Wednesday, January 16, 2013

A Post from Barkley - Canine Safety

 Come on, get this leash off me 
so I can snoot Mom with my cold nose!

Since Mom is busy and her previous post is on safety, I am going to add in my own personal safety tip for the week.   

Yes, thank you, I WOULD like a biscuit.

- Barkley


  1. Nothing worse than having a cold nose affixed to one's hindquarters in the middle of Winter, when you thought all was under the protection of the blanket.
    Even from a dog!



    PS - keep safe!

  2. Very good, Barkley! That's a very good tip.

  3. Oh... Oh... THAT would bring you straight up out of a dead sleep... :-)

  4. Barkley's eyes look like my Scooby's. They have that look in them like Obi Wan just told him his father was betrayed and murdered by Darth Vader.

    Or he's dying for a biscuit. Either one.

    St Paul

  5. Small Fry was having a great deal of fun the other day, trying to catch me so she could stick her chilly hands up my shirt and put them on my back.

    The fact that I a girl might have had something to do with that.


  6. LoL Nothing like a cold wet dog nose applied to exposed skin, especially when you aren't expecting it. Normally I hear them coming, nails on hardwood floor, but when they want to get me, they sneak up on me in my office making nary a sound to apply said cold nose to the back of my elbow or other exposed skin. I don't know how they manage to tippy toes to get up on...

  7. Cold nose, warm body parts = human yelping and canine "laughter"... but I wouldn't trade it for anything. :)

  8. I have a question.

    Through an odd series of circumstances I now possess a firearm whose operation is foreign to me. It is a 12 gauge shotgun with over/under barrels. There's one trigger and one hammer. The manufacturer is someone I've never heard of based in Brazil (I forgot to look this morning before I left the house). There do not appear to be any other control mechanisms on the firearm except for a unlabelled slide switch behind the hammer.

    The question I have is, how does one regulate which round fires when you squeeze the trigger? Is there some kind of standard protocol for this? Is it that switch (or is that a safety - but there's no red dot when I slide it one way or another)? The recommendation I received was "Load it, fire it and see what happens," which I took as exceedingly poor advice.

    My expertise in firearms is VERY basic....

  9. armedlaughing - he likes to pre chill the nose, whenever possible. If he could use the step ladder I'd not put it against him to stick it in the freezer for a minute first.

    Matt - that describes it perfectly. BOTH scenarios.

    Auntie J - I got busy with bro today and didn't get an email off to you last night. One coming here in a few minutes. Hope your surgery goes well.

    Andie - Yay! Another person who likes it. I was just bored, and my photo editing/graphic skills are about non existent so I was happy with it.

    RonF - I'm not sure. I will ask EJ. He is a connoisseur of the old historical stuff (and old NFO, don't you DARE go there. . :-)

    My knowledge base is rudimentary on the old pieces. I'll ask him and I'll let you know in a comment, or if you wish, drop me your email in a "DO NOT POST" and one of us will drop you the info off blog.

  10. Sincere prayers for your brother and yourself.

    Stay strong.

  11. RonF - see if this is what you are looking for (from EJ)

  12. Thanks, Brigid (and EJ). Similar, but not identical. I'll have to remember to take a 2nd look at this thing and get more specific info.


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