Sunday, October 14, 2012

World's Shortest Weekend Range Review

I'm naming this one Nancy. She's really small, not particularly pretty and has a mean bite if crossed.   I don't think I'd vote for one of these. On the other hand, for something with a lousy sight picture she can do deadly damage up close, but there are a lot of firearms that can do that.

One of the fellows at the conservation club let me try it out.  The Keltec P3AT .380 acp. Fully loaded with 6 +1 in the barrel, she weighed 11.2 oz fully loaded (Jay G had a great post a long while back comparing it with a Colt 25 acp).

I'll be back soon with a foodie post as soon as my hand quits hurting.

- Brigid


  1. You will like the P3AT. With Corbon DPX or other top of the line effective rounds, it will be adequate.

    Not your first choice for a defensive handgun, but you will find it is the one you carry the most.

    It is small enough that it (well, a Ruger LCP) is in my pajama pocket before I leave the bedroom.

  2. I have shot the P3AT and the PF9 side by side. The 9 is much more comfortable to shoot and more potent with little size increase.

  3. But Nancy's seven feet tall!

    (Concur that the PF9 is easier to shoot than the P3AT)

  4. Drang - not THAT Nancy.

    She's Garand!

    The liberal one.

  5. I'll pass on the Keltec, I like reliability, and they are NOT known for it...

  6. One of the most-painful to shoot pistols I've owned was a .380 AMT; that thing bit me more than my .44 Mag; conversely, my least-painful centerfire was a .380 Sterling. Good gun, functioned well, but too big so I traded it for a .41 for hunting.

  7. Ours will definitely SNAP your finger when fired... prefer our Ruger LCP for a pocket full of power...

    Nancy does seem seven feet tall... especially in heels...

    Dann in Ohio

  8. I HATE the P3AT! What NFO said. Two have been here and they are not something I trust.

  9. Try Breakfast Nook in Lafayette, at the corner of Teal and 52.
    The converted White Castle building doesn't look like much, but the tenderloin is amazing and huge.
    I've had too many tough or over-breaded tenderloins to the point of avoiding disappointment whenever someone claims the greatness of their featured sammich.
    I was not only not disappointed, I was savoring every bite.

    Regarding the Keltecs, my brother carries the P3AT and I the PF9.
    Hate the loooooooooooooooong trigger, but easily concealed and has been reliable for me in every target or range practice session. (that includes the HP self-defense ammo I put in the carry magazine)

  10. Hi Brigid,

    I just read this article by Matthew at Straight Forward in a Crooked World.

    I think he has some good points.

    A .22 pistol like the Beretta Bobcat is extremely easy to conceal; hence you’re more likely to carry it. In my LEO days, I often concealed such a back-up gun in a folded handkerchief.

    .22 ammunition is cheap; the shooter can afford to practice with the weapon.

    The typical thug is looking for easy pickings & actually has an aversion to being perforated. They fervently wish to avoid trips to the hospital where people ask difficult questions like, "Who are you & what were you doing when you acquired these injuries?" Even a lowly .22 would be enough to engage this aversion.

    Perhaps it’s not DRT lethal, but a .22 is quite sufficient to incapacitate an attacker. Knees & shoulders function very poorly when shot.

    The “It’s only a .22” or “I only shot him a little bit” defense does have some traction with judges & juries.

    If I were expecting a situation where serious disagreement was likely, my .45 auto would be the first pistol I pick up. However, for a situation requiring concealed carry, perhaps the much maligned .22 might actually have a place.

    Gerald "Jerry" Dreisewerd

  11. Jerry - thanks for the link to the article. I'd agree that a .22 in the hands of a skilled and practiced shooter can be far more deadly than a .45 hollow point in the hands of someone who shoots once a year. For the price of 100 rounds of centerfire, you can put 500 rounds of rimfire downrange in training. That training is a priceless asset.

    But in a high stress situation the fine motor skills are the first to go. I'd rather go with big debilitating hole than take the chance of well placed .22 in the dark. Add drugs into the mix, I definitely want the larger round. Nothing worse than a couple .22 slugs in the shoulder or arm to really enrage someone who is high. But you and others bring up good points to consider. A .22 is ALWAYS better than nothing, or a bigger gun youare neither proficient or comfortable with.

    If that is what you use, get good ammo, the cheap rimfire stuff can be very unreliable. It's also a bit dirty so keep the firearm clean.

    Thanks for the info!

  12. The P-32 is much more pleasant to shoot, and still more delivered foot pounds than a .25 acp.

    After a bit of breakin' in, practice, and keeping it oiled, I can rapid fire 100% into the torso of a silhouette target, and about 80% head-shots at the range this piece should reasonably be expected to used for. Definately not a 25yd target pistol.


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