Saturday, September 22, 2012

Gun Shows, Beef Mart and How I Ended Up Being a Booth Bunny - Weekend Adventures Part I

I'm up at Midwest Chick  and Mr. B.'s for some weekend gun show and Scarecrow Fest up near Amish Country

It's a warm and cozy home out in the country. I have a big comfy, antique bed to sleep in.  There is a fridge in the garage full of Yeungling. Barkley will be sleeping with 4 cats. Pandemonium may ensue.

I  had to work a long day yesterday but when I rolled in there was this incredible smell in the house, homemade beef in peppered gravy with vegetables that had been simmering in a stoneware dutch oven with 2115 secret herbs and spices. Mr. B. is a great cook and I knew it would be good after a long day, especially with the cheddar garlic biscuits Midwest Chick made.

Some dinner, some conversation, a little lab therapy with Barkley who like us, missed Schmoo the lab greatly.  With a small sip of whiskey and a long hot bubble bath, I was off to sleep.

We started out early with a big breakfast at Viking Chili Bowl (best breakfast and fastest service in Valpo).

Then it was off to the Dunes Rifle and Pistol Club Gun and Knife Show at the Porter County Fairgrounds. The gun show was busy, but not as packed at entry last year when we got there right when it opened.  Last year it was unexpectedly cold and Midwest Chick and I didn't have warm coats.  Mr. B. offered warmth and we snuggled up, one under each arm as we waited in line a half hour.  There was this older gent behind us who said "I can't get my wife to go to one of these things and he gets TWO women".

I came home with a new firearm, of course, this one here with Barkley a little Kahr in .40, perfect for the pocket when I didn't want to have a .45 strapped on while just puttering around the yard and made in the USA.  There were all kinds of things to look at. There was antique and modern firearms, military relics swords, knives, ammo.  Mr. B. found a Remington model 788 in .308 and needed to remove the scope, which he didn't purchase.  He went to another booth and borrowed some Allen wrenches.  Another fellow said "they just gave those to you to use and didn't know you?  Wow, everyone is so nice here!"  Mr. B. said, "we're all armed".

Everyone we met was informative and friendly and several sales were made, but not to the guy who was quite polite but tried tried to sell me a gun with "I sell lots of these (pointing to a tiny little .380) to women."

At another booth, I got a handcrafted knife with a handle made out of a railroad tie for Partner in Grime.   He's across the planet somewhere dealing with something cantankerous, so  I wanted him to have a little souvenir from the show.  Midwest Chick, as well,  got a couple of really cool knives.

Where I somehow I ended up as a booth bunny.

Jim Shulls knife booth. His knives were modern and primitive at once, with detailed and caring workmanship. Midwest Chick bought one.  We'd been walking for a while and my knee was starting to really  hurt. As Midwest Chick was finishing the transation, they both saw I was hurting and he offered me a chair next to him.  When I sat down,  Midwest Chick laughed and said "adjust your jacket', indicating I needed to show a little more cleavage.  We laughed, and I said "I'm a booth bunny?" and we all laughed but within a few minutes his booth had new customers  "Where'd she come from?'  two gentlemen said, as they stopped to look at his knives.  Jim laughed, winked at Midwest Chick who was looking at some things across the aisle and said "I think someone traded her for a knife, how am I going to explain this to my wife?

I said. "I said the magic words, you have a chair and I have beer!"  (OK, I didn't have beer but they chuckled).  Jim made some more sales and Midwest Chick and I wandered off with a wave, my knee ready for round two of the days adventures.  Thanks Jim, I'd never been a 'booth bunny"  before and it was really fun, even for 15 minutes!  His knives are really cool folks,  so check out his website.

After the show we went over to the Scarecrow fest, crafts, games, and food, lots of food and then it was time to drive home to check on Barkley and unload the stuff we all bought.

There will be more fun tomorrow!  Right now there are homemade hamburger buns to make, and meat to grill.

Because it's never a trip to Midwest Chick and Mr. B.'s without a visit to . .


  1. I can't help but wonder how many people will pick up on the pun regarding the knife purchase...

  2. LOL, great day! We had fun down here at the blog shoot too!

  3. Ha! I'm certain you played the role beautifully.

  4. That breakfast looks great. I miss those Midwest breakfasts. I've been thinking of going to Beth's Cafe in Seattle where the omelets come in 2 sizes: 6 egg and 12 egg with all u can eat hashbrowns. You and your friends may be interested in Fort Recovery Trader Days in Ohio. I figure it's about 90 miles from Indy. There are way more Firearm vendors than any gun show I've Ever gone to. There are even goats, chickens, and coon dogs for sale. Rain however can make it miserable if you're not prepared. I'd be there if I hadn't put 2300 miles between Indiana and myself.

  5. Brigid as a "Booth Bunny"?!?

    Goodness, young lady, what's happening to you?

  6. B, I saw the perfect thing for your house this fall...|1

    No no no, you can thank me later...

  7. I can see you drawing them in...booth bunny...
    Have a great day!

  8. Whoa---I thought "Beef Mart" was a joke name!!!

  9. Old NFO - glad you all had fun. It sounded like a great time.

    Jennifer - we had a lot of fun, that particular show has a really great group of vendors.

    Island Bob - I'll check out the Trader Days, Ohio is only about an hour and a half. There is so much going on this time of year, lots of fun to be had if you don't mind a little driving.

    drjim - it was a moment of weakness, the lights, the fame, the autographs, OK, it was a chair and a bottled water. . :-)

    BePrepared - thanks!

    Brighid - that reminds me, I need to send you the photos I took when you came by to visit last.

    MaineMaple - yes, everyone thought that was a joke name, but Beef Mart is alive and well, and doing a brisk business.

  10. Drang - I'm sure one person picked up on it. :-)

  11. Aw darn, now that you've been a booth bunny, too, I'm going to have to try harder to come up with new and unique things to do!

    thbbbbbpt! :-P

    Glad to hear you had a great day, and congrats on the new gun!


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