specifically concealed carry classes. While my state no longer requires a concealed carry permit (anyone can conceal carry), there is a lot to learn from this instruction, far beyond just how to load and shoot your weapon. I was glad to hear these ladies express a desire to take responsibility for their own safety.

  15. Love the bidness card (so sue me, I'm from Texas). I must get some. Is that a creative commons motif, or should I go and do my own artwork?

  16. Thank you Miss Brigid, well said. I sent this one to my friends

  17. "Ted Bundy never used a gun; unfortunately, neither did any of his victims."

    I'm borrowing that line if you don't mind. And maybe the business cards too....

  18. Well stated and pithy, as George said earlier.

    I know of folks who carry, regardless...

  19. Well said and I do spread the word. I don't politicize it. I speak to the fact that your life is worth saving. To do that you might need specialized tools. I also point out that your safety ultimately is incumbent on you, no one else.

    People sit in my classes and see the NRA Basics of Handgun shooting DVD. I don't need to tell them any more. They are mostly already converted to the belief they need to defend themselves .

    The only time I spent in a gun free zone recently was to watch "Act of Valor". Over priced popcorn and sticky floors. I should have waited on the DVD release.

  20. Well said, and I have some of those cards too! :-)

  21. Wow (again)
    You've stated very well what we all know and believe

    Historically, in countries that took away guns, millions were subsequently slaughtered (think Russia, Germany)
    Don't jump on this horrible event and blame guns! That's like banning cars because of auto deaths.

    As for SnowCaps; always my favorite for watching a movie

  22. Thanks everyone - I'm sort of swamped since getting back, so just a short note before bed and I may not have time to post tomorrow.

    I am glad there are people in this country that understand the dangers we all face, and the responsibilities of our choices.

    For tonight I'll say a prayer for those suffering loss, even as I ensure my firearm is on my nightstand, should predators roam too close in the dark night.

    G'nite - B.

  23. See, this is why I don't even try to articulate stuff like this.

    Brigid comes along and says it better every time.

    Great post! :)

  24. First on my list of businesses that I will not spend a dime in because of their stance on guns is McDonald's. While the urine colored arches may not be a gun free zone, corporate gives upwards of five million dollars a year to anti-gun groups. I am sure that is "for the children", the obese Happy Meal eating children.


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