Saturday, September 1, 2012

Weekend Photos

Fate lies within some blades of grass,

the cosmos in the morning dew.

Tread infinity as you blindly pass,

and lose what you never knew.



  1. Nicely done. Thanks for bringing some moisture into my arid day.

  2. Lovely photos, and profound words. Thanks for the reminder. :)

  3. Beautiful pictures, and through provoking text, thanks!

  4. Hmmm...almost feels like something that would have worked as a Haiku. Glad you folks are getting some rain.

  5. Awesome photos and words to match!

  6. Capt Schmoe - thank you. Hope all is well out there.

    greg - central Indiana was passed over. About 15 minutes of a light drizzle, and that was it. Tons of rain north and south and West though, I can see the lightning off in the distance.

    Sherry - just got back from taking Barkley for a walk with friends that came by for supper. House is quiet, he is tuckered out, and everyone was full (baked chicken with lasagna roll ups with pesto/alfredo sauce, homemade whole wheat bread, broccoli and pie.

    After a week of salads and the rushed turkey sandwich during a hectic week, I was ready.

  7. Very nice photographs. Even better words. Have a great weekend.

  8. Looks like the maker of that pretty web is lurking in the upper left of the first picture. Are spiders only scary if they jump out from behind stuff in the bathroom?

  9. Lost it long ago, actually...and lost a good portion of what I did know in the process.

  10. So very Zen of you. From and to someone who knows nothing.

    I hope the nothingness still gave you a big fat kiss for just being anyway.

  11. beautiful words to match the beautiful pics - i enjoyed both!

    your friend,

  12. Central IN is getting the rain now. What we're getting up here in Boiler country came from there.
    Yesterday, we had over 1.5" in my neck of the rural bush. -Far too late for the corn that's been getting picked all week and hell on the round bales of hay waiting to be stored.

    The "eye" has been parked over Mattoon, IL for several hours now. As long as it sits there, moisture from the south will continue to feed the rain band.

  13. These are great photos, you always impress me with your eye with a camera.

    I was also touched by the sentiment of the prose. We are so often caught up in what we "see" or "know" that we don't realize the universe is sliding by with more wonders than we can know.

    I'm content to just look in the brown eyes of my black labs and stroke their fur and marvel at the complexity of our relationship.

  14. Unknown - with regards to your "do not post" question about your dog's medical situation.

    I'm so sorry, Hemangiosarcoma is a very agreesive cancer as I'm sure you well know. I hope the canine oncologist can buy you some time. As far as coping, all I did was all I could do, get the best medical care I could, treat every day as if it was his last, and mentally prepare myself for the day, that if he couldn't be kept pain free and enjoying his life, I'd let him go. I was so lucky I didn't have to do that, but I still watch him very closely. There's a chance it's still lurking in him, byt the lymph glands have been clear the last two checks. My prayers will be with you and Zorro.


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