Friday, September 28, 2012

Be Still My Beating Heart - Revolvers, Adrenalin and Cheesecake

1999 Colt Magnum Carry.

A 357 powerhouse

Adrenalin Junkie Cheesecake

A chocolate covered espresso bean/cookie crust, filled with  cheescake made of two kinds of dark chocolate with a dollop of espresso and a bare hint of  Madagascar vanilla.  Topped  with a deep chocolate ganache and served with whipped cream and espresso sugar.


If you can find it, the Sharferbergs chocolate for the filling and ganache is worth it.  It's very complex, Figs and red wine, honey and spice with just a hint of coffee. I'm not sure as to the spice, there's a bite that lingers on the tongue that stems off the natural bitterness of dark cocoa.  Cheaper chocolates will load up a bar with sugar to dull that taste,  Not this one.  It makes for a glorious cheesecake.

Go on make a batch, everyone has room for one last bite.


  1. That looks like it should be illegal. I've never made a cheesecake, but there always needs to be a first time.

  2. OMG. Died and went to heaven. Chocolate, caffeine, and Colts.

  3. Looks delicious! Although you would probably find me trying it with breakfast rather than with dinner or it would keep me awake all night. Since hubby can't eat most of the ingredients, I would have to find someone else with whom to share the other pieces. Guess I will have to settle for coffee with chocolate soy milk, drat.

  4. And that is why just when I think I have seen everything, here you are! Keeps me humble. Both look great!

    I would have more luck scoring with the Colt though!

  5. How am I supposed to lose weight looking at these pictures?
    Or not buy a gun?


  6. Good ones, and BOTH of those are a handful! :-)

  7. Caffeine and chocolate. Sounds like a fun weekend.

  8. *gibbers*

    Caffeine and chocolate... that's better than late LATE shift chocolate sugar coffee bombs (in a mug)..

  9. Brigid, You have unknowing stumbled on all my weaknesses. I personally believe anyone who doesn't like revolvers is a closet liberal.

  10. Greg - all things considered this was a pretty easy recipe, no water bath or anything in the oven. I did put a little parchment around the edges of the pan so it would disassemble easier.

    Mike in WA - Colt, Caffeine and Chocolate.

    Mrs. S. - chocolate soy milk. I'm sorry. :-)

    Keads - they only made this model one year. It's "purty".

    I'm off to field strip the new Kahr and go buy ammo for range day tomorrow. Friends are in town and we will be out wringing every bit of fun out of the weather. I think I need another piece of that cheesecake. Look a Squirrel!!!

  11. Don't know what excites me more, the revolver or the cheesecake!!!

  12. I do think that this'll be featured in the near future.

  13. I'm going to try that Cheesecake recipe, Thank you!
    The guys at Elk camp will be flipping out.

    Nice Colt, but I'm a SW kinda guy.

  14. My husband doesn't do cheese cake, I'd have to eat the whole thing myself....that looks really good though!


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