Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Dogs and Books - Above Reproach

Above Reproach - FAIL

"But Mom, I didn't inhale!"

Yes, that was my brand new Shower Puff. I could have sworn I hung it off the faucet handle.

He will eat anything that's soft and bite sized or smells like food.  He's particular fond of skivvies and kitchen towels all snuggly and fresh from the drier but usually will just run around with them while I chase him. He even has to be given his food in his dog dish in small servings or he will eat until he pukes (Bowl-imia). 

So it was not the best sight to come home to after running late errands. But this was.  A package, sent to my address, a female shooty friend coordinating the arrival. 

It began with a phone call -  "J.D. wants to send you a copy of his book, he's a big fan"

I thought she was pulling my leg.

She wasn't . .

Above Reproach - Excellent!

And it's autographed!! 
To say that made my day is an understatement.  (no really I didn't make that "Sqweeeeeee!" noise, it was Barkley laying into a chew toy, really).

J.D. didn't ask me to review it, but I will, as I enjoyed it.  He took a career in the military and law enforcement and a love of writing and began using that for his work for the NRA that resulted in him working on speeches and commercials for those that support the Second Amendment.  This is his first attempt at fiction but it's a fine one and his second and third books I know will be further honed into those types of stories that grow on you with thought and time.

Yes, it's a novel about the Second Amendment, but it's much more.  It's fast paced with characters that you will find among many of the people you know.  The weaponry is actually accurate unlike so many "action books" out there.  The characters are many, the  plot twisting and turning.  In lesser hands, it could be confusing, but it all came together for me as I read, to that sort of climax of events that either ends well, or end us completely. If it does not make you sit up late, to read and think, you need to open your eyes, for understanding the world we are faced with, is always the most important of our weapons.

I will look forward to his next one.


  1. You've sold me! I want to read this one.

  2. Sherry - google it, but you can order it at Barnes and Noble and Amazon and a number of other sources that sell paperback and Kindle books.

  3. Brigid,

    Thanks for the kind words and the nice message--that made MY day today.

    If anyone would like a personally signed copy (signed to them), there is a sidebar on my website ( with instructions.

    Should Paypal be a problem, you can e-mail me at the same address jd(At)jdkinman(dot)com and we can make other arrangements.

    Like I said in the inside of the book, "Home On The Range" has given me endless excursions back into the past and rekindled memories of a great childhood and of experiences relative to the time period.

    Thanks again, and always a huge thanks for continuing to stand up for the Second Amendment.



  4. Your skivvies are bite sized and/or smell like food?

    I had to come out of lurk mode to get that one in before someone else does.

  5. JD - it was an honor to get to talk to you. I look forward to the next adventure.

    Andy - oh, that made me laugh. Fortunately, he didn't EAT any of the puff, and I made sure other bath items are up higher.

  6. That's a very cool thing he did. JD, that is; not Barkley.

    Cool stuff. :)

  7. You might look for a "Whoa Buddy" bowl to feed Barkley with. It's molded with large nubs that protrude up, making it a little more work for a dog to eat, slowing them down. I found one and got it for our yellow lab Stella, who could inhale her food in half the time our other dogs took.

  8. Your words have won the appreciation of another Wordsmith!

    Now THATS a compliment. So... when are you going to write a book, hmmm?

  9. Mattexian - thanks for the tip. He's always just wolfed it down and then will barf if he does it TOO fast. I've been giving smaller servings more often but this might be a better idea.

    Cond0010 - Not until after my duty to care for my Dad is done, there aren't enough quiet hours and bulk time off to really dive into a book. I hope that's a few years off, I know it's not and take each day as I can.

  10. Great book. Great man.

    Great review!

  11. Loved that book! Really fun read with an excellent message.


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