Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Scandahoovian Wookies - The Road Warrior Returns

It's as close as I could get as a Wookie Action Figure for Partner in Grime who has brought an assortment of brilliantly tacky road gifts from all over the world (including the one from Dubai recently that not only can hold down paper, it can take out an eye). It's a small, and quite hairy, Viking on a  keychain, about two inches tall (with sword!)

I have returned, none the worse for wear but for a sore knee and a little sunburn on my nose and shoulders.  The flight was good.  I didn't get seated next to someone who wanted to chat away like a cockatoo with a crack pipe, nor hit on me.  I've found that a few forensic reports in hand and a chipper "do you know, you really can't hide a body by encasing it in cement, because anaerobic bacterial hydrolysis of fat in the surface tissue can create a nonbinding surface that can form a small void around the body among  other things. . ."  deters conversation with young  men wearing those baggy pants that look like they were made for a Kodiak bear as well as guys in business class.

On landing  I called EJ, who'd offered a ride.

Me:  "I'm back!"
E.J. - "I know, I've been following you on Flight Stalker"

It's nice when the pieces of a plan fall into place. First, a dash to luggage claim to pick up my roller bag which started out half empty and now is full of cans of smoked Chinook Salmon for some of the IND blog gang who love that (why are cats following me?) and my ride was soon here.

But before I got my truck loaded up and headed home, a little surprise.  I've a birthday coming up later in the next week and he made me a cake to take home with me, lest the bat phone rings and I don't get my birthday off,  free to celebrate.  I'd been queried a while ago as to what birthday cake I liked and I said Mom always made yellow with chocolate icing (and Midwest Chick makes me this awesome dark chocolate pie, not that that's a hint or anything :-)

He had no cake pans so he used Pyrex dishes which made for a cake that was quite tall but lacking a bit in circumference.

But it was made from scratch, with real butter and  lots of vanilla and farm fresh eggs in the batter.  Oh boy! As busy as summers were as a kid, Mom always got a boxed cake mix and then added her own frosting.

"I didn't have room on the top for all of the candles", he said grinning.

I tried not to laugh (note to self -  next year he gets 3 candles, one for each decade plus that live grenade for that extra year).  

"So I got this instead".

I do believe, folks, that's a plumbers candle.

But oh, the cake was good, buttery and rich, with a tender crumb.  The frosting was homemade butter cream infused with dark cocoa, spread with a clean, shiny putty knife.  All but a couple slices went into Tupperware to take home.

Yes, home, as I had Sir Barkley to rescue.  I'd heard that he was up to mischief.  During the day he goes to Doggie Day Camp, which he LOVES.   Frustrated by the lack of rain to splash around in, and the grass being more crunchy than roll-worthy, he stole the water bucket and ran around with it spilling water everywhere and I grinned when they gave me the snapshot.

Way to go Barkley.

I brought him home, with a wave to the folks who care for him so well when I travel and Aunt Tam can't stay.  Plus he got a new Pink Panther Scarf from the groomer that gave him a bath after Doggie Camp..

He was happy to be back home with Mom.

But more than happy to lose the scarf.

See Barkley, I brought you a gift too!

Thanks for all the notes and well wishes. It was great to get out there and check on my Dad and see the boys, but it's great to be home, among friends.


  1. Welcome back to hoosier land. Have a great birthday.

  2. Gail says it's the thought, and taste that counts...

  3. DAMN! Now you've got EJ doing food porn too!

    Great to hear you made it back okay!


  4. RichD - thanks, hope to see you at one of the gatherings of food and fun sometime soon.

    Mac - a big hi to Gail. Hope you two got to the airshow.

    armedlaughing - food porn in stereo! I'll talk to you soon, I'm sure.

  5. Salmon?


    Uh... so... got anybody you need killed? Name three people. Then leave the salmon under the rainbow bridge over the canal in Broad Ripple.

    When Vinnie knocks on your door three times, tell him "The eagle flies at midnight and the chair is against the wall..."

    He will tell you "John has a large mustache," and pay you for the salmon...

  6. Tam - I have, for Vinnie's household (except Huck who wishes to see my liver on a platter), two cans of smoked chinook salmon, two cans of smoked pepper coho salmon and a can of smoked albacore tuna (OK, Vinnie can share that with Huck). I will be in the area of the bridge sometime just prior or after the Tri State Tractor Fest.

  7. Glad you had a good time and returned safely.

    Angus says woof. He says Barkley will understand :)

  8. Happy Birthday! Love the Viking! I want one!!

  9. That EJ sounds like a keeper.

  10. Indiana always appeals after I've been traveling. HB to you too! (Mine is same day).

  11. "I didn't get seated next to someone who wanted to chat away like a cockatoo with a crack pipe... "

    lol. Oh lord, that was funny. I'm gonna use that to describe myself (as an introduction, of course...) one of these days...

    Good to see EJ can bake. bonus points! Woo!

    Yea a week away and another year passes... huh... time flys... :(

  12. That viking reminds me of some of my relatives in east Arkansas...

  13. Glad you made it back safe & sound.
    Happy Birthday!

    Barkley looks really happy that you're home, and not just because you brought him a toy.

  14. Simple solution to your birthday candle problem: Binary.

    Poke holes for zeros, use a candle for ones. Makes the fire department happy at my age. Baffles the non-geeks.

    1 1 - - 1 - = 50, with only 3 candles.

  15. MSgtB - yes, he's the best friend a gal could have. I'm glad you got to meet him. Hope we can all get together in the coming year.

    WindRider - Binary! Brilliant!!!!

    Daddybearsden - Thanks, I'm pretty tired, travel, about four hours sleep, then back to work. It's good to be home though.

  16. Gift shopping at PDX? Rogue will fill growlers of Dead Guy Ale in the secure area at 5AM.

    I learned this as part of my [Miramar, FL based airline which shall remain nameless] "experience" last week when the scheduled midnight arrival didn't happen until around the time Rogue was getting ready to open. I lost track of how many times I said "never again" that night.

    Also, for the Chewbacca fan in your life:

  17. That cake looks like it was mostly made out of protein. Extra doubleplusgood bonus points if he said:

    "Hope you like it. Couldn't get a hold of no flour, so it's mostly protein. In fact, it's pretty much what we just had for supper. But I tried to make the frosting as chocolatey tasting as possible."

  18. Oh, and Happy belated Birthday. Had I known, I would have offered to take you out for your first "legal" drink. ;)


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