Sunday, August 26, 2012

Tractors and Wheel Guns - Childhood Memories

Mom can I go to Thunder Ranch instead of Girl Scout Camp when I get bigger???

Good Lord, I'm probably about 3  here, and what's with the Jack LaLanne plaid jumpsuit?  My family is there in the background with conservative attire (including suspenders), well dressed and keeping a safe distance. "SHE HAS NO GRIP OR MUZZLE CONTROL - STAY BACK"

If you are  reading this, I've rolled in from the Tri State Tractor and Engine Fest after a long weekend, making it back to  town in time to pick up Barkley at the doggie day camp before they closed. (All my friends who normally watch him were either at the Gas Engine Fest or the  IND Gun Show).

It was a great weekend.  Mr. B. made the drive down, though Midwest Chick had to work and couldn't make it (we missed you).  His company and knowledge of historical machinery always makes for a great addition to the group. The camera got passed around, so there were lots of shots.

As it was last year, it was quite hot, (definitely t shirt and denim shorts weather) and the crowd was big, the event, the largest of its kind in the country.  This year, Mr. B. brought walkie talkies, so we didn't get separated. (you have to watch it, one minute you've got a redhead in the group, the next you hear "mmm, SNO CONE . . .  and she disappears).

We had some fun with the walkie talkies especially after we figured several others were using the same frequency.

"The subject is in sight.  Team Six, go to the left."

"We'll do the exchange by the 110 pound bucket of lard, make sure the bills are unmarked."

"go left, no really, go left".

There will be photos tomorrow.

 I am  sorry to have missed the IND gun show and the Indy BlogMeet! with Tam and Roberta X  and the rest of the Indy gang. But the Tri State show is just too much fun to miss, especially when it's just once a year.

A day of steam, machinery, tractors and antique fire engines, all  those little things that take you back to your childhood and days gone by. Good days.  Good people.