Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Posts From the West - Photo Time

To get to Dad's from the Oregon side of the river,  the quickest way is the ferry.

I only hung off the bow and yelled "I'm King of the World" once.

Family dinners around the table are good, the brothers always happy to have "Sis" home to cook.

But introducing your 92 year old Dad to his first Five Guys burger during a road trip - priceless.

Finally, with Mom and Step Mom both looking down on all of us from Heaven going "don't go swimming for an hour after you eat", we realized one thing.  With Dad waiting "safely in the jeep" with camera and cooler, one is NEVER too old to jump in the old swimming hole when it's 98 degrees out.

Cheers!  (Or should I say CANNONBALLLLLL!)


  1. Glad you're having a grand time- enjoy!

  2. Good to see you are having a good time. I keep meaning to try out that burger joint. The kids down here love it. Take care and safe travels.

  3. Looks like a great time! Have fun.

  4. Oh... Five Guys is GREAT! :-)

  5. Rev Paul - it's been a busy trip, lots of cooking and canning and freezer bags, getting a bunch of meals in the freezer for Dad for the winter. Wood chopped, house tidied, storm windows checked, gutters. It will be winter before we know it. But we've had time for fun as well.

    Rich D - it's excellent, the fries are HUGE, a "small" feeds 3 people easily and they have malt vinegar to put on them as well.

    Keads - thanks!

  6. Glad you're having a great time out there, but I kinda knew you would. :)

  7. Glad you're having a grand time!

    Have fun swimming and hope that all the chores that need doing get done.

  8. Glad to hear you're having some fun!


  9. Five Guys is awesome but deep frying bacon? (shudder) What's up with that? I'm pretty sure deep[ frying bacon is a mortal sin.

  10. Please pass along my respects to your honored Father. And I hope you're having a great time.

  11. What??? No Bikini shot?? *sigh* Ill have to make do with my imagination again.......still I think I've been on face book too much...I spent a few seconds looking for the "Like" button :D

  12. Sounds like a wonderful trip!! Glad to hear!

  13. You are all blessed to have dad around and enjoying life at 92! Keep on trucking!

  14. If you take the ferry and bypass I-5, where do you stop for meth and tattoos?

  15. That is one of the world's best ferry rides!

  16. Brian - I didn't know they deep fried it? I usually don't get bacon on my burger (I know, I love bacon, but tend to eat my burgers rather pristine).

    immagickman - there were no plans for swimming, it was more like "look water" and "it's (#*@ hot!" and shorts and t shirts were the attire of the day.

    Mrs. S. - thanks! I got a lot done, the lasagna recipe of yours was a HUGE hit and the leftovers were requested to be saved in little containers for meals later, after freezing.

    Six - I did, and after looking at your blog, he said he was indeed honored. (I dragged him to the coffee shop to surf the net).

    Agirl - yes, I'm very, very tired, but it was a good trip. I do what I can to make his life easier. He was a good Dad, never controlling, selfish, angry or mean,to me or anyone in the church and town community and for that I honor him.

    Terrapod - he can still flirt with the waitresses, that's a good sign!

    Roscoe - that's the joy of the ferry.

    zdog - we didn't get up your way due to the crowds in the heat. Did a short drive to Fort Clatsop to see the status of the shipwreck and a stop in Astoria and then back to Dad's. If we do stop at your business in the future, I will say "howdy".

    And yes, I LOVE the ride back and forth.


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