Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Wednesday Playlist - G Force Edition

The only advantage of the usual 10 to 12 hour day is the longer weekends that come about as a result of that.  It's a time to sleep, to cook, to write.  A time to go target shooting,  to spend time with loved ones if they are in town, or simply to go wrap an airplane around the sky while keeping the G forces to somewhere between "warning,  warning, possible brassiere failure" to "I think I just ruptured some organ I will need later".

Someone asked me what I have on my IPOD for flying of the inverted variety (I 'm aerobatic qualified, not to compete, just enough to wrangle an airplane around the sky once in a while). When I visit home, Dad usually springs to rent an airplane so I can take him up.  He's the only one of the family who likes to do that, the boys preferring to be out at sea or underwater for long periods.  Usually though, the photos we take during such flights got us in trouble with Mom "(isn't the blue part supposed to be in the TOP of the picture?" or "please tell me this was a telephoto lens.")

But as far as the music selection in vacant airspace. . . . .

It varies, but the current top ten, OK make that eleven, selection is as follows:

(1) Eagles - Already Gone
(2) Evanescence - Imaginary
(3) Beethoven Sym No.2 in D, Op.36: 3. Scherzo. Allegro
(4) Z.Z. Top - La Grange
(5) Nat King Cole - Straighten Up and Fly Right
(6) Herbert Berlioz - Rob Roy Overture
(7) Benny Goodman - Stomping at the Savoy
(8) Led Zeppelen - Black Dog
(9) Cranberries - Dreams
(10) Steely Dan - Reelin' in the Years
(11) Tab Benoit - Fever for the Bayou

And , I have to say (Dad, cover your eyes) thank heavens for the Platex 3-G bra.


  1. Now that's nearly a full spectrum of songs (Rap don't count - its just prison-talk with a back-beat).

  2. If you can get your hands on a T-6 like the one in the pictures, that would be a lot of fun. It would never have occurred to me to try to listen to music while flying in one, other than that provided by the wind and the engine.

  3. fast richard - I've some pictures of me in the T6 on my shelf here. Hair definiately messed up.

    The only time I listen to music is aerobatics. But never in an area where there is other traffic that I might miss an ATC call about.

  4. ...Does the Platex work at a full 3 G's? And negative G's? Inquiring minds who have not yet had acrobatic training want to know...

    ..okay, fine, I'll wait until I can ply you with mead and there's no males but Barkley around to grill you on those details!

  5. On a Wing - I'm too rusty to teach you, but I can loan out TSA dog to see if the flight undergarments in your carry on bag meet with his approval.

    Do you want me to mail you your smoked salmon??

  6. I have to admit, in all my dreaming of flying, "brassiere failure" was never a factor. It never comes up on Flight Simulator X, after all ...

  7. I have it on good authority (don't ask, she was senior to me) that ANY undergarment is good to +3 G's.
    +4 or minus any G's, not so much.

    EJ and Peter can back me up; none of that matters to the male of the species.


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