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Butter My Biscuit and Take Me To the Gun Show - UPDATE Recipe included

For those of you poor folks who eat your biscuits out of a CAN, this is what a real homemade biscuit looks like (this was just half of one).

This is the whole thing. (the recipe for the stunt biscuit was added to the comments by reader request)
Now, for those of you that have never been to an honest to goodness gun show, it's time you tried one out.

This weekend was the big IND 1500 Gun and Knife Show.  I was a bit late to the festivities, missing it completely yesterday,  fighting off a head cold, but Tam has all the action from Saturday in her latest posts.

We got there about 11, no line at all, unlike yesterday where the line went around the whole building, and then some.There was "no photography" at the event but I did get a photo of this really cool pharmacy museum at the fairgrounds which we stopped at on the way out.

Partner in Grime and I were entering the building when over comes a stunning blond in a long coat who had spotted him with a big "Hi E!" as she came on over.  It  was Ashley Varner, Director of Public Affairs for Gun Laws by State,  She had wanted to meet me, and after, gave us a quick synopsis of the show. But being in charge of much of the media goings on, she couldn't stay.  We promised to catch up with her later.  If any of you are looking for a outstanding reference on state to state  gun laws, from Indy's own Bryan Ciyou Esq., please check out the website. It's a wonderful reference source, one I have on hand at home.

The gun show is still as big as I remember. A lot of tables were empty, it being the tail end of the event, but there was still a LOT to look at (Hey, where are the "Tasers, just in time for Valentine's Day"?) Though we didn't come away with much, reloading dies, something for the kitchen  - "Lester's.  America's Cheapest Ammunition. . it usually works".

This was certainly not my first gun show, nor will it be my last, but I came away with an impression that I always do at the big and small shows here in Indiana and one that would not uphold the stereotypes often portrayed by those in the media that report on such things.

You've never seen so much camouflage wear  in  your life, people with long hair, beards, overalls, military uniforms, military haircuts, women, kids, old men, young veterans, old veterans, disabled veterans.  You could not  pick any other large group of people and put them all in an enclosed space and find a more laid back, courteous bunch, respectful of each other and the event itself -  "no, you go first"  "Thank you".  No, go right ahead, after you". "Please".  There's no litter, that's something I also notice. Kids are told "now don't touch other's people's things unless you ask first, be polite" and they are.  People wait in line, for hours, patiently.

This is a cross section of America of which I'm proud to belong, even if we are as different as what we wear, what we do to earn our own way during the work week. We were all here for one thing, for a show of support of that which we uphold and support as a right, not a right as in something that is bestowed,  but a right as something that we inherently possess, which can not be taken from us.

I hope to be at another one, soon.  But the shadows were lengthening and it was time to go.

First we headed to Big Hat Books in Broad Ripple.
This is why I can't write children's books, I'd run out of words that rhyme.

Then to the Broad Ripple Brew Pub.  No official  blog meet today, just friends catching up.

There were bangors and mash and  pub pizza's, I ordered the bacon and pineapple (That's a 10 inch pizza?  They need to have a chat with Subway.)    

The bacon on the pizza, I believe, is from Goose the Market, best bacon in Indy. There was a fair bit of pizza left, but NO bacon.

 This small one was bacon, jalapenos and feta.  mmmm.

Then it was home, to release the hound, as the weather is supposed to be down in the single digits for the next couple of nights and not much warmer in the day. So he's not going to get much in the way of outside playtime.

A big thanks to the folks at the Indy 1500 for such a fine event, and thank you my friends, for a good day.


  1. Ah...I haven't been to a funshow in a while. The last couple times were to small shows that were honestly...BAD. Even my friend thought the particular shows were bad...(note to others: Allen TX gunshows get 2 thumbs down!)

    I thought about going to the big Mesquite show, but went out for 30 on the bike instead. The ride was nice, and the weather warm.

    Glad you had fun at Indy. One of these days, I will get back to Wanenmacher's...


  2. But, But where is the biscuit recipe?!?! You can't tease like that can you?

  3. Being horribly lazy I always make drop biscuits. Taste just as good as the cut kind and less clean up of floured countertops.

    Last show I went to was the December Crossroads in Phoenix. That one is the BIG show. Six state fair pavilion halls, plus the tents outside. I usually like the smaller/midsize shows better since the table fees are smaller so there is more chance of finding something interesting and older. However I did find something I'd been looking for for some time. (Dan Wesson 22)

    Note we have lots of small airports to fly into should you ever want to come out for the big show.

  4. You went to the Indy 1500?

    That's usually a really good show. If it's out there, you can usually find it at the 1500.

    I went to a small one in Michigan City, at a casino no less, last weekend and it was so packed you couldn't move.

    Crown Point this coming weekend. I can't wait. It's not nearly as big as the 1500 but we've had lines out the door and wrapped around the building till after noon.

    Yes, Bryan Ciyou's books are a must if one plans on carrying a handgun in Indiana. I've met Bryan and have all three volumes.

  5. The next gun show here is in Feb in Annapolis, Im HOPING I can find a few Mags for the AR and the M1A, all the online resources are sold out and every gun store in Maryland is also sold out. I only need/want 5 more for each platform but finding them is impossible.

    P.S. I think you ment "Bangers" Bangor is a city in Maine that I used to hang out in :)

  6. @MonkeyWrangler: The Lewisville gun show isn't bad, its small-ish but lots of friendly people and stocked tables. Last gun show the wife and I went to was the Ft Worth show back in August. We managed to get the wife's grandparents to look after our kiddo (yeah, like that was hard to do!)....parking was...interesting, the guy taking the money didn't give very good directions on where to go to park, but otherwise it was great! Took up two rather large rooms in the Will Rogers Colosseum, and everyone was courteous and polite. Struck up conversations with complete strangers about various firearms and my wife's T-shirt (bought at an Army-Navy surplus store nearby), even the parents pushing strollers were decent about it and didn't use them as battering rams! Haven't been to the Dallas show yet, but I hear its even bigger...I can't wait!

  7. Glad you had a good time! The guns shows around here are sorta lame.

  8. Joseph - here it is. There's another on the sidebar that's slightly different but this is the one I used for the biscuit used in the photo.

    2 c. self rising flour (use White Lily, it makes a tremendous difference in the height of the biscuit as it's a soft winter winter wheat, low protein)
    1/4 cup lard
    2/3 cup cream to which you've added 2 Tablespoons lemon juice and 1 Tablespoon water (or use 2/3 cup buttermilk plus 2 extra Tablespoons)

    Preheat oven to 500 degrees. Let liquid sit while this happens.

    Cut the butter into the self rising flour with a fork until it is in small flakes or balls. Don't mix the butter in completely if you want a really flaky biscuit.

    Stir in the 2/3 c. liquid, stirring JUST til it pulls away from the side of the bowl. If it hasn't pulled together as a soft dough, add another Tablespoon of liquid and very gently mix with a fork

    Turn out onto floured cutting board and, with hands dusted with flour, knead very gently 3-4 times. No More than that.

    Gently pat out about 1/2 to 3/4 inch thick and cut using a 2 inch biscuit cutter or drinking glass, dipped in flour.

    Bake for 8-10 minutes, checking at 8 minutes as they are usually done then.

    1/2 inch thick dough will give you about a dozen biscuits. I make mine a little thicker and get about 8 biscuits. This easily cuts in half for two people.


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