Sunday, January 27, 2013

1911's, Spaceships and Waffles - Just another Sunday

This coming weeks Range Review,  the Springfield Armory 1911, the perfect blaster for targets and spaceships.

Until then, a clip from one of my favorite movies and Sunday Morning's Kitchen Experiment (made without the assistance of a cookbook OR Minions)


"It's So Fluffy!" Waffles with Maple Bourbon Cider Syrup

These waffles have a consistency almost like pastry or pancakes, very fluffy, tender and light in crumb with just enough crisp on the top to hold in those delicious pockets of butter and  homemade syrup. If you're used to a Crisp Belgium Style Waffle, give them a try, you might be pleasantly surprised.

The hot syrup can be made with ingredients you likely have on hand - a cup of maple syrup, a cup of cider, a pinch of cayenne and a half a shot of Bourbon (more depending on your relatives).   The directions are in the link above for the waffles.

Serve with butter and add some crisp bacon or sausages and sliced peaches. Drizzle all with a bit of the syrup for a nice "breakfast for supper" Sunday meal.
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And the corn version below, replace 1/4 cup of the flour with corn meal and replace the sugar with honey.  The rest of the directions remain unchanged.


  1. Those look good - as always. When I reach my target weight, I'm SO going to make those.

  2. You have superb taste in movies. I will be chuckling about that all day. And of course, it was a unicorn.

    I too love that movie.

  3. Good ones all, and that movie IS going to be a classic!

  4. But....but....the Minions were the best part of that film!


  5. I of course am waiting with bated breath on the review of the SA. Friend of mine just picked one up this past week.

  6. Now you've gone and done it. There is no doubt that hubby will only want waffles as his evening snack tonight after work.

    Haven't seen that movie, will have to check it out.

  7. Rev Paul - Most days my breakfast is oatmeal and fruit. A splurge once in a while is good.

    OldAFSarge - I had to watch it again this afternoon while it rained. I bought the disk when it came out.

    Vic303 - Love the Minions, espsecially "Dave".

    Keads - it's really a fine firearm.

    Mrs. S. - I have fun experimenting with tweaking a standard recipe. You do as well, and VERY well.

  8. Crawling across the country, hands and knees bleeding, mouth drooling.... ooooohhhhhh the strain of waffles floating across the palate. Please say you saved me some. Hey Have a great week after a great weekend.

  9. Redbox "The Pirates! Band of Misfits" the next time you need a fresh movie idea and just want something fun. Like "Despicable Me", I felt the film was unfairly overlooked when first released into theaters.

    One word. Aardman. If that doesn't ring a bell, Google it.

    Was I wrong about "Blink"? :)

  10. I should have known you'd like Despicable Me :)

  11. "Lightbulb..."

    The minions MADE that movie, can't wait for the next one.

  12. Our daughter's first words were practically "'SpikkableME!" We watched that movie two or three times a day right after it came out. She loved the roller-coaster scene, and would scream when it went over a dropoff. Minions were awesome, Dave needs to work on his trigger discipline, but the scene where they're all contributing to the rocket project, if you notice, one of them has the crown jewels. LOL Lots of little easter eggs in that movie! Eagerly awaiting the sequel!

    We do waffles for dinner on occasion...gonna have to direct the wife to your recipe! Those things look sooooo tasty!

  13. Dr. Nefario: Here's the new weapon you ordered.

    [Shoots minion with the fart gun]

    Gru: No, no, no. I said DART gun.

    Dr. Nefario: Oh yes. Cause I was wondering... under what circumstances would we use this?

    Gru: Ok...

  14. The RabidAlien is

    Breakfast for dinner is a favorite around the bunkhouse. We used to have a camp cooky that would put what ever didn't get eaten up at dinner in the pancakes at breakfast...

  15. I've been SO tempted to do that at a carnival once or twice. The measure of a man is the things he doesn't do that are so overwhemingly tempting. I bet my paintball pistol would have knocked that sucker over!


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