Sunday, September 2, 2012

I Vote for Bacon for Breakfast

It's Sunday, guests are awake and it's time for a real breakfast.  If you didn't get up in time to vote for what was going to be made, don't complain if you're unhappy with the results.  

That's how that voting thing works, don't forget to get out there and do it this November.

For now, while it's pouring too hard to even think about heading out to the range, it's time for breakfast. What's a typical "feed a crowd" breakfast around here?

Amish bacon  - check!
Eggs for Frying - check!
Hash Browns - Check!
Cast iron pan - check!
Bacon Press - check! 
Ham and Smoked Cheddar Biscuits (with white peppered gravy) - check!

Remember - for those cooking for the first time - the handle on that cast iron pan gets really hot, so make sure you have your mitt handy.  

Getting burned is something you don't forget.


  1. Is that an active verb?

    sign me,

    (I know, I should be hurt)

  2. I... don't even know how to tackle that one, or what to think. Hmm, I am hungry now though.

  3. Now that's what I call a mixed message!

  4. Looks wonderful! Tomorrow morning will be bacon, eggs, etc., to meet the birthday request of My Honey. ;)

    We are home and cooking now, too. This morning it was gravlaks, scrambled eggs, home made bread, mustard sauce. Yes, we made it, we built it, we ate it! Yum!

  5. I so want an invite to breakfast! It is mid-afternoon and suddenly I'm craving breakfast!

  6. I have bacon, eggs, grits and biscuits this morning... Tomorrow, back to airplane food :-(

  7. I am getting organized (God help us all) and today got breakfast on, cleaned the closet because it was storming and I couldn't get back in the garden.

    So now I'm reading through your recipes looking for something cowboy to do with ground lamb, fresh pork and venison sausage and my cast iron skillet. If I can't find anything, I'll make something up and send you the recipe!

    Yum! for Obacon!!!!

  8. OMG - I am so craving biscuits right now.....

  9. Leslie - the recipe is on the sidebar. Thanks!

  10. But it doesn't really matter if you get up early and vote for bacon if the person who buys the food only stocks grits and Tang.


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