Friday, September 21, 2012

Sweet Things

Triumphs are Red
Roses are Pink
Enough Lucas Wiring
You'll Soon Turn to Drink
- Brigid

I saw a card for Sweetest Day, which I don't believe is an actual holiday unless you live in a Hallmark Store.  I'd never heard of it til I moved to the Midwest certainly.

I will be avoiding all trappings of that, but for you ladies that wonder if your partner or best friend is going to get you something for that holiday or the big Christmas one coming you I'd caution against taking a peek over their shoulder at their computer screen when they're shopping online.

It might ruin the surprise.


  1. My lovely bride reads your prose (but fortunately doesn't try to cook your recipes). Now I'll have to find another present.

    Maybe something from Brownells...

  2. Gosh, that's almost as bad as the pressure canner that I really DID get my wife for Christmas. And yet, we are still married, which means I chose wisely.

  3. Those old British motorcycles had Lucas electrics, too... If it even looked like it was going to rain, some of them wouldn't run at all :)

  4. Unless you want to be driven to drink, may we suggest?

  5. Well Seasoned - That takes all the fun out of it! Try old International Scout II wiring. No identifing numbers to speak of and ALL of it is green. Green power, green grounds, green green green.

    Usually I rip it all out and rebuild my own wiring harnesses...

  6. Lucas wasn't known as the "Prince of Darkness" for nothing.

  7. You'd better have backup transportation if you actually want to drive to drink when working on a Lucas product...

    Good luck with the triumph - it will indeed be a triumph the day you get all the Lucas wiring replaced!

  8. I have been wishing for a new to me pistola... in case some guy who cares reads this...
    My brother got his (soon to be ex-wife if he's not real careful) a giant woodburning heater and a chainsaw for Christmas...

  9. Just got home from out of town wedding and side trip to Crater Lake... had to burst out laughing when I read the rhyme!

    Reminded me of an old joke: "Why do the British drink warm beer?... because Lucas also makes refrigerators!"


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