Saturday, September 29, 2012

Barkley - Wine Sommelier

I am not allowed to lay on the couch.  Notice, I am NOT laying on the couch.

Mom is busy entertaining prior to a shoot em up at the gun range tomorrow.

So I will be your host this evening.

Dinner is in full assembly mode, something with roasted turkey bits with mushrooms and wine sauce served on caramelized onion/sage stuffing with vegetables roasted in walnut oil and a drizzle of cinnamon pear balsamic vinegar.  And there's some cheesecake thing (provided no one explodes).

Mom is having fun, though I think we need to cut her off the wine as when some bikers drove down the road past the front window she starting singing "Oh Harley Boy, Your Pipes, Your Pipes are Calling." I think it's an Irish thing.

Dinner smells really good.

Hey! I got a bowl of nasty dry crap.

They probably won't let me have an Irish Moon Shot before bed either.

But Mom will be reporting back later with a recap of the shooting, some photos of gear and later in the week, a recipe or two.

 - Barkley


  1. Barkley, I suggest giving some of the guests the "Soulful Eye Routine". It seems to work wonders for our Shadow when he wants a bit of what people are having.

  2. Barkley,
    Your mom has your best interests in mind. That yummy smelling garlic and onion seasoned food is poisonous to canines. When she gives you that dry food, she really does love you. And stay away from the chocolate cheesecake too.

  3. Woulda been cool to have the chained cup around his neck!

    Jus' sayin!


    PS - been thinking about your damned %^&*&ed chocolate cheesecake all day!

    PPS - have fun!

  4. Thanks Barkley.

    Er...I mean Woof!!

  5. If only you could vacuum the dog hair off the couch before she got back from the range.

    That whole "opposable thumbs" thing can be a real pain, right?

  6. Hi Barkley.

    You've done a good job keeping things under control and filing a full report. We dogs have to keep our humans from getting into trouble, don't we.

    Perhaps you can convince your Mom to give you some yummy raw chicken necks and other good raw stuff once in awhile. It beats the heck out of dry stuff.

    Understanding woofs,
    Erik and Penny

  7. Hey, Barkley! I noticed your Mom has a Keurig coffee maker. Tell her to try San Francisco Bay coffee by The Rogers family. Best price at Amazon! She will love it!

  8. Shhhh... Barkely... I can show you how to pull wine bottle corks without opposable thumbs...

    Dann in Ohio

  9. Barkley, the soulful eye routine won't do you a darn bit of good when the Jameson's comes out. Although if you're a good doggie you might want to buy her some of the Jameson's Gold Reserve or the 18-year-old single malt. Then you might not get that nasty dry crap every night for dinner.


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