Thursday, October 4, 2012

On Reality

There’s a fine line between fishing
and just standing on the shore like an idiot.
 –Steven Wright

Whether it's economics, what's in that hot dog, that "perfect guy or gal" you met on the internet (wow, I didn't know Kansas City had the same telephone prefix as Ghana),

politics or that first fishing trip . . .

sometimes it's interesting to just sit back quietly and watch folks as the rose colored glasses come off.


  1. Thanks Big E. for letting me share the shots of little E. from that outing. He's a cutie.


  2. Oh, he is adorable. Thank goodness you went with artificial instead of real worms. :)

  3. Yeah, a real worm would've gone straight up his nose ... at least, if he's anything like a certain person I know. ::hands in pockets, whistling idly::

  4. That pretty much summed up a lot of the audience watching the debate last night.

  5. Likes the 40 winks aspect of the fishing trip.

  6. @ Rev. Paul: yeah, but didja EAT one? (not that I ever did that @ 18 mos old the day I got out of hospital for observation after ingesting some tasty fertilizer):D

    Brigid (and Big E), thanks for the pictorial story, it was just the thing for a grey Friday morning!

  7. Thanks, Brigid; brings me back to when our sons were small and they found such entertainment in the simplest things!


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