Sunday, September 23, 2012

GunShow, Fair Food and FacePalm Skeletons - Weekend Adventures Part II

I've arrived home from gun show/ fall fest weekend with my new purchase in tow.  It's a Kahr in .40, a little firearm to tuck in my coat pocket on those days there is a little chill in the air and mayhem lurking in the shadows. I'll have a range report up in a few days.

Yesterday  afternoon was the Scarecrow Fest in Wanatah, Indiana. I took just my tiny little pocket camera to save on toting things so the pictures aren't great, but you get the general idea.

You can say all you want about funnel cakes, deep fried candy bars, and other fair food, including a giant eclair the size of my torso (even splitting it we couldn't finish it).

But after breakfast and a pastry have worn off and you've walked all over looking at crafts and canned goods and quilts, art and antiques, nothing is as good as a ear of fresh steamed Indiana corn, dipped into a crockpot full of fresh dairy butter and sprinkled with garlic salt as you head back to the car.

After the fest we headed into shop at some of the quaint little stores in nearby towns.  At one little store that has gifts, nice kitchen ware and novelties for adults and kids alike, I  found an abbelskiver pan, and at the same store, a little skeleton Halloween decoration,  his head in his heads Face Palm Style.  I laughed, and put him in my basket.

I passed on the Electronic Yodeling Pickle though I'm sure there were some shoppers, sick and tired of trying to convince a jar of pickles to yodel using sheer force of will, that may have purchased one.   I don't think it's going to replace the IPod.

Purchases in hand, we headed through the country, to home.

As we neared home, Midwest Chick and I noticed that the creepy house up the road, had finally sold, the one that looked like the movie house where people go to and never return from.  She and I had referred to as the "Fritter House" (referencing an old horror movie). Someone bought it and was totally renovating it and a new subdivision was going in across the street. The garage sale before the sale  was something we'd joked about though -   "Is that blood on that fillet knife" and "I didn't know they made yard gnomes with pointed teeth".  But it was nice to see it being  fixed up for a new family, even if, as we drove past she said, "takes all kinds of critters to make Farmer Vincent's Fritters" and we busted up while Mr. B. looked at us funny.

It is really a pretty area though, and I'm looking for land north and northeast of here to build in a couple of years.  This is the home I'm having the architect draw up plans for.  A two bedroom, one bath bungalow, with good sized kitchen, a place to write a book and a big shop.The driveway will be a little wider and further out from the house for offloading things, and the garage in back will be a large shop but this is the dream home I plan on.


Once home, it was time to bake.  Two loaves and some hamburger buns.  Midwest Chick thought she'd make some "slider sized buns". They turned out to be a LITTLE bigger than planned.

"OMG, it's bunzilla!

"Uh, Mr. B. you're going to need to make the patties a little bigger, Midwest Chick's Slider buns are plate sized!"

The burgers, grilled outdoors with just a pinch of ancho, pepper and cumin were perfect on the buns, with just a little smokey cheddar and a few condiments.. The beef was 4-H raised beef, of which the freezer is full.  Even without "toppings" on for the photo, they were the size of a Buick (but much more tasty). The bread was delicious, making light, flaky buns, another hit recipe from Midwest Chick's kitchen.

Full of burgers and a glass of wine, we listended to old jazz til we got sleepy, Barkley snuggled up to everyone on the big couch.

Soon it was morning.

Where's Barkley?  Oh uh. Someone got wrapped around the tree chasing Mr. Squirrel.  His zip line, which runs on a high line from the deck to the back, takes him deep in the yard, with a bungee on either end so a quick stop won't hurt him.  He knows the path, which parallels a dirt road the tractor uses, but apparently he got sidetracked and is now stuck, his lead wrapped around a tree.

Mom!!!  It's Stuck!

Barkley rescued, it was time for breakfast.  Mr. B. made us corn pancakes with a dab of molasses and vanilla in the batter with Amish bacon and fried eggs.  I've a cooler of Amish bacon from Beef Mart to take back with me, to share with some friends and a couple colleagues.

It was time to load up! The old farmers around here say that the amount of nuts on the ground is indicative of how hard the winter is going to be.   This is the driveway.  There's actually gravel there somewhere under all the nuts, more so than even the hordes of squirrels could haul off.

Oh, you guys are SOOOOO toast this winter.

After I waved goodbye and headed out, I gave Og a call on the bluetooth.  He'd been squirrel hunting and wasn't able to join us with his family.

Private Og bat phone - ring ring

Me (cheesy Russian accent):  "I told you to keel moose and squirrel.. . . . "

I'd already heard that they'd seen no squirrels, just animals OUT of season, such as  a "whitetail that had a rack big enough to put a grand piano in".  He even tried our favorite trick, pretending to be whitetail hunting so the squirrels come in by bus to loudly  harass everyone.  It didn't work.

But it was good to catch up with him and I hope he gets a smile out of these posts, as do some of you who know us.

When I got home and put Mr. Skeleton on the bookshelf, I realized how lucky I was, not to just live in a land where we have the ability to spend such weekends with those we love.  But our ability to live where our hard work keeps the freezer full without outside help, where neighbors help neighbors but pull their own weight and where we can gather at night, snug in our homes, sharing the fellowship of freedom and fun.

Thanks for sharing.
Brigid and Barkley


  1. Barkley is getting positively grey around his nose. Happy though, judging by the blurry tail in the photos... :)

  2. That eclair didn't look oversized! Perhaps that's why I've a problem in this area.


    PS - sounds like great fun!

  3. The Gal and I love the bungalow... we've always wanted a small, two-bedroom house... maybe an arts and crafts style... to retire in...

    Dann in Ohio

  4. Little pocket cameras are rivaling the big ones for quality now, upwards 16 megapixels and good lenses. Pansonic has one out now, 15X zoom and it uses Lecia lens. Lecia makes some of the best lens in the world and Panasonic is good with electronics. Nice little point n shoot that is very versatile.

    At one of my train shows the neighbors were the knife people. Spent some time wandering their show. Their craft is amazing and a few have elevated it to an art form. Intricate etched blades, handles of no compare and a blade to split hairs with. Then there was the leather work. Nothing at this show was for the low budget connoisseur.
    I have seen a few guns worked up close to being as nice as the knives but they are few and far between.

    Shows are a kick to cruise, learn a lots and see new stuff, get new ideas.

  5. Was this the gun you where telling me to get? I can't remember squat! Looks like B&B had a great good time. Where are the scarecrow pictures...I need some new inspiration.

  6. Brighid - this one, or the M and P 9 if you want something in .40.

    They really didn't have many scarecrows, I think the name was handed down over some generations. But there was a lot of interesting craft booths and food and we found a historic train in a local park and got all kinds of good pictures of it while we heard it's history from the gentlemen tending it (another post, another time)

  7. My Lovely Wife and I gave my brother one of those yodeling pickles for Christmas. Being fans of plastic singing fish, and paintings of dogs playimg poker, he and I have drawn great amusement from it. Just push the button, and it yodels! Also, how does Midwest Chick make such fluffy, tender bread? All mine turns out quite hearty and delicious, but less than ideal for hamburger buns. I may need another recipe for bread.

  8. Wolfman - no on on earth makes bread and cookies and such like Midwest Chick. Somehwere among all the packed up stuff is the direction I wrote down for this bread. I will try and scribe them for you soon.

  9. Looks like it was a grand weekend. Glad you had loads of fun.

    The bungalow picture looks really sweet, but it might be wise to have one built with a steeper roof pitch. Sorry, that photo just screams ice dam, especially in the valleys.

  10. Do the pickles move and/or detect motion?

    After "Billy the Bass" exhausted the market for talking rubber fish several Christmases ago, the technology reappeared as a way to promote fish-oil pills. Just what I always wanted on a late-night trip to Walgreens: to be accosted and lectured about health by a motion-sensing salmon. The pickles may be the latest incarnation (invegetation?) of the same stuff.

    Imagine stumbling upon a whole pallet of them for a few bucks during one of the troughs of the fad -- cheap enough to add that touch of surrealism to a practical-pistol funhouse or 3-D archery trail...

  11. Don't miss coming to The Feast of the Hunter's Moon NEXT year. I think you'd really like it. Also, I live very close to wolf park and I agree with is very interesting

  12. LOL @ the facepalm skeleton, hehe...

    The bungalow looks perfectly home-y.

    I envy all you midwesterners, there's no place like there in the fall. The smells in the air, the festivals....No where else rivals any of that atmosphere.....

  13. Brigid, your ability to surround yourself with people of like mind and spirit, to do and go as you please once the necessities and responsibilities are done; say, work for instance, and your incredible talent in taking a day and expressing as you have done is truly a gift. Thank you for sharing it.

  14. Mmmmm, corn pancakes. It's been... decades.

    Billy Bass: Someone bought Mrs. Drang's boss one. When he was out of the office, we set it to "motion sense" and stuck it under his desk...


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