Thursday, December 27, 2012

Bacon Gravy and Southern Biscuits - Yea Doggies!

I'm sure some people are contemplating their New Year Resolution, eat better, lose weight.  I try and eat healthy 95% of the time but when I read a healthy eating blogger's words that each piece of bacon I eat takes a day off my life, all I could think of was "wow, I should have been dead in 1914!'

So I'm not starting that "no bacon" thing any time soon.  Especially when, with a foot of snow, high winds,  the driveway and Barkley's "path to the yellow snow", both needing some serious shoveling, Biscuits and Gravy just seemed the thing to do (recipe is for 3-4 folks, adjust as necessary).

  • roughly 1/4 pound bacon
  • 1/3 cup flour
  • 1/3 teaspoon Himalayan pink salt
  • 1/4 teaspoon cracked black pepper
  • 1/4 teaspoon maple sugar
  • 2 and 1/2  cups milk plus 1/2 cup half and half (both at room temperature)

 click on this picture to enlarge, Barkley double dog dares you

First cut the bacon into thirds. Put it into a large skillet and fry it over medium heat until cooked but not too brown. Remove the bacon and keep warm. Stir the flour into the bacon grease (you want no more than 1/4 cup fat, if you have really fatty bacon or make extra pieces, remove any excess fat beyond 1/4 cup and save for your green beans).

Whisk over low/medium heat until the flour absorbs the fat and is just turning golden brown.  Add the salt, maple sugar and black pepper. Stir the milk a third at a time, whisking after each addition, allowing it to warm before adding additional milk.  Stir it in slow, using the whisk to keep it from getting lumpy.  Simmer (not a full rolling boil please!) for 3-5  minutes, until thickened, increasing heat as needed but NO more than medium. Serve over  fresh Southern Biscuits  (no cans!) sprinkled with the crumbled bacon pieces and a pinch or two of Sweet Paprika.


  1. Life without bacon.... What a terrible thought. I am gonna have to try this for breakfast tomorrow. Have some left over sausage that may be going in with the works. Take care.

  2. Now that is Biscuits and gravy! What a great thing. Its not just for Breakfast anymore as you point out.

  3. It was good! The biscuits are amazing. Meijer grocers carries the flour here in South/Central Indiana.

    The color change to the link for the biscuits didn't work, but if you click on the bold letters, you will get the recipe. Pretty basic, but very good.

  4. If every day without bacon means a day more at the end of life, I must assume those are additional bacon ftee days... So I dont really want them anyway.

  5. What Wolfman said.

    That looks perfect to have in the middle of a snowstorm, too.

  6. Man I'm hungry! That looks so good I might just print it out and eat the picture.

    Hey Lu. Lets eat!

  7. Kinda resembles what I thought of would be your version of French bread pizza!


  8. Oh, BURP....I just gained 5 pounds reading the receipe!

  9. Heard you guys got a nice storm. Hope you're digging your way out OK.

    Bacon makes great fuel for shoveling snow.

  10. Serves 3 or 4 Adjust as necessary.....

    Since there are only 2 of us, I doubled it. Is that what you meant?

  11. Great looking recipe :) As for the Bacon, well gee, I think a great MANY of us would have died long ago if there were any truth to it taking time off your life.

  12. A lost year, hum.... would of never been born.

    Now I know what happened to the piggies.

    Hey may I borrow a paper towel to clean the drool off the keyboard.

  13. So much for will power and dieting! Man, I'm hungry now.

    If you can get it, Kentucky Kernel flour makes excellent sausage or bacon gravy. Adds a touch of garlic and spice to the mix.

  14. Wow. I bet it would be even better over corn bread.

  15. hm...never thought of half and half...

  16. Looks yummy! If Chloe had her way, computers would be scratch and sniff. Have "fun" in the snow and try to stay warm.

  17. Keads - I often have breakfast for dinner. In winter especially.

    Wolfman - yes indeed.

    naturegirl - after shoveling the driveway, even with my neighbor the cop helping me out on part of it, I was READY.

    Six - someone asked how I "styled" my food photos. I serve up whatever I'm going to eat, big portion or small, plunk it down on the cammo bed cover and grab the point and shoot.

    armedlaughing - it does sort of, from the angle, doesn't it?

    dr.Jim - my scale is hiding in the closet.

    MSgtB - I got about 8-9 inches at my place, much less than other areas. I laughed though as when the storm was roaring through here, not a beep on the mainline news channels, and as soon as it crosses into blue state territory it's the top headline. . MONSTER STORM! ARGHHHH!

    Dick - that would be MY plan. Smart man!

    immagikman - I am spoiled by the Amish bacon, so usually reserve my bacon eating for when I can get to Beef Mart and get some, then I will have it every day til it's gone.

    johnbord - indeed.

    Daddybearsden - I've tried that for chicken coating, it's awesome but it has MSG in it which Partner in Grime doesn't do well with, so I make my own seasoned flour.

    Borepatch - gravy and cornbread. hmmmmmmm (evil mind starts firing up again).

    Larry - It makes it just a bit richer.

  18. I did the buttermilk biscuits, but they and the bacon got eaten before I could do the gravy... sigh...

  19. Well lawdy me! Ain't nothing better'n biscuits and gravy on a cold winter day (anytime of the day works). Course I am a little partial to sausage gravy myself. But I don't think there'd be a problem with adding a piece or two of bacon to ANY meal. Brigid you always keep me guessing as to what subject(s) come to your mind. Really enjoy your blog.

  20. Oh, my, Brigid - that is almost bad :-D


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