Monday, October 1, 2012

Blog Meet Weekend - The Gathering

Sunday was Indy Blog Meet Day.  Things have been such a blur professionally, I totally missed the date until Tam mentioned it in conversation.  Yikes!  I need to get that marked on my calendar!

After a morning of shooty fun, the rest of the gang met at the Broad Ripple Brew Pub.  In attendance (from 3 o'clock, counterclockwise) were Old Grouch, blog meet regular and official lurker #2 -Don, Tam, Roberta X , The Jack (in a kilt!) and  Engineering Johnson  and myself.

After drinks were served and toasts made,  I presented Roberta with this little number which EJ found in his travels with  a "someone was throwing out a perfectly good retroencabulator!" 

It was a hit, and we even included the instructions to telegraph out for replacement parts.

The beer was cold all brewed right there by the Broad Ripple Brew Pub. Lawnmower Pale Ale for me, and several of the group trying their Octoberfest brew or one of the old fashioned sodas, in an assortment you won't find at most restaurants.

Food was, as always, eclectic and good.  Appetizers of Scotch Eggs, giant pretzels with beer/cheese dip and some double cheese stuffed roasted jalapenos with some sort of spicy crumb topping, a special of the day.

Then came the sandwiches, this one a Brisket Burger. With BACON. 

We discussed all manner of things, including firearm patent law, old radios, ribbon microphones (duraluminum  - it will get a hole in it if you just look at it wrong) and all manners of old recording gadgetry to the point that Tam exclaimed "I'm surrounded by geeks".  "Yes, we're everywhere", I said.  "We're ubiquitous!" Old Grouch exclaimed.

I don't have half of the knowledge that some of the gang has on such things but I've been taught well enough to mess with an intern who comes up with a piece of old lab equipment with wires sticking out of it and a puzzled look and I explain how the disconnected wires were essential to the inductive resonance that fed the capacitance loop which powered the daisy chained transistor matrix that...

Don't mess with geeks.

The Brew Pub was pretty busy, folks seated inside and out, dogs being welcome outside with their owners.

Some Brew Pups here, looking for a little love. Their "people" said we could pet them and we did.


After  good food and drink, much laughter and conversation, it was time to wave goodbye.  But not until after perusing some interesting things in the parking lot.  A old Model A from the looks of it, and an assortment of really cool bicycles.

There's always a collection of neat bicycles on the Monon.  One thing about Broad Ripple, you can observe a six foot three inch gunblogger wearing a kilt looking at classic bikes and no one bats an eye.

But NO bike was neater than Roberta's bike. In her "I'm here because you broke something" T shirt and polka dot helmet, she was ready to rumble.

As she and Tam rode off into the sunset, I loaded up the retroencabulator to follow to Roseholme Cottage, neither bike being equipped to properly transport something with hydrocoptic marzelvanes (so fitted to the ambifacient lunar waneshaft that sidefumbling is effectively prevented.).

See all of you later, it was a great afternoon!


  1. Wow, that looks/sounds/reads like a great afternoon. I live too too far away to crash that blogmeet, though.
    I've a thought, Do you moonlight as a 'spamtrap filler' author?

  2. All I could think of (re: the geekery) was from Mad (Magazine's) Guide to TV Repair...
    'Disconnect fleegle, then realign slog bitsko fignut.'
    Yeah, I am not a geek. :-(

    I've three goals - to go to Boomershoot, Gun Blogger Rendezvous, and of course, one of the Indy Blogmeets.
    Probably never happen, though.


  3. Looks like fun times.

    "someone was throwing out a perfectly good retroencabulator!"

    Looks like all it needs is an upgrade to “write-only memory.”


  4. Sounds like a blast. I miss Indy already, and it's only been a few months.

  5. Sounds like a great time was had by all - and I didn't realize someone makes a pennyfarthing bike in a realistic size. Cool!

  6. Missed you guys. Hope to be at the next one.

  7. I have got to get to one of those! Sounds like a good time was had by all.

  8. it's cool to be with people who share your interests... and have fun and great food, too (mm, bacon...)

    and that bike was awesome!
    (want, want, want... not that i don't already have 3 bicycles, but what the hey)

  9. As bikes go, that one is inexpensive -- mind you, I have upgraded grips, seat and now pedals: it's built a kid's bike, or a novelty for adults, under $200.

    It was delightful to hang out with the kewl kids -- and the widget is wondrous!

  10. It was a real good time.

    Great weather too. Hope we get a few more Sundays like that this year.

    Yeah I'd probably have gotten more notice if I had been OCing over the kilt. Then again...

  11. Opinionted Grump - "smaptrap filler". ???

    armlaughing - I think you will make one of them. We sure hope you do.

    Don - it has upgrade potential, or at least Roberta can telegraph for extra parts.

    MSgtB - we missed you, the last one with you and a couple of us was so much fun.

    Rev Paul - it was awesome. OK, I was afraid to ride it, but it was awesome.

    Fuzzy - hope you can make one, when you show up hippies fall off bridges and all sorts of cool things happen. Just so you know, on your new blog site it's not letting me make comments, I'll try the registration thing again.

    Roberta - so glad it made you smile.

    Jack - you rocked the kilt, thanks for the support of Kilted for Cancer!

  12. That's not you sitting next to EJ in that pic. It's the President...


  14. Hi! Just found this blog, thought you might be interested!

  15. Sooo...can one Skype in for these things? 'Cause that would be cool.

  16. TonCanAssassin - there were no photos, so we're not sure. :-)

    Kirk A - thanks!

    Bob in Tampa - welcome and I have to say those are REALLY cool.

    Auntie J - I bet we could make that work, Bobbie usually has a little laptop of such. Not sure if it has a camera. We'll see if we can set it up for you. You'd be a good fit to the group.

  17. love me some scotch eggs! yummm!

    does that thingamajig have a flux capacitor in it?

  18. Auntie J: I own a couple of Eees, both of which have (I think) cameras. One for sure. But I'll need to get set up with Skype and I'm not sure what kind of bandwidth the Brew Pub offers -- enough to read and post to blogs, anyway.

  19. Glad y'all had fun, and sorry I missed it (again)...


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