Saturday, August 25, 2012

Leatherbound- Gun Bloggers Rendezvous and a Ruger

Going to Gun Bloggers Rendezvous?

Engineering Johnson  has a post up with some great GBR news and the story behind it.  Ruger has very generously donated a very dandy wheel gun, the Single Ten, to the GBR fund raising raffle.

If you haven't sent in your registration, get thee to Gunbloggers and send it in now. If you participate in the raffle you'll be helping Project Valour-IT and you might just get a Single Ten as your reward!

If you're really lucky, you might also get a donated hand crafted gun belt to go with it. (It's not finished in these first two  photos, taken a couple weeks ago, but it's going to be a dandy when it's all done.)

I've never watched anyone make a belt and holster from raw materials before. There was the pattern, an expanse of leather, some Fieblings dye and some tools.  He'd never tried it before, but he had the tools, and he wanted to do something for the fundraise.

 One evening, when I'm in the study writing sonnets of butterflies, kittens and violets (OK, I was online looking at a new Dillon press and bacon porn),  there comes this WHACK! from the other room.  Barkley jumped up and woofed.  WHACK!  Another woof.  It sounded like a pile driver.  Ahh, so THAT's how the letters are put on there, stamps and brute force.  Cool! 

I wish I was going to GBR for all the fun and fund raising.  But vacation was spent with my Dad,and I won't have any extra days off til, well, it's time to spend more time with him. Every day is precious, and sometimes doing a little something, be it a donation of your labor, your time or your heart for a good reason, makes it all worth it.  If you can work in a Ruger wheel gun in there, even better.

Go check out EJ's post on the firearm and then go show some appreciation to the folks over at Ruger for making this all  possible!  (Lori, you're the best!)

Update: There is still a little stiching work to be done but it's 80% finished -


  1. That is outstanding! And I'm working (as usual)...

  2. Bacon porn of the week: Country-Fried Bacon Slabs

    I didn't even know that they sold bacon in "steak" form. Is that just in Canada?

  3. Guess I'll need to start doing some more actual gun posts...

  4. Wish I could go... a lot of good folks gonna be there...

    Dann in Ohio

  5. It always falls at the very worst part of the semester. Curse my higher education sector job!


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