Wednesday, September 12, 2012

The Further Adventures of Devil Dog

I've come to steal your sole.

They aren't STOLEN panties, they're UNDOCUMENTED PANTIES

Grammar Police Dog says - "were" not "was". Those "WERE" my clean towels.

I'm on a very short electronic leash for the next few days.  There will be saved posts coming up, so come on back.

Til later. . . .keep your nose down and your tail out of trouble.


  1. Barkley's so smart.

    I could offer him a position as adjunct copy editor in my business...which currently employs, well, me. ;)

  2. Stay safe, and we'll be here when you return.

  3. And Barkley will be checking his pee-mail messages.

  4. Thanks all, there will be posts up but didn't want anyone to worry if I have to go quiet for a few days.

    Auntie J - he would be honored. He CAN spell "W-A-L-K" and "T-R-E-A-T".

    Rev. Paul - wilco

    Mrs. S - pee mail - hahahahhahahha

  5. *hugs* Hope all goes well, and your just-for-you clothes stay unchewed!

    (Yes, Barkley, I know you're saying you'll behave on the slippers just as soon as Brigid throws in the towel. What are we gonna believe, your big beggin' eyes or your lyin' tail?)

  6. It's as if Barkley said "Mom's busy so I'll step in for her!" and devoted the whole post to himself. LOL.

    That's okay, we love these as much as all of the other kinds. Barkley's the most adorable Devil Dog I've ever seen, hehe.

  7. "Un Documented Panties".....heh.

    Will keep you in my prayers.


  8. Be safe. It's "interesting" times we're in right now.


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