Sunday, August 5, 2012

It's Time for the HOTR Cowboy Cousine of the Week

Veal Scallopinni
OK, OK, already. Put those big brown eyes AWAY there Clyde.

This Week's Home on the Range  Recipe  

click to enlarge the photos, you know this by now :-)
Cowboy Spaghetti

I had a kitchen of odds and ends, and a crowd to feed. There was one bottle of jarred sauce, that wouldn't go far. Let's get into the staples. Here we go. Three kinds of pepper, applewood smoked salt, green chilies, olives, roasted garlic, sausage and ground venison in the freezer, diced tomatoes, a splash of Merlot, wild honey, and some savory seasoning, simmered for a couple of hours while rustlers and outlaws were taken care of (OK, the  brothers, UPS guy, and a telemarketer), then three cheeses added, including smoked white cheddar. (Ok, and I threw a few olives in there, just because we like them).

Go ahead and try it, or as Hedley Lamarr said in Blazing Saddles: Go do that voodoo that you do so well!

This is life on the Range.  It's food freshly made, it's loved ones on the deck and a big grill.  It's not the exciting life that you'd see on TV, it's not a life of luxurious abandon and decadent spending. It's the smell of grass, fresh vegetables, and sweat. It's the sound of the wind through the garden, of a rooster's crow, of laughter. It's the discarding of weighty thoughts about the world beyond your fence line as you grow and tend, the simple gathering of that which you need to sustain yourself and your family, gathering that which nourishes your life.

Life on the Range is more than a place. It's more than a house, a photo, a  moment or a word, it's the redemptive power of self sufficiency that no one can take from you. You can't buy it at the grocery store or get it in a stimulus check. It's something you learn, by toil and tears, and it's worth every bit of the effort. You sleep deep and freely, the barn in hushed quiet, the gun at your ready, in case the predators forget their place.

A day on the Range, and one richly blessed.


  1. Sounds good, and added to the list! :-)

  2. Thank the gods I just ate!
    (dodged THAT bullet!)

    (Oh, crap, that does look god...DRAT!)


  3. Lady, I just LOVE the way you write!

  4. That sounds like the very best life to me!

  5. "A day on the Range, and one richly blessed."

    Amen. :)

  6. Your going to drive me to learn to cook aren't you?

  7. Brighid - why yes, and next time you're over we'll make something together.

    By the way, the wine you brought is awesome stuff.

    MoBro - it's a good life, and I'm blessed to have a great family. Big Bro and my cousin the ranger and his sister are taking Dad back to Montana to visit his old place and a few friends in a few weeks. It will likely be his last trip there but he's looking forward to it. He doesn't regret selling the place out there, he's loved living where there is great fishing and it's warmer. We don't care as long as he's happy.

  8. So wanted to bring you some Kilt Lifter Beer, but my supplier was out. Next time for sure.

  9. "It's not the exciting life that you'd see on TV"

    Which isn't real.

    Just thought I'd throw that reminder in.


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