Monday, September 24, 2012

For Kiri

In memory of Kiri and his people friend La, one of the wonderful volunteers up at Wolfpark research and wildlife center of Indiana and to Eclipse, the wolf that I sponsor. (Photos from Wolfpark)

The Wolf Is In My Soul

The wolf is in my soul,
strong life force, intuitive and loyal .
Take me not from my wild nature,
 it is essential to me.

For that wild nature carries what I need,
dreams, words, songs.
All I really need to be,
all I really need  to know.

Seeing through the eyes,
of woman's intuition.
Like a starry night,
I gaze into the night, through a thousand eyes.

In my pack, I find integrity,
in my tribe, I find peace .
I speak and act on my own behalf,
open, but never tamed.

My heart is of the wolf,
bearing battle scars of time .
Writing my secrets on walls,
refusing to be ashamed of my free spirit.

You can find me wild,
in open air and  pristine woods.
In forests of solitude, so quietly,
whispering words from instinctual need.

Does my pack heed my words,
as I stop to see if you catch up?
For I have many things to show you,
an enduring spirit to share.

Join me and run those last hard miles,
howl at that weathered door.
Stand sentry at the window of your dreams,
unleash your wild heart.



  1. Oh Brigid, the poem is perfect. We called him 'the pirate' because he loved to see what items he could steal and pillage from humans for his own delight. He was unapologetic in his pirating ways and even when the body wasn't as able, he would hope that someone would at least unsuspectingly set the medical bag within reach so that he could make us jump in trying to get it out of his reach. His ornery smile told you that he knw exactly what he was doing. He was a gift to all of us as he taught us a little more about the gift of aging with grace and love. We gave him care daily the last few sacred months of his life and he was always accepting as long as we paid his 'bill' which was plenty of scratches and treats. He pillaged my heart and for that I am a better human.

  2. Beautiful! Thanks for sharing that!

  3. Aww, RIP Kiri....

    Wolves are such beautiful animals, their eyes are amazing...

  4. La - I am glad you liked. I am glad you were there for him at the end. Thanks for the new picture of Eclipse. I hope to get up there soon.

    Old NFO - you'd like the wolves, and you'd like La, both are unique and gifted creatures.

    Naturegirl - I didn't take the photos, those came from Wolfpark as indicated but they are indeed amazing. Thank you for your comment and your caring.

  5. We, too, love the wolves.
    Wolf Haven, Tenino, WA.
    They have howl-ins summer weekend nights.

  6. This reminds me of going to Kane, PA with my dad when I was a kid. A Dr. Mcleery collected the last remaining lobo wolves in an effort to save the species. I think he was successful but I can't find any info to verify that.

  7. Kiri Girl, honoring your sorrow and loss. Brigid, beautiful tribute...thank you for sharing.

  8. Beautiful tribute to Kiri. RIP 'the pirate'. May I have such wonderful companions such as La when the time comes.


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