Monday, November 12, 2012

Beware of Falling Bacon

Yesterday it was sunny and in the upper 70's and as a friend and I took Barkley to the park, without jackets, we remarked on how it didn't seem like November at all.  Today I woke up and it was snowing, reminding me how quickly things can change on us, and not always for the good.

I was filling out some paperwork for an Administrative Officer, (Ex Army, he takes good care of us) updating next of kin information and where my dental records are (the joys of having sometimes being in situations where they might have to actually USE your dental records).

Dad's age and  health might prevent him for coordinating things if I were to have a mishap ("honestly Sir, had we known she was stockpiling coffee creamer we'd not have picked that materials test involving the flamethrower").  SO, I had to change contact info.

Then I noticed that  now, there is a spot for "special instructions".

Hmmm. Let's see - Special Instructions.  "Should I permanently depart the fix, please contact Old NFO about coordinating a C-130 drop of 100 pounds of smoked bacon and a case or two of whisky into the Wake. Please make the drop from a safe altitude as my friends may have a range set up to do the bowling pin equivalent of a twelve gun salute.  By the way, if there is an emergency and you have to jettison the bacon early to decrease payload, please drop it on Iran. But at all cost gentlemen, protect the whiskey as we do wish to avoid  THIS."

But hopefully that day is a LONG way off and til then, we have other uses for bacon.
click to enlarge photo

What is better than succulent pork tenderloin, rubbed with cracked pepper and roasted?

That same tenderloin on top of mashed potatoes and smothered in Maple Bacon Gravy

Now gravy anything isn't exactly the stuff of blog photography goodness (why we don't see coffee table cookbooks on the Joy of Gravy).  But boy was it tasty.  With a  tenderloin (on sale $3.99), veggies bought in bulk, a bit of leftover bacon, with milk, soup stock and spices already on hand for other things, dinner can be on your table in  less than an hour and at less than $3.00 a serving.

The gravy was awesome, with chicken stock, fresh milk,  Pure Maple syrup, Amish bacon and a seasoning blend including smoked paprika, onion, garlic,dill, lemon peel, cardamon and allspice with a pinch of red pepper added in.  Every one agreed it would also be really good on biscuits, waffles, fried chicken, hash browns, you name it.

So give it a try, for when you make something like this for supper you never know who might drop in.


Rev. Paul said...


The Lowry Kitchen said...

I like the thought of falling bacon.....It really does sound tasty!

Sounds like Texas weather, good to know we aren't the only ones who have crazy extremes.

RonF said...

My daughter has been left specific instructions as to the brand, age and quantity of whiskey to be served at my wake. The wake having been accomplished, I desire a full-blown funeral service with plenty of singing. At least one motet, and a spiritual. I sing Tenor in my church choir and in a chamber choir, and anyone in them who has not predeceased me is invited to sing.

That all having been accomplished, I am indifferent as to the final use of my remains. Strip me down for parts if any are useful and feed the rest to the fish, for all I care.

Old NFO said...

I can handle that :-) And that power unit hauling it for points unknown is just plain HILARIOUS!!!

eiaftinfo said...

Sorry about that, didn't mean to pass on the crap!! Mid-70s on Saturday, upper 20s on Sunday and today . . . . . heavy sigh . . . .

As per the bacon, nice to see your priorities are well ordered!

idahobob said...

Oh my!



zdogk9 said...

I just knew there was a reason I cured twenty pounds of crab apple smoked bacon last week.

Ken O said...

As awful as it may sound, I am often curious about the horrors you have seen in your work, proud achievements, things we can learn from, what it is really like. I imagine, with your extraordinary gift for writing, that makes even the mundane sparkle, that reading about your work, where you can write about it, would be fascinating.

naturegirl said...

All I ask for is to have bacon be a part of whatever is after this life.....if it doesn't come with bacon I'm gonna be pissed......

Skip said...

I told the kids to just put me out on the curb in a leaf bag on trash day.
The money they save can go to a nice drunkin' bar-b-que.

And the bacon HAS to be part of the 'que'.

Skip said...

I told the kids to just put me out on the curb in a leaf bag on trash day.
The money they save can go to a nice drunkin' bar-b-que.

And the bacon HAS to be part of the 'que'.

MSgt B said...

Try to get some invitations out early for that wake thing, definitely don't want to miss that.

diesel smoke said...

Left over bacon? This is not possible.

Opinionated Grump (Rich in NC) said...

I read "this" and looked at the plate, and saw it was broken. It took me 4 looks to realize those were black lines in the plate not brokens.

"Save the Wisky" Sounds like a great battle cry.
Rich in NC

Opinionated Grump (Rich in NC) said...

I read "this" and looked at the plate, and saw it was broken. It took me 4 looks to realize those were black lines in the plate not brokens.

"Save the Wisky" Sounds like a great battle cry.
Rich in NC

Brigid said...

Rich in NC - Wow - you've a keen eye! I didn't see it and now I look at it and that's all I see. It's WalMart dinnerwear, corelle stuff.

diesel smoke - I got called out to work. It won't happen again :-)

The Lowry Kitchen - I think our warm weather is officially done.

RonF - I'm thinking of more the headstone that says "we buried all the parts we could find".

Olf NFO - aye.

eiafinfo - I like the snow, actually, just wasn't expecting it.

Idahobob - it was super easy to make, and yes, you COULD add a dab of whiskey to it for biscuits.

naturegirl - I'll be happy if there are books and bacon, but I'll let God figure out what's best for me along those lines.

MSgtB - well, I won't be around to invite, but consider yourself invited REALLY REALLY early.

Skip - years back, one of my pilot friends was transporting a body in an airplane for a funeral home in a smallish, cabin class type recip piston plane. With the change in cabin pressure, sometimes the dearly departed make noises, it's pretty creepy. One night, one of the mechanics hid under some cargo netting and during the flight, crept to the cockpit and put his hand on the pilots shoulder. He about crashed the dang plane and I think they had to replace the seat cushion.

Jennifer said...

I love gravy and yet rarely slow down and make it. I think I need to hang a sign in the kitchen reminding me that there is always time to make gravy.

Mick said...

Hmm... Corporate blocked my access to the link; I'll have to check it from home. Something about naughty things, if one can imagine that! For my exit, the kids know to have me dark-roasted and spread over ground that is unlikely to be made either residential or cropland; I like the idea of quail and deer getting some of their own back!

zdogk9 said...

I just got done giving this a trial with some of the crab apple smoked bacon I made. This is beyond good! This is right up there with Spring Fish for tasty goodness.
Your recipes are so easy to follow, as you can imagine I have to wade through way too many cookbooks written by and for new age foodies. You are as easy to follow as a good reloading manual.
You owe it to your self to publish these recipes you post. Mrs. Z who has been cooking professionally for 35 years was impressed, and that's damned hard to do.

Brigid said...

zdog - well you made my night (I'm in the travel mode and sort of catching the blog hit or miss).

A few of my recipes are old standby internet stuff that I just tweak the spices of or add an ingredient or two. Some, like this, I created from scratch while Partner patiently waits while I rush around with four spatulas and a beer, saying "out, out out! of the kitchen" (type A cooking school) and for that I'm proud that you liked it as did he.

I'm not sure about publishing, still wanting a low profile in life outside the blog, til I retire, but thanks.

I'll drop a note when I'm out that way again, hopefully can stop by and say hello to you and the Mrs.