Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Tinkering in the Kitchen - the Adventure Continues

Last week, from the attached garage of my crash pad, came the sound of a giant cricket.  Cricketzilla sounded about 3 feet long, but the one time I spotted him when I turned the light on, he was much smaller.  But dang, he's LOUD.  Night after night he chirped away on the other side of my bedroom wall.  Leaving the garage door open for a bit didn't encourage him to leave.  I was wondering as to ways to dispatch him (would using a silencer on a cricket be illegal or apropos?)

I did a little checking on line, apparently the life span of the average field cricket is just a couple of months.  Already an adult, he likely had only a few weeks to live, if that.

The poor little guy, he doesn't even make it to Halloween.  I didn't have the heart to take him out.  He could stay safe in my garage as my pet cricket.

I named him "Mort".

Fortunately, for we humans, our life span is much longer if we are blessed and take care of ourselves.

But as I get older, I try and eat better.  But after a recent blood donation I found my cholesteral was, as my long time family doctor put it ,"*#(@, what's your secret?!"  The total was down in the low 100 range.  Bad cholesteral last checked was 29 and good cholesteral was at the top end of the good range. My b/p was 105 over 58.  Trust me,  it's not due to my cooking habits on the weekends.

As  I explained it to my best friend at work when I brought him some leftover pie this morning.

"Five days a week my body's a temple, on the weekends it's an amusement park".

This was NOT a weekend of salads. 

I had company coming by one night and I wanted to make something special.  I had lasagna "round ups", usually referred to as "roll ups" but having speared more than one round bale of hay with a John Deere in my time, I renamed them. I'd made them the day before and tucked away.

I had pesto, also made a couple days ago and I had all kinds of cheese left from the tractor show tailgate bash. There was broccoli and fresh spinach, chicken and a loaf of fresh baked bread on the counter. There was pie, if we could still move.

I was ready to create.

click to enlarge photo

Lasagna Round Ups with Pesto Alfredo Sauce

Lasagna noodles, individually covered with a mixture of egg, cheese and spice were rolled up in individual bundles and covered in a four cheese alfredo sauce spiked with garlic and nutmeg to which was added spinach seared with more garlic and homemade pesto.  The results were then slow baked until creamy.  It's not ever going to be considered "heart healthy", but it was excellent and got rave reviews.  I served it  with crispy oven baked chicken, lots of steamed broccoli and the homemade bread to round up any extra sauce. We never did get to the pie and it went home with everyone.

As I lay in bed before sleep, ready to be back at work early in the morning, I thought about plain oatmeal for breakfast.  But it was a good weekend, I also thought, as I listened to Mort out in the garage, equipped with what could only be cricket sub woofers.  I sighed and turned on my environmental noise machine to block the sound, a useful bit of technology for those times I have to sleep in the day after pulling late duty.

From the sound machine . . . .  a symphony of crickets. . . .

You all enjoy the good times, however long they last.

 - Brigid


  1. Well, heck...the steamed brocoli and the roll-ups must have just about cancelled out as neutral...

  2. Well I am reminded of an old joke. The 50 year old is in the Doctors office. The doctor tells him that he needs to give up the fatty foods, the bourbon, the cigars, the young women, and start to exercise. The patient asks the doctor: "Will I live longer"?

    The Doctor says "No, it will just seem like it".

  3. An amusement park ... heh. You have great genes, or a really dry weekday diet of bark & twigs.

  4. greg - that's the idea!

    Keads - ha! My Dad has had to cut back on his occassional martini before dinner, to just a beer during sports on the weekend due to his high blood pressure but he still enjoys it.

    He once told me, "I feel just like I did at 25, except that all the names in my little black book end in M.D."

    armedlaughing - I knew you would get it!

    Rev Paul - good genes mostly,lots of biking and walking and I do the daily fiber and fish oil (I like Advocare products) and eat a lot of beans and grains and game, and only the rarest of junk food. I still regularly get carded and I passed 50 recently.

    Brownies though, I can't say no to a brownie provided it's neutered and frosting free.

    After a weekend feast, I send the leftovers home with guests, and get back to healthy stuff on Monday. My gal friend T. loved the pie so she got a big hunk of it.

  5. My old cat Cinder would hunt down those annoying garage crickets and disassemble them into their component parts and leave them on the garage floor resembling a parts blow-up schematic.

  6. Nice MTB, Brigid--looks about the vintage of mine. You should look into a set of semi-slick (Conti Town & Country for example) tires for gravel/pavement mixed roads. Also going to clipless pedals and shoes will really improve your power applied to the wheels, and are safer once you get used to them...

  7. Redirecting my dietary track the way you have outlined here...maybe it will work! As for the sound(s) of crickets, well, you knew the odds were going the way of Mort getting (virtual) company at some point, right? ;)

  8. If your sound machine has crickets, Mort might have come into the garage looking for a hot date.

    Great looking food as usual! Oatmeal does make a dramatic contrast; that's for sure.

  9. A "Tinker's Dam", Find not it I did not.

  10. 51 here and just feeling dam lucky to be alive.

    We don't have much more time than poor old Mort.

    That being said I have a daughter and a couple of young dogs to get grown up yet.


  11. Your post about cholesteral...I am a T2 diabetic who has always had very good cholesteral readings. I still get the auto-generated phone solicitations from my pharmacy telling me I must need to give them some more money for something I don't seem to need.

  12. Island Bob - Ikea Krickets!

    Monkeywrangler - it's still a ways from driving status, body is immaculate but still some Lucas wiring exorcism to be done.

    Andie - good for you! My assistant at work who got some leftovers said it was the best thing I ever brought in.

    Mrs. S. - the website said only the males make noise. Does anyone know??

    danontherock - good to hear from you! I'm watching the track of this lateset hurricane and hope it wimps out before it gets to your piece of Canadian rock. I'll keep your whole family in my prayers.

    john - ah. . hope you are feeling better!

  13. Thanks Brigid,

    I have been watching as well. I have a look at the NWS hurricane page everyday at this time of year. There are currently two we are watching. Leslie and Michael

  14. It's all your fault, you know - here I was, innocently surfing the blogosphere, on the first day of my renewed vow to be more faithful to the low-carb diet, and see lasagna rollups here.


    Lots of "interesting!" and "Huh! possibly..." and "I've eaten a variation of that in a organic hippie frou-frou place" later, I made lasagna for dinner tonight. With parmesan, feta, and Italian-herb-marinated mozzarella, lean and tasty ground beef from a cow we knew personally (named Phillip Mignon), and zucchini cut to lasagna-noodle thickness as a delicious substitute.

    Dinner was delicious, and it's all your fault. Thanks!

  15. I believe the proper tool to dispatch such a beast is a cricket bat.


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