Saturday, November 24, 2012

Secret Squirrel Mission - Operation Tamalanche

This morning started with the smell of French pastry baking and ended with a trek into the city as part of Operation Tamalanche.  There were some baked and other goodies in the front seat  (including a message from Barkley) and a mission to be accomplished. For those of you who have been away this last month, Tam, everyone's favorite Mistress of Snark, my friend and Barkley's official "other Mom", is dealing with cancer and many out there are helping to raise funds for her expenses.. Some of the drawings for the raffles for medical care are still going on with the one for the Dragon Leatherworks holster on my sidebar being drawn as late as the 2nd.

But raffles aside, there were a number of people that expressed interest in sending Tam something via mail and our friend Erin Palette really took the horse by the reins and organized a care package round up. (There's more info and pictures on Erin's blog, so check it out).  Ind blog meet regular The Jack lent a secure mailing address for the items and offered his help as needed.  

Some of the package contents were discussed with great amounts of laughter, especially Erin's idea for some My Little Pony fun. There is something about geeks and My Little Pony. (Hey,there is even a pony that pays homage to Doctor Who.)  So Erin's idea was awesome, even more so with the addition of some G.I. Joe sized weaponry and gear that The Jack was able to procure for the plan. In addition to that fun, several of the bloggers donated books, including a Girl and her Gun and someone who will remain anonymous that sent this one. Viking meet Navy Seals - what more does a girl want?

Tam, now don't read that all at once, in your flu weakened state I don't want to have to get out the smelling salts or anything.

But I regress.

The first part of the mission was the integral "drop off" of the package of goodies. It was agreed I could make the drop off .  Instructions were sent back and forth and instantly deleted, code words were exchanged, R and P calculators were synchronized. With my little contribution, as well as a book for Roberta X, also under the weather,  the secret package was delivered by the "Bark Park" (secret code name for the "Bark Park") by The Jack with the appropriate super secret codewords. We are both in dark trucks, he has a dark hat pulled low over his brow, I have fuzzy mittens. We look around to
make sure a dog doesn't pee on our tirescheck for suspicious characters. (Remember the codewords, remember the codewords.)

Me:  *@(# it's cold

The Jack : ah yup.  here's the box. 

We've got this squirrel stuff down, I tell you.

With the flu running rampant at Roseholme Cottage, Tam was not feeling her best, nor was Roberta X. So I stayed just long enough to see her open the box and get some pictures for those of you who put so much time into this and especially you Erin, for without whom it wouldn't have come off without a hitch.

So much cool stuff, from a number of folks.  A number asked to remain anonymous but thank you everyone.

Elvis mug and Elvis Chocolates and Hot Chocolate. .

A bulletproof clip board

Game meat!  mmmmm.  Meat!

Plus all kinds of cool books and food and seasoning things

Plus there were cards, personally written notes and a couple of checks to add to the fund.

And lasso, but definitely not least, Erin's (fully armed) My Little Ponies, including the special edition Tam version, (with  black ball cap).

Thanks again Erin for all the Tamalanche thought, creativity and coordination and to you, The Jack, for his assistance with everything.

As I said goodbye to all, including  Roseholme Cottage mascot, the Fed Ex frog, her smile, even feeling as punky as she was, said it all. Thank you out there for helping brighten someone's day who is much deserving of it.  This is a great blog group and the way you continue to care for one of our own has been something to see.

Brigid and Barkley


  1. Indeed it's not. I know Instinct is working on a VERY secret project that will make a lovely early Christmas present.

    That last picture... Toad Stool? Oh dear.

  2. Glad to have been a help.

    And yeah, it's not done yet. After the hand-off I got another book in the mail.

    The fat rook flies first when the storm hits.

  3. Thank you for your time and effort Brigid!

    And to everyone else too!

  4. There are times the strings are tugged on pretty good. My best and my prayers for a full recovery and complete remission.

  5. "I've got the yo-yo."
    "I've got the string."

    The only password and countersign I know.
    (Rowan and Martin, pre-Laugh In)

    I'll say anything to get baked goods.

    Hope everyone recovers from what ails them!

  6. Yep, we're just getting warmed up...

  7. Glad that went well! I await NFO's "getting warmed up".


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