Sunday, September 30, 2012

Blog Meet - Shooty Weekend

The morning dawned clear and a bit cold but perfect for some fun before breakfast. The LEO range at Iggy Creek was open early, and open to the public after 9 a.m.  I was there very early, and got a chance to visit with Partner in Grime  (who brought something in .45) and set up before anyone else arrived..

Friends, shooty fun AND a blog meet, all in one weekend.  What's not to like?

There was an assortment of fun things to play with.

I do OK, able to properly perforate a piece of paper or defend against  a one eyed, one legged armed pirate (assuming Polly doesn't have a laser sight) or a zombie.

Tam ?  Now Tam is just lethal. 

The hand and arm were getting a bit tired  after a box or two of .45 but I tried a few magazines in the new Karh .40.  This is the target. The first five shots (it's a five round magazine) were all in a line through bullseye.  The rest, not so good. as my hand was hurting at this point.  This is not a "let's go plinking!" gun but those first shots from rapid, low ready would definately stop an assailant.  The rest would at least get his attention.

A great morning, but soon there's a blogmeet, so it was time for a couple of Mr. Squishies and a drive past  my pad to fetch something.

For I'm transporting a little surprise for Roberta X.


  1. How I envy you guys!

    And the wood box looks suspiciously like an R-C-L bridge!

  2. Enjoy and say hi to the folks for me... Getting on the bird for Japan in 10 minutes... sigh

  3. Sounds like a great day. Much better than working...

    Tam calls herself a "mediocre pistol shooter at best", I think I would have to practice quite a bit to rise to her level of mediocrity.

  4. Looks like you all had a grand time.

    That's a nice-looking gadget. I like the fact that it can switch from "Manual R.J." to "Automatic R.J."

    Full-auto R.J. would be a thing to behold!

  5. It was so cool to see y'all at the range! :)

  6. That's awfully big for a TENS machine, and it seems to be calibrated in kilovolts too.....


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