Monday, August 6, 2012

I Aim to Misbehave - Barkley Style

The bags had been packed and it was time to spoil Barkley before I headed out West. However, the plush football with squeeker (squeek! squeek!  squeek!) lasted about as long as a campaign promise (although, I think if you hug certain politicians they'd make the same noise).

At $2.99,  after six weeks of 100+ degree heat index back in IND and not much outside play time, it was money well spent.


  1. . . . lasted about as long as a campaign promise

    Heh. Gonna have to deploy that apt comparison sometime, somewhere soon!

  2. "I Aim to Misbehave - Barkley Style"

    Ruh Roh....

  3. What? No underwear?
    Regardless, hopefully, it wouldn't squeak...


  4. LOL

    Now if he would just learn to meticulously pick each puff up and throw it away as quickly as he picked them out - heh

  5. Barkley be bad to the bone uh ball.

  6. "lasted about as long as a campaign promise"

    In other words the half life would be measured in minutes?




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