Friday, December 14, 2012

Bark the Herald Angels Sing

I always hate the drive home alone the early mornings  or evenings Barkley goes to Doggie Day Camp, missing him huffing like a demented air compressor from his harness that locks into the seatbelt. He goes several times a month, to get some activity on days I'm busy late, or overnight if duty requires an unexpected all nighter.  On planned stretches, he stays with those that are his extended family, by blood or by bond.

He loves it though,  lots of attention, outside playtime and a frozen treat and dog "cookies" before he goes to sleep on his own dog bed. It's almost as much fun as staying at home.

No!Do NOT eat the Wookie!  Wookie BAD! Cookie GOOD!

So when I had to drop him off (he doesn't even look back, he's so excited, OK, miss you too!) I was missing him already, his company being part of my routine.  But I know he will have such a good time and I had to smile at their Christmas tree with the pet ornaments.

I expect during all his fun, he will get into his usual good natured mischief which they love to take pictures of and post on their wall and website though (some of which I've posted here before).

So when I saw the angel topper on their Christmas tree, I somehow figured Barkley was NOT the model.

Have a Safe and Wonderful Christmas Season.  You all are friends and family, in so many ways.

Love - Brigid and Barkley